Monday, April 27, 2009

Twins since Friday......

Aunt Ro and I had been planning a weekend with the girls since the beginning of the year. The hope of this weekend was to get to Hays motivated to use the big boy potty because they don't allow "diapers" in Sun City. The plans could never materialize for all the girls so Rosemary and Don decided to take one kid at a time. Harper has been talking about her trip non-stop for months, she was packed and ready to go on Thursday night. She wanted to stay 10 days, but the poor girl lasted one night. They left on Friday morning and on Saturday afternoon I was driving to Elgin to pick her up. It was Hadlee's turn on Saturday and she's still going strong, even missing MDO today.

The dynamics in the house have changed since Friday. It's amazing what one less can do to a household. It is much more quiet and our schedule seems to be a lot more relaxed, I don't know if it's me or because I don't have the little mommy with me. I miss her but I have enjoyed spending more time with Hays and Harper.

Hadlee with her packed bag and stuffed animals.

Harper posing for a picture in Elgin.

An attempt to get a picture with all three looking and smiling.

Attempt number 30

I tried for individual pictures, that didn't work either.

We love to shop

Last Monday we went to Target and the outlet mall. The kids loved getting to spend their own money on toys. One of the toy workers at Target commented about how well behaved all three children were during our one hour look through the toy aisles. It was fun even for their mom, they really did well with no major outburst. Hays only had one small accident.

Hadlee showing off her "Hannah Montana" microphone and new dress that she purchased with her money.

We're now proud owners of the PlayDoh Ice Cream Shoppe!

All three have enjoyed hours of fun with Harper's new toy.

Harper posing with her Play-Doh gift and one pair of her new crocs. We scored some new Crocs for $5 a pair.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Easter (a week late)

Last week was pretty eventful-
I forgot my camera in Victoria, suburban starts to breakdown, autorepair shop says it will be $540 to fix, kids start MDO on Thursday, internet goes down, storms blow through Brenham, internet gets fixed, Papa saves the week by coming to Brenham and repairing the suburban (and they bring the camera)!! That pretty much sums up our week.

Hays loved his umbrella that the Easter bunny brought him.

Hadlee and Hays posing before church.

The egg laying chicken was a big hit with the kids and adults.

Ready set, GO!

Hays, Hadlee and Harper are definitely giving Hannah some competition.

Hays showing off his basket, he got more than one egg this year!

Harper and her baskets full of eggs.

Harper and Hays getting help from Aunt Melissa and someone else pointing to an egg right by Harper's foot.

"Confetti egg time"

"Hadlee loved it"

Harper getting Hannah.

Patty paying back Hannah.

Diana bringing more and Harper and Hays saying ME, ME

(I think there were over 11 dozen this year)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cruisin' Fun

Let's go Harper!

"Baby Hair" safely fastened in her seat

Hurry we're going to be late.

Hays crashing the party.

I'm home sissy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week in Review

Skating is so much fun with Harper's $4 skates from a garage sale. Hannah bought them for Harper on Saturday. Mommy said "NO" but Hannah had money and was excited to buy them for Harper.

Last week everyone got to pick out flowers and then plant them. Harper asked me for help and her flowers look beautiful. Hadlee wanted to be Miss Independent and plant her own. After planting just the flower and stem on two of hers, she finally wanted my help. I'll have to take pictures when they're watering them in the coming weeks.


The new color of our playroom.

We're doing rewards- Harper and Hadlee got to get their toes and nails painted with me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Question/Answer Session w/ Hays, Hadlee and Harper

What's your favorite food?
Hays- peanuts
Harper- hot dogs
Hadlee- teddy grahams

Favorite song?
Hays- didn't have a favorite
Harper- Shaking it All (her made up song from last week)
Hadlee- Jesus loves the little children

Favorite Fruit?
Hays- not kiwi, apples
Harper- didn't have a favorite
Hadlee- apples

Favorite Color?
Hays- blue
Harper- pink
Hadlee- red

Favorite Toy?
Hays- dinosaurs
Harper- baby toys
Hadlee- Jesus Loves Me

Favorite TV show?
Hays- Handy Manny
Harper- Olivia
Hadlee- Dora

These are questions that I asked the kids this week. Some of their answers might surprise you because they sure did me. Not sure about the favorite toy question, we don't have any dinosaurs except in books and we have a Jesus Loves Me book not sure about a toy. Too cute, from the mouths of almost 4 year olds.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potty Training Update......

Hadlee and Harper got to go swimming Monday morning. Hays will get to go when he doesn't have that many accidents. We're trying motivation, rewards and cruelity- the trip to the pool was pretty cruel although I thought it might help to motivate.

The last week has been pretty difficult due to the three getting colds and Hays running a moderate fever due to his cold. Add that on top of potty training the most stubborn kid of the three and I was ready to go back to diapers. Persistence is paying off because he just went poop in the potty right after he made the video below.

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