Sunday, May 25, 2014

We are ready!!!

College is out so the pool is deserted until June when the public joins us.   

Bike riding around campus has resumed.  

It's so peaceful during our evening walks.  

Even Dog enjoys smelling the flowers. 

8 days and counting!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Storm and Blue Wahoos LL 2014

It was the second time for the girls to be on the "Storm" for LL.   It's amazing what 3 years difference can make for these girls.    It's amazing what both girls did during the season!  They love softball and have even started practicing at home.   The Storm made it to the City Championship game but came up a little short against the Mudcats.  Hays tried out for all-stars on Sunday.   He did great!   Hadlee made the all-star team.   They won't be able to be on all stars this year because they had already committed to camp.  

Hays watching his sisters from the outfield.

Harper had a good game, she was upset that her season was over.

The girl was amazing at the plate, this game she had a triple, double and a single.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

3H to Tyler

We tagged along with the softball team to Tyler last week.   We went to cheer them on at the regional tournament.   

Staying at a hotel and swimming in the pool is always a bonus.  One of the players snapped this picture of Hays reading the picture after breakfast one morning.

We learned a little history on our downtown tour of Tyler.  

Mema and Papa joined us for the weekend.  

Hays in the outfield, watching the game.  

Harper and Mema watching the game on Saturday. 

Mother's Day breakfast at IHOP.   

Watching the girls and our Daddy receive their runner-up metals.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Carson

We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday in the park celebrating Carson's 2nd birthday.   

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Glam Party

At the beginning of the year I went to a fundraiser with the Education Foundation and won a "Glam Party" for the kids and their friends.  They had a blast getting hair-dos, nails, and makeup with the HS Cosmetology students.  

One of their friends had to leave early because she was performing at TLU.   We went to see her play the violin and sing for Cinco de Mayo.   'Ole

Sunday, May 4, 2014

End of April

April is always a busy month and our 2014 did not disappoint us.  

We spent almost every evening at the LL fields, either at games or practice.   The kids are loving their seasons!   This was a picture of my view one night while I did the scoreboard.  This year we have to keep the pitch counts for the boys.  

We are loving the new field and it's convience to our house.   Harper had to come back home to change, no dresses in the dugout.  

We spent many hours at the field when TLU hosted the conference tournament.  

The boys always finding a way to play.  

The kids need to get a bike rack, they just parked wherever they wanted to this weekend.  

Finding shade after the game. 

Family celebration after the final win!  


Papa giving Hays his first driving lesson. 

Harper at the mall with her Mommy.   The other two went with their Mema.   

Harper, Mema and I helped decorate church on Saturday.  

Harper was a big helper!

Wilson family afternoon!

Harper helping Jase, she loves helping the little ones.  

He is Risen!

Harper, Mema and Papa after church.  

The 5 Hs. 

Harper and Haidyn

Ray Ray with Hays smiling in the background.   Aunt C and I tried with our 2 minute opportunity!


Carson on the hunt for some eggs.  

Haidyn, the boys are at such a fun age.   

Donna and Richard gave all the kids kites, it was a perfect day for kite flying!

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