Monday, January 24, 2011

All about ME!

I had to share one of the school projects that each one of the kids has gotten assigned during this school year, the” All about ME Student of the week”. Hays was the first in his class during “A” week. The only problem was Mommy and Hays didn’t clean out his backpack over that weekend and we got a note from Mrs. Hoppens on Monday (bad mommy) so he was only the star student Tuesday through Friday. Harper, my non-procrastinator, was star student during “P” week. We started her project on Friday afternoon and had her pictures and drawings ready to go before Sunday.

This brings me to Hadlee Ray….she started cleaning out her backpack on Saturday evening. I’m not sure what happened that night or Sunday night when the kids were suppose to get their backpacks ready for Monday but she never looked in her binder. I was straightening up after they went to sleep and noticed that Hadlee did not go through her binder. Of course she has the "All about me” poster this week. I debated letting her do it on Monday morning or writing Mrs. Hoppens a note and we would have the project completed on Tuesday. I went ahead and gathered some pictures and had the poster on the kitchen table. I had a bed partner show up during the night so I went to Hays room to sleep on the Love Sac. Hadlee was already on the Love Sac so I let her know she was the student of the week and I would be waking her up early. She popped up and was so excited that she was going to get to do her poster, only problem, it was before 5a.m. we both tossed and turned until 5:30, then she said “mommy, can I go work on my poster?” We worked on the poster then the early bird, Hays came to lend Hadlee a supportive word. (he got a watch yesterday and is a little obsessed with it….he was super excited that he was up before 6 a.m.) We made it out of the house before 7:00 a.m. and Mommy even got to stop at Starbucks for coffee and Hadlee had a completed her poster!

Here's what the poster included:

A picture of me.

A picture of my family.

When I grow up I want to be __________.
Harper: a Mommy
Hays: a Doctor
Hadlee: a Nurse

No surprise that Harper wants to be a mommy. Hadlee asked me what did Harper and Hays want to be? After she had their answers, she said a nurse.

_________is my favorite place.
Harper: Victoria, TX
Hays and Hadlee: Home

My favorite things to do are______.
Harper: go fishing, go to football games, and play soccer
Hays: play with my stuffed animals, play soccer and look at my atlas.
Hadlee: go out to eat and go to the park.

Can you tell who is upset that we don’t get to go to eat?

If I could have one wish I would wish for _______.
Harper: a baby in my mommy’s tummy
Hays: a new Kidz Bop CD
Hadlee: a new puppy

Yes, Harper still thinks that she won’t be the youngest child in our family. She has included this in her prayers and even started rumors last year......

I was just up at the school and Hadlee's poster is displayed at the entrance to their room. The reason I was up at school, Hadlee forgot her blanket for naptime.... (and to get lots of love from Hadlee, Harper and Hays!)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We spent an afternoon at the mall right after Christmas. We sent the boys (and Hannah) back home and Mema treated us to pedicures and nails. This was the first time the girls got to sit in the butterfly chairs, they were oh so special. Thanks, Mema, we’ll have to repeat next time we’re in town.

New Year’s Eve celebration. Daddy was home with the kids on New Year’s Eve. When I came home in the early afternoon, the kids were playing in the backyard and Daddy was working on a “hunny do” project from last summer. We had a rotten board on the inside of our retaining wall that needed to be replaced so that was day one of “Bob the Builder”. He replaced the board and built us a firepit in the flowerbed. We invited the neighbors and some friends for smores and fried shrimp and fish with the fabulous fry daddy Wade got for his birthday, Thanks Jordan Family. The kids made it until after midnight with no nap and were up bright and early the next day.

We’re almost one month into 2011 and we’ve only eaten out 3 times. One of my “resolutions” was to start cooking more, not pick up fast food or go out to eat during the week. The kids are having a rougher time than I would have thought. They can’t figure out why we just can’t go here or there…..we’ve made some Sonic stops but just for drinks.
Last weekend we thought about going out but then decided that I could go grocery shopping instead….. so instead of doing our usual “Eat Out Saturday Night”, we had Wade and Jennifer’s Grill. They each got menus to order off of and color on and Mommy and Daddy were their short order cooks. No surprise that Hays chose a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with apples, a corndog for Harper and Hadlee had pork chops and asparagus. The kids got to drink out of crystal glasses, (the china was pushing it this time), eat in the dining room and have icecream for dessert. If we continue with “eating-in” this will probably become a once or twice a month treat.

Hays received Kidz Bop 80s from Santa. It’s hilarious that they are rocking out to songs from my younger days. Last week they were having “chapel” and all three had their chapter books out and were singing “Living on a prayer”. “Wedding” play is still popular our house.

