Tuesday, July 20, 2010

South Padre @ Five

We had a blast in South Padre....post more later...sorry about the pics, someone hid my camera and I didn't find it until we were leaving.


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She did it, he did it, she did it.....

Over the last year or so, we've dealt with the blame game when someone does something wrong. They have gotten good at covering up for each other when something happens. Yesterday the paper holder on the computer printer broke and I went looking for one of the girls....Harper starts off with, I did it mommy, I broke it, sorry mommy. Did she do it? Probably, most likely Hadlee broke it, but I guess we'll never know for sure. This afternoon She told her Mema she was the one that broke it. My guess is on Hadlee, definitely not Hays because he could care less about making pictures. The bond they share is amazing, one that they will have for a lifetime.

Headed to Padre, lots of sun and fun!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ashlea and Nick's Wedding

The real “Ashlea and Nick” got married a couple of weekends ago. Of course Harper, aka, Ashlea and Hays, aka, Nick were ready to be in the wedding with them. Ashlea and Nick are so nice and loving to all of the kiddos and I’ve watched Ashlea grow up so we headed to Victoria/Yoakum for the weekend.

The wedding started at 2 p.m. so I begged the kiddos to take a nap on the way to Yoakum. All three napped but I forgot that I would have 3 fussy kiddos in the church for an hour long wedding…… Thankfully Mema and Papa met us there and helped me carry sleepy kids into the church. Hadlee perked up as soon as she walked into the beautiful church. Harper started getting excited when she saw Cannon in his tuxedo. Hays was very mellow and didn’t fully wake up from his nap until the wedding was almost over. The only lesson learned was we all go potty before the wedding starts....Thanks, Mema!

We stayed at the reception until 10:00 p.m., Mommy couldn’t go anymore. Hadlee caught the child’s bouquet. All three did the grand march and lots of line dancing. Congratulations, Nick and Ashlea!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

We started off your 5th Birthday week with VBS and a broken air conditioner. We got back from the dude ranch then left straight to church and at 8:00 p.m figured out we had no AC. That's 4 times in less than a year since I'm counting and this is fix #2 on the same part....It was amazing how fast everyone got ready for school when the temp in the house was in the upper 70s. VBS theme for this year had a BEE theme: Bee-lieve, Bee-bold, Bee-filed and Bee-bold. The kids had a great week, a little crazy and hectic but Daddy helped out until he started his annual C-town fishing trip. Harper thought the closing program was going to be on the radio on Friday because it was just that awesome!

In between the chaos of VBS and my new job… I decided that we would have a birthday party for you three in Victoria and just hold off on one in Brenham until next year. Our family and friends amaze me with how much every cares about us because I started the plans on Thursday and everything and everyone came through for your 5th Birthday bash. Saturday started with a promised shopping spree with Mema. Everyone got shoes and swimsuits. The suits worked out well because we got to go Jordyn’s 2nd birthday party in the afternoon to celebrate with her.

Hays’ favorite gifts were his maps, Fineas and Pherp shirt, and his That’s What I call music, volume 31. He helped me pick out the CD while we were shopping a couple of months ago. His daddy told me to take it back but Hays kept making sure he was still getting his CD. Last year we got our first Kids Bopz CDs and they are a hit with all three kiddos. We have all of the KidzBop so I thought this would be fine. Kids Bopz and That’s What I call music are not the same!! Their favorite song is number 8, Kiss me on the phone…… come on KidzBop we’re readying for a new one!

Hadlee’s favorite things were her new sparkle shoes, Build a Bear outfits, and her monogrammed shorts (my name on my butt shorts). Harper loves her new doll(that's another post, thanks Nana!!) and her Build a Bear outfits, which she uses on her dolls and not her bear!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Dude Ranch Family Vacation

Hannah showing her batting skills on the pinata.

Harper and Hannah dancing with the Mariachi band. They serenaded us during our evening meal.

The view during one of our nightly hayrides. The driver threw out corn so the deer were waiting on us to pass by so they could start eating.

Hannah horseback riding, one of our rides included a cowboy breakfast where we rode horses to and from a "cowboy breakfast".

Photo shoot after Mema and Papa bought everyone shirts in the gift shop.

One evening we had dude ranch "Olympics". Even the grownups got in on the action. Daddy was the winner of "washers", he beat out Uncle Kelly.

Hays waiting for his turn during the Olympics.

Hadlee having fun at the Olympics.

That night we had dinner by the river and a fireworks show.

Family picture before the fireworks show.

Photo time...Hannah on a huge steer...

Hadlee's turn...Harper and Hays wanted nothing to with it, don't blame them...

Our afternoons were filled with a couple hours of swimming.

Hadlee striking her pose before she jumped in.

On the last night the adults got to have a meal inside while the kids dined outside at the pavilion. We were then treated to special show. Aunt Cy and Hannah during the show on the last night.

Harper and Hays dancing in the show. The kids practiced with the older kids for two afternoons so they could be in the show. They loved it!

Harper striking her pose at the end. Yes, she is wet because they had a water balloon toss while they were outside.

Hadlee performed on the other side of the stage during their dance. One of the mothers came up to me after the show and said Hadlee put on an excellent performance....all of those nightly dances at home are showing.

Posing after the show with their friend they made, they got the poster for helping out in the show.

We had a blast!!!

Thanks, Mema and Papa!

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