Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It was bound to happen, I saw it coming but why?

Dear Hadlee, Harper and Hays,
I'm so happy that you're growing up and enjoying life, but mommy likes some downtime and sleep.   I know you couldn't sleep for 11+ hours a day FOREVER.....   Goodnight, sleeptight....Don't let the bedbugs bite.   Love, Your Mommy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Summer!!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school and t-ball for everyone!  

Day One of Summer, pajamas until noon! 

Take a picture of our babies!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our First Lost Tooth!

She did it!! Harper Leigh was the first to lose her tooth. She wiggled on it all week long and Wednesday night was so excited when her daddy said, "It looks like you'll be the first".

Thursday, Cinco de Mayo....5/5/2011, Harper's tooth was surely loose. Hadlee was a little out of shape by the whole thing. We had to go over our "Family Rules" in the morning, at lunch and right before we left for the softball field. "Encourage your siblings, share in their joy!" Thursday night at Alumni Field, Harper pulled out her first tooth. (all by herself!) Hadlee shared in her joy, by helping her parade around with the tooth in a cup.

The tooth fairy gave her five dollars for her first tooth. Right before they went to sleep, Harper told her brother and sister that she would share her money with them. Of course, Hadlee and Hays were proud of their "little sister"!


Easter, Papa Schroeter and David's Birthdays

We stayed at Aunt Cynthia, Uncle Kelly and Hannah's house while we were in Victoria over Easter.   The kids were excited to get to stay at their house but did miss Mema and Papa's house at night.  I think we played musical beds both night because everyone had a little trouble getting naps and late nights didn't help much.  
On Sunday we all made it to early church and then went to Donna and Richard's house for our celebrations.    We had a nice day and had to take three crying kids back to Brenham.  Needless to say they had a great day!

The birthday boys and the awesome cake that Amy made all the occasions.

Singing "Happy Birthday" never gets old.

Papa Schroeter!

I'm pretty sure Hays was talking to Papa about turning "93".    Hays is really into birthdays, dates, and adding and subtracting.  

Amy trying to get her picture taken with Harper, Hays and Hadlee.

After the picture taking is over, I'm really happy with Amy holding me!

Egg hunting time, Hannah Camille.

Harper and Taylor were hunting partners.

Hadlee looking hard for eggs.

Hays is proud of the eggs he got, he had help from Brian again this year.

I've got some eggs but I want more!

Cascarone time....... Hannah having way too much fun!

That would be me at the bottom, I got attacked by Hannah, Hadlee and Harper with eggs.

I was definitely the "target" this year!

More eggs...

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Saturday afternoon we went to Aunt Melissa and Uncle Doug's house to celebrate Easter.   We got to see all the family and Cooper and Cannon for the first time in a couple months.   They are so much fun!

Ashlea and Cannon waiting to get the party started.

Cooper enjoying his cupcake.  He laughed with each bite he put in his mouth.

I was so excited to get to hide eggs this year.   Aunt Melissa stayed upstairs with the kids.   I tried to get a picture of all of them before they headed outside.  I'm pretty sure that is Harper's head at the bottom of the picture.

A little egg hunting, Hays,


and Hadlee.

And a little swimming! 

Yeah, Nick!   He was the kids' hero for going into the water and playing with them.   He went to change (which took all of 5 minutes) and all three kept asking, Where's Nick? Where's Nick?  Where's Nick?

Monday, May 2, 2011

School Easter Party

I got to watch the kids hunt eggs at their school Easter party. There was a listening activity involved with this egg hunt. Each child needed to get 12 eggs with the numbers 1 through 12. Sounds easy?? Guess who had the best listening skills of the three? Hays Middlebrook!! Harper started gathering and then I reminded her about the activity and started helping her, by the time I got to Hadlee, she was way lost trying to find her numbered eggs. Poor thing, she got frustrated and upset plus she had "shorts issues". Hadlee finally got all of her eggs and then we went inside to finish up the party.

The kids were given caterpillars by the party parents, we have had a blast with watching our caterpillars transform!

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