Last week Daddy did his “finale” hunting adventure. He was gone from Tuesday through Sunday and Aunt Ro stayed with us during the school week. She left on Thursday so I was flying solo with the kids after that. I forgot to go grocery shopping before she left so I ended up taking all three with me to HEB. It’s still not fun or enjoyable but we weren’t going out to eat so I had to do it. We were finishing up and getting ready to checkout when Harper goes “There’s Nana! I see Nana” Sure enough Nana’s picture is at the Brenham HEB, it was a hit with the kiddos to take their picture with Nana in Brenham. (I think we made it out of the store with no less than 30 of those yellow coupons! Look in Harper and Hays’ hands.)

Since New Years we’ve been cleaning the garage up. We were in desperate need of storage and Bob has become our carpenter. Our spare time has been arranging and throwing away our stuff. We got rid of some confetti eggs.

And used up side walk paint.

Here’s a before picture. I’ll have to take an after picture.(when it gets finished)

We love our bikes and have managed to use only one at times.


I wanted to capture pictures of their baby teeth. We don't have any loose ones, yet.

And a picture for the grandparents....Miss you!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Part One: The little things

I started taking some “notes” of random things or things that have crossed my mind that surely I will forget about next month or even the next day. It’s so true about sometimes the days take so long but the years pass by so fast. So here's to part 1 of ?.

After I wrote that I began thinking about how we’ve been in our house for six years. I would have never thought we would have lived in same house or the same town for this long. I love our little life in Brenham, our little house is something that I would love to change….The only way we’ll change that is if we move from Brenham and I’m not willing to do that anytime soon.

Hadlee and Harper, my dear girls…you have been fighting like boys for the last couple of months. I’ve just let them go at it, biting, scratching, hair pulling, and kicking. Wow!!! One of our house rules is no fighting so they have to take it outside. Your daddy and I have watched some good fights through the back windows. They usually don’t end until Harper cries. On the day that school let out for Christmas, Mrs. Hoppens said that the girls were throwing punches with each other. It happened two different times and she finally told them they were going to move their sticks if it happened again. I guess time will tell if 2011 will change these best friends.

A couple of weeks ago, we let the kids take a bath without an adult present. It was the best evening. Your daddy and I sat on the couch and one by one each of you went into the bathroom and took your own bath. Mommy and daddy got some great adult time and then we got a little one-on-one time with each of you after baths. Everything went so smooth so we tried it again a couple nights later….we’re back to adult supervision during bath time. We had water EVERYWHERE, a bottle of shampoo got used in one night and someone used a hand towel as a washcloth.

How many new toys do we need? The kids don’t play with many toys. Hays plays mainly with his CD player and his stuffed animals. The girls play with their babies but mainly draw and play school. The kids received three huge bags full of toys for Christmas. I’m happy to report that after taking out the new toys we replaced old toys that we don’t play with back in those three bags.

When the girls were talking about the one gift from us they could receive Hadlee said a new outfit would be fine. Harper said that clothes weren’t a gift. She wanted a baby doll that cried and talked. Harper got the baby doll and that thing sang “la, la, la, la” and “weeee mommy” all the way home from College Station one day. Hadlee got a simple skirt and shirt and was happy as can be. Hays got “Tank” his new dog.

Aunt Cynthia found some cute flip-flops with bling-bling on them for the girls for Christmas. On Christmas Eve when they opened up their gifts, Harper’s favorite gift were the flip-flops and a necklace. (I would consider those clothes or accessories) Harper’s shoes were a little small so Aunt Cynthia said she would return them the day after Christmas. When we woke up on Christmas morning, the first thing out of Harper’s mouth was I can’t wait to get my new shoes on Sunday, that’s one more day, right. The shoes were exchanged and she was sporting her new shoes on a cold Sunday. I should add that Hadlee also got flip flops and loves her, too. The necklaces came from a gift shop at the Gaylord that we were looking in one night. The girls love to shop and found these bottlecap necklaces that they had to have. I told them “No” and they gave me a little attitude. It was so cute when they opened them….oh they are just like the ones I wanted, how did you know…..

Aunt Melissa got the kids “pillow pets” for Christmas. Holiday advertising was great for our five year olds. “It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a pillow pet.” We are now proud owners of a bee, dog and unicorn. I’ve always been a little freaky about stuffed animals but have no problem putting them in the washing machine on a regular basis. I’ve only lost one animal in the last five years so we’ll see how the “surface wash” pillow pets hold up to my regular washing.

