Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekends in September

The girls had their first friend sleepover last weekend.  They were super excited and had so much fun doing crafts and swimming.  

Hays' baseball game was rained out so we went to NB to do a little shopping and eating.  Hays had his first hamburger from McDonalds.   He liked it but liked Orange Leaf even more.  

The trampoline is getting used again thanks to our first cold front.  The kids and Dog have played on it non stop this week.  

The girls went to Mini Mat camp this weekend.  They also had Avery sleepover  Friday night.  

We journeyed to Victoria to celebrate C and C's 4th birthday. 

We had a blast jumping and eating cake.  

We ended our day with a visit to Mema and Papa's house.   We played with Haidyn and Hannah.   Haidyn is cruisin' everywhere and will probably be running by his birthday.  

Hello October, we are ready for you!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

School picture day- 2nd grade

The kids were up and going at 6:20 this morning.  They had important decisions to make- it was school picture day.   Harper picked out her outfit on Sunday.  Hays picked his last night.   Hadlee went through three outfits and then at the last minute went back to her choice from last week.    When I took Hays' picture he had yet to put on his shorts.  He picked some lovely plaids to go with his striped shirt, his daddy said he wasn't going to fight that battle, a collar shirt was enough.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

School is Cool

We are getting ready to start week 4 of school.   I'm sure my time of counting the school days will slowly get less and less but for now- tomorrow will be Day 14.
I think we are finally getting into a routine with new teachers and a new grade level.  Tomorrow will mark the first day that the kids will ride the bus to my school.   We did a trial run on Friday and I'll pick them up from the bus stop for the first week.  After next week I'm sure they will feel "grown-up" when they walk to my room by themselves.   They were pretty funny talking to all the 6th grade Jamm students that they knew and meeting some new ones on Friday.   
Hays started fall baseball the first week of school.  It's so nice that Wade can take him to practices and the games.   Yesterday was my first time to watch a game and let me just say that I found myself taking lots of deep breathes.   As I'm reflecting on the two hour game, lots and lots of deep breathes and a few times of redirection of "what would your Dad say about your behavior?"   We went to Kirby's after the game, no hamburger for Hays but he thought about it.   

We made a trip to Victoria for the Labor Day weekend.   The kids were so "bored" because Hannah was out of town.   They had fun but they sure did miss Hannah for the weekend.  This is the only picture I took when Hadlee decided to play dress up with Mema's clothes.   

When we were in Victoria, I got extremely  sick with what I thought was a stomach bug or food poisoning.  It's been a long recovery and now I'm pretty it was a gallbladder attack that I'll have to take care of in the coming weeks.   Needless to say we have been eating out a lot.  Most of the time the crew is going without me.   We were also fortunate to have Aunt Ro with us for the first three weeks so next week I'll truly be flying solo.  

This afternoon the kids are playing outside.  Their pool from May has finally bit the dust so we have broke out with the slip n slide.  It lasted for 30 minutes until the kids moved their slide in front of it.  It's amazing the amount of teamwork they use to accomplish their new ideas.  

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