Monday, June 30, 2008

Peace like a River - Three Year Updates

We went to doctor on 7/2/08-

Hays- 35 pounds; 38"

Harper- 27 pounds; 36"

Hadlee- 34 pounds; 37 1/2"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!

We're off to Galveston for a weekend of fun in the sun. We'll celebrate birthdays X 4- Hadlee, Harper, Hays and Aunt C turns the big one on Saturday. I should have plenty of pics to post on Monday.

Hadlee Ray

Stubborn, Freespirited, the leader......Hadlee Ray
The old saying about you want your kids to talk and then once they do you spend time telling them to be quiet, that's surely happened with our Hadlee. Once she started talking there was no holding back and now we can't keep her quiet. The reason Hadlee sticks her tongue out all the time is she has a tongue thrust. We've eliminated sippy cups and pacifiers when she started talking in March. She has a problem pronouncing certain constants and vowels. Hopefully with time and having her repronounce words- she'll get easier to understand.
She's our shaggy dog when she wakes up from naptime and in the morning. Hadlee loves animals, she's still thinks cats are the best.
Hadlee loves playing with her Baby Pink and Baby Purple and stroller. She also loves to take over any toy that her brother and sister are playing with at any given time. Hadlee doesn't need many toys because she's very creative and loves to make up games and play time things.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Harper Leigh

Here are a couple pictures of Harper. We've been going to Bible School this week so definitely an adjustment to our schedule. Today Hadlee came home and laid down on the floor- the kids are tired and so is mommy, their helper.
Eager, daring, darling.... Harper Leigh
Most days Harper is my precious baby girl so eager to please everyone and help out in everyway. Sometimes we see another side to Harper that usually lasts from wake to sleep, the side of the little 'ol lady that is going to strike out at everything and everyone. Last month we purchased a punching bag for Harper to use when she feels like she needs to bite, pinch or hit.
Harper loves to give hugs and kisses. Her daddy can always count on a big "I MISS YOU" when he gets home in the evening.
Harper loves arts and crafts- she could color and paint all day long. Harper loves playing with her dolls and stroller. Over the past year she will befriend a doll or stuffed animal that would have to go everywhere with her. For the last month her obsession with a certain doll has wavered and she no longer has one particular favorite.
Harpers favorite food right now is refried beans and rice. She loves to drink milk and water. Her nickname is "Harps".

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hays Middlebrook

In celebration of birthday week, I’m going to post pictures of each of the three from the park and a little something about each one. I thought it would be every six months but Harper was the only one that got two special posts this year.

Happy go lucky, sweet, loving, stubborn . . . Hays Middlebrook
You can tell what kind of morning or afternoon Hays is going to have by the way he wakes up. Most days he’s just bursting with it’s playtime from the moment his feet hit the floor but every once in a while he’ll growl to let you know something just isn’t right. Hays is going from the time he wakes up in the morning and is really starting to fight his afternoon nap. I’ve found that it sometimes helps for him to not nap once a week or shorten it up so he’ll be tired for the next day.
Hays usually has a toy that he’ll play with or master for a week and then he’s ready to find something new. We’ve had to tell him to leave his toy in a certain spot so it will be easy for him to locate when he wakes up. Diego and Baby Jaguar went missing a couple days ago and trust me he’ll make you look for it until it’s found! Hays and mommy are playmates most days and if it’s not me he usually plays by himself. He’ll now fight for snuggle time with his mommy and could stay in my arms for minutes instead of seconds…oh how I love my little man.

Here are a few of Hay’s favorite things:

Toy: You can always find him with something in his hands- most of the time it’s a car but for the last couple of days he’s been carrying around three cupcakes.
Book: He loves any book that he can show off his counting skills. I’m not sure what number he’s up to but it’s in the thirties and then his mind starts wondering.
Food: Hays loves all FRUIT! If He only ate fruit he would be perfectly happy. He still enjoys an occasional fish stick and chicken nugget but prefers his peanut butter. Hays can definitely put the food down compared to his sisters.
Drink: Water and Hot Milk (when he turns the corner into the living room in the morning, it better be waiting for him!)
Outside activity: Playing with Cayden’s bike, he truly loves this bike and will actually fight his sisters in order to ride it. He can pedal pretty well on Cayden’s bike and is starting to get the hang of pedaling his Harley Hot wheel. He’s also loving to slide into the purple pool- Harper and Hays have the cutest game going were they race each other over and over. Hays definitely likes water the most out of the three.
Song: Puff the Magic Dragon; Jay Jay on the computer
Car seat position: Hays sits behind me most of the time so he can look out the window. I love looking back to see his cute grin and his head keeping the beat to the music. Hays always knows the last CD that was played in the car because those are his first words out of his mouth- Wheels on the bus, Peace like a river, Diego, Bunny Song
TV Show: Calliou and Dora
Color: Orange
Nicknames: Hazer, Bubba, little man

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week in Review

Hays has been battling a bad rash, we think it's either diaper or detergent related

Preview of Hay's 3rd Birthday Pictures

Nana, Hadlee and Daddy at Aunt Mary's Birthday Party

Hadlee and her cousins looking at the horses

Cousins saying, "CHEESE"

Hannah's 1st Grade Graduation.
We're proud of YOU!

Aunt C keeping up with everyone in the crowded parking lot

Hays sliding off the tall slide

Harper bundled up watching everyone else

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Take Two

Still holding tight to the balloon.

We're in Victoria, I would have lots of pictures to post from all the fun things we've been doing the last two weeks but I somehow managed to delete them all.

Here are some we took these down at the river this winter. Hadlee cried the entire time so we might try again this summer or wait until next winter.

Still holding on even in my sleep!

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