The other night while Wade and I were talking on the couch. (I might just add that this is golden for us to get to talk while the kids are still up but it’s starting to happen more often.) The kids were playing in their rooms and having a great time until we hear, “NO HARPER! NO I DON’T WANT TO HOOK! Hays is screaming at his sister and keeps telling her that he will hold her hand. This goes on for a couple of minutes and in the past we usually get the cries…she hit me! Harper emerges from her bedroom with Hays following and starts saying, “Mama and Daddy, Hays doesn’t want to hook” We finally catch on that they are playing “bride and groom” and Hays doesn’t want to hook arms with her. Harper goes into the computer room and gets our wedding picture from the desk and shows Hays, “you see Hays, you have to hook”

Hays’ new obsessions are calendars and dates. He has a calendar in his room that he colors in each day. He’s started remembering days like the last time I wore these shorts was Saturday, October 2nd (they were shorts that got left in a bag after he changed at Cooper and Cannon’s birthday party) I find it pretty neat because if I need to know a date, he’s the one I ask before looking on a calendar. The other night at supper we were eating sausage. (everyone except Hays) Hays comments that the last time they had sausage at school was on a Wednesday. I take it a step further and ask what the date was. Without hesitation, Hays replies November 10th. Daddy said I call bull on that. I said that I would bet him $100 and that we just needed a school lunch menu. The next day I find a November school lunch menu and I got WON.

We’ve always had a struggle for Hays to take liquid medicine. Since he was 2, it’s been a huge battle….craziness….and I’m not the only one that has battled with him. It was easier giving him shots at the doctor’s office if he needed antibiotics. I’m proud to say that Hays is now the best pill taker of the family, just give him a pill and he’ll chase it with a little Coke.

All the kids ate a “black-eyed pea” on New Year’s Day. Hays took his like a pill but he did eat one. He stumped two toes the other day and one of the first things out of his mouth was “I guess I should have ate more black-eyed peas”.

Hadlee…..Momma and Hadlee have been having some differences. Let’s just say that Daddy made the comment the other night that he was getting a little stressed over all the drama that was going on between the two of us. The drama started by her yelling at me when she didn’t get her way, then the drama that ensued when she was corrected for her actions. If what I experienced for three days straight is an indication of our teen years, I see Hadlee hanging out with her parents while the other two are having fun with their friends. Harper and Hays didn’t know what to think of their sister’s behavior, I did use it as a teaching opportunity to explain to them that you don’t talk or treat people that way. Momma will win….Hadlee had no toys or accessories left in her room. She’s almost earned everything back and can now pick out her clothes again. I’m happy to report her behavior for the last 6 days have been excellent.

Nana and Papaw got the kids (or Hays) a DS for Christmas. Daddy helped Hays set it up by adding his name. The next day Wade went to help one of the kids on it and Hays had changed all of the name information to “Nick”. Yes, Nick, Ashley and Kara still reign at our house. It’s so funny to hear them playing and start calling Harper by her nickname, “Ash”.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I'm a week late...better late than never. I didn't want anyone to see a Christmas post until you got Christmas cards....
We are blessed to have wonderful family to get to spend our holidays with every year. We are starting to establish some Christmas traditions: Afternoon Christmas Eve Church, Dinner at Uncle Kelly and Aunt Cynthia' s house, Christmas morning with Mema and Papa and Christmas afternoon and evening at Nana and Papaw.

Papa Schroeter got to open up the first presents on Christmas Eve. He got new pajamas and slippers, they were perfect for the chilly weather that blew in that night.

Hays and Hannah....

Look what Santa brought....

Hays was so excited that Santa came and brought them bikes and toys.

Harper posing with her "H" and check out those fake glasses, they're just like Mema and Aunt Ro's glasses.

Hadlee was the only one that braved the cold to ride her bike early in the morning.

Just in case you don't remember her name.

Hank, Hays and his newest dog, Tank. Hays got to make "Tank" at Build a Bear when we were coming home from Grapevine. Wade and I managed to get into a mall and purchase only Tank and an outfit for Hannah with all the kiddos in tow. The girls so wanted to have meltdowns but they managed to be supportive of their brother and his "wishlist".

They were concentrating really hard on opening their tiny packages.

Harper getting ready to eat her icecream, Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.

Emily, Joe and Hadlee acting silly during present opening.

Pretty sure this is Cannon and the only picture that I got of him. The boys are at the freak out stage with me.....guess they need to spend more time with their Aunt Jennifer.

Hays hugging the "Bouncers" game.

It's Hadlee and Aunt Sue.

Cooper posing for a picture.

Harper got a full size dress up doll.

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