Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming Parade

Wednesday night we went to the Homecoming Parade in downtown. I'm starting to think that "rain" is part of this yearly tradition. The rain held off until the end of the parade, which was much better than last year when it rained the entire time. Hadlee and Hays joined me to watch the parade while Harper wanted be in the parade with her daddy.

Hadlee and Hays walking to the parade. Hadlee had her bag packed and in the car by 8:00 a.m. that morning. I didn't bother to check it and she snuck in her Barbie hairdryer, baby pink, a play screwdriver, baby blanket and Hello Kitty. I saw Hello Kitty when we got out of the car and let her take that with her but was surprised when she started her unloading before the parade.

Hadlee with her game face on during the parade.

Hays during the parade. He gathered all he could get and then sat down and started eating. After the parade I found a koozie to put his handfuls of candy. (I think he was happy that mommy was letting him eat the candy so he was trying to get as many pieces as he could)

Harper and her Daddy walking behind the Freshman football float. I almost forgot to snap a picture of her because I was watching how much fun she was having. Every time the boys would throw candy out, she would run out and grab some of it. Wade said she did this during the entire parade. She had a blast!!

We went to Victoria over the weekend to give everyone a break. The kids were a nightmare most last week.....It's amazing what a little change of scenario can do. They got so used to going this summer, I think that 3 weeks at home was more than they could handle.

Papa taking the grandkids for a cruise in the '57.

Mommy tried to get them to pose with all their goodies from shopping. They had to have their own bags.

One last goodbye from Mema before we left the mall and traveled back to Brenham.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hays and the Blind Cord

(that's a cow tatoo on his cheek)

I don't think we'll ever forget but just in case......Cord blinds are dangerous!!
(the neighbor boy and Hays were playing in the playroom, he wrapped the cords around Hay's neck and then Hays fell)
We are fortunate and he's no longer allowed to play in our house without supervision.

Fun at the Fair!

We attended the Washington County Fair for the first time and we had a great time. The football team has an off week so we've always been out of town for the big fair. It's definitely on our list of things to do next year.

Hadlee dressed and ready to go to the fair. I didn't get a picture but she wore her pink cowboy hat to the fair. We had lots of cowboy stuff thanks to Hannah!

Harper Leigh debating if she wanted to go into the petty zoo....maybe next year.

Hadlee and Hays getting love from a participant's goat. The kids loved the goats and as you can see the goats loved them.

A fair wouldn't be complete without rides at the carnival!!

Hays loved all the rides!

Our first funnel cake!! Yummy, Yummy

Favorite things about the fair-
Hadlee- Funnel Cake
Hays- Car Ride
Harper- All the animals
Daddy- In and out in under 2 hours!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MIA......Missing camera and Time

I think we're going to say "Goodbye" to our triple stroller! This was the best one we had, this picture was taken after cruisin' up the hill to see Mr. Kroll the other day.

We've been busy with everything from school, new playdates, accidents..., dove/duck season, and sports. I've got three kiddos that don't want to go to school. Harper is still adjusting to the new environment, Hays is being bullied by a girl on the playground and Daddy is having the end of the year blues in September. Hadlee's the champ with getting up and getting ready and trying to pep up the other two (or three).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cub Football and Seaworld

The Cubs played at the Alamodome on Saturday at noon. The camera man got Hays on the big screen and kept him up there for mommy to take his picture.

Harper with Kelly and Shalynn during the game.

All the excitement was too much for Hadlee, she had to get a nap.

Daddy and the kids waiting to see Shamu. They sat in seats above the "splash zone" because no one wanted to get wet. Nana, Papa and I sat in the splash zone thinking that surely one kid would want to get wet by Shamu. Harper got soaked by Shamu and everyone else stayed pretty dry! Poor Harper, kept asking "Why did Shamu get me wet?"

Hadlee posing with the pumpkins at the entrance to SeaWorld. She wanted a posing picture with pumpkins.

Hays meeting the character after their show at Castaway Cafe.

We all learned the Pirate show was not for little kids. Hadlee screamed the entire show. Nana held Harper and shielded her from the scary parts. Hays was good at closing his eyes and taking off his glasses.

Hadlee and Hays on the Shamu coaster. They loved it! We were fortunate to get to ride it without a line on Sunday. I think Hays and Hadlee rode it 4 times total.
Hadlee getting ready to take a swim in the pool. I tried to distract her by taking her picture. Poor thing had a terrible burn on her leg, thanks to the iron, so I was trying to help curb the drama. That's not a smile.....

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