Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 (First Part)

We traveled to Kerrville to watch the Lady Rebels play in the regional final game. Hays had to get his picture in front of their bus.

A little Mamacitas in Kerrville.

Orange Leaf while he flied solo with his Mom and Dad.

The girls spent the weekend with Aunt Ro in Sun City.

Volleyball time in SC.

Guess we weren't around enough last summer to remember the pool is closed on Fridays.  Pitiful kiddos...

We later found out that jumping rope on the trampoline is loads of fun.

 Landa Park for the day.

Celebrating Hannah's 12th birthday with a waffle breakfast.

Mema getting everyone's cookie orders at Halepaskas.

More birthday fun with Hannah.

Invented board games

Someone still loves dress up!

Target break with the girls.

Cake time= breaktime from playing

Father's Day lunch in Cuero.

Ten pictures later....we got a keeper

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Birthday, PPP style

I picked the kids (and a friend each) up early on the last day of school.   Aunt Ro and I piled them in the suburban and cruised over to Peter Piper Pizza for an afternoon of fun and an early birthday party.  

We rode rides,

Played games,

And celebrated the 8th birthday of Harper,

Hays and 


Everyone had a blast!   And five hundred tokens later...

We headed back to our house for swimming at the TLU pool.   

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Last Day of 1st Grade

It's a wrap, hello 2nd grade.   Harper, Hadlee and Hays loved 1st grade, thanks to Mrs. Kauitzsch and Mrs. Wells.    Mrs. Wells was the "Teacher of the Year" for their school and will be their Technology teacher next school year.  Mrs. Kauitzsch will still be teaching at their school and her daughter will join the school next year.  

1st grade happenings

100 cookies on the 100th day of school.

100 circles on her peace sign for the 100th day of school.

100 magnet house for the 100th day of school.

The kids presented their video they made during GT at the district Technology Fair held at one of the junior high campuses.

Hadlee's video segment on "Johnny Appleseed".

Harper's Video on George Washington.

Fieldtrip to Seaworld

Seaworld field trip

Fieldtrip to the Seguin Outdoor Learning Center

Lunch during the learning center field trip

Mrs. Wells introducing Harper at the May School Board Meeting.  All three kids got to present a slide show they made on their classes' ipad.
I know both of the pics are blurry.  Here is Hadlee after showing her slide show to a school board member.
After the school board meeting.

Health and Technology night at their school.   Too bad I don't have a picture of all of us doing the dance pads and zumba.
Icecream after their school talent show, where the 1st grade class sang, You've got a friend in me.

Hadlee receiving her awards at the end of school awards assembly.
Harper making her way off the stage after receiving her awards. 
Hays receiving his awards at the assembly.
Family awards presented by Hadlee and Hays

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