Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hadlee placed Santa's three cookies on his plate, left four carrots for the reindeer and poured a cup of milk into Santa's coffee cup. Hadlee was definitely the most excited for Santa to bring her tic tacs and gum and Tinkerbell underwear. At eleven o'clock and more explaining that Santa was too busy to talk, Hadlee finally went to sleep for the night.

Hadlee and Hays are having a blast opening up their presents from Santa.

Hadlee helping Hannah with her big Barbie van and hot tub from Santa.

Hannah, Hays and Hank waiting to open their Santa gifts.

Hays and Uncle Doug opening presents on the couch together.

Harper and Nana opening their presents.

Aunt Melissa helping Harper with her presents from Santa.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Schlitterbahn, Snow, and the Church Christmas Program

Aunt Cy, Mommy, Hannah, Hays and Hadlee lacing up our ice skates in an attempt to skate at Schlitterbaun. Harper and Amy are looking on.

Watch out here comes Hannah!

Hadlee showing her skills

What Hays did best!

Can you tell who's doing all the work?

Harper Leigh holding on to the rail.......

Auntie Cy helping keep Harper from falling on her bottom.

Brian helping Hannah skate around the rink. Brian gave Hannah, Hays and Harper each a fast lap around the ice. Hadlee wanted her turn the next day, wishful thinking on her part that we would get to go back.

Harper enjoyed the jumping game with Hays while Hadlee and Hannah went and did "big kid" things.

Papa, Harper and Hannah waiting on Hays and Hadlee to go to the next fun stop. Harper and Hays said their funniest part of the evening was the Hay Maze. Auntie Cy and I have no pictures from the "Hay Maze" because we were freaking out making sure we could keep up with 4 kiddos without losing anyone.

Wow, look at all of these lights! We had a blast, I don't want to leave.

Hays, Hadlee and Hannah pose with Amy after their exciting night at Schlitterbahn. Hannah definitely wants to come back when there is water in the rides.

Snow in Brenham- we missed the real snow in Brenham but got to get 15 minutes of snow play on a cold Friday night.

Harper and Hays had blast playing in the snow. They loved throwing the snow at each other and Hays loved falling down in it.

Hadlee stayed close to her mommy and daddy but had to make her own snow angel.

Harper, Daddy and Hays after playing in the snow in downtown Brenham.

Harper was extremely cold after playing in the snow. She wasn't too cold to have her picture taken in front of the decorated tree.

Before the Christmas Program opening up Christmas presents from Aunt Ro and Uncle Don-

Carlee with the three performers after the Christmas Program.

Friday, December 5, 2008

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