Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Hadlee making reindeer food for Santa's reindeer.   (We had made cookies in the morning for Santa.)

Uncle Kelly and Haidyn after church.

 Hannah and Haidyn

4H picture attempt

and he's gone......

Ready for Christmas at Nana and Papaw's house.
Cooper, Cannon and Hays

Harper ready to read the Christmas story

More wrestling with Hays


Uncle Doug

Aunt Melissa, Cannon and Cooper

Hays liked what he just got.

Ray Ray

 Emily likes what she just got.

School projects- Author's Tea and Research Project

The kids did their first research project and published their first book last week in school.   

Hays over in China at Beijing National Stadium. 

Hadlee at Niagra Falls

Harper in Russia at St. Basil's Cathedral 

Daddy went to the kids Author's tea at school on Wednesday. 

Christmas card pics

I promised the kids that I would take pictures of them at gymnastics if they would go down to the creek and take pictures for Christmas cards.   A procrastinator can't be picky and the week before Christmas, we got some keepers. (and some funnies...... poor  Hays)   We'll see how they do next week during family pictures........

Christmas Program

The kids were angels and a shepard during the Christmas program at church.  The girls were also callers into the radio show part of the program.

Angel Harper

Angel Hadlee

Hays leading the congregation in the Lord's Prayer

Mema, Papa and Hannah joined us for the day and church.

The week before Christmas

Hadlee hanging out in Daddy's office

The girls were excited to make me breakfast in bed at Mema and Papa's house.  

I think she might have learned a lesson.....

Skills show off at gymnastics-

Sunday, December 15, 2013

San Antonio Getaway

Daddy was in San Antonio last week for a conference.  I was flying solo with the kids so we promised them a weekend in San Antonio if they had a super week.   Of course they had a great week, waking up an hour early to get on the bus, staying with me after school and doing all of their chores.  The weather didn't cooperate so we stuck with activities inside the hotel.

Harper posing after dinner on Friday night.   

It was cold

and windy!!!

but not too cold to go swimming two times.  The true reason why they wanted to go in the first place.

 We did a  little site seeing on the 38th floor of the hotel.  We did plenty of elevator and escalator riding during our stay.

Daddy was checked out and home before we even left the hotel.   Before leaving San Antonio we stopped by Target, where I declared there was no one there.  The kids said, "Mom there are some people here!"   Yes, there were a few but it was empty for a Saturday afternoon!  We got all the supplies for our houses.

Harper taking her time with her house.

Hadlee had fun making her house.

The finished products- Harper Leigh's house

Hadlee's house

Hays decided to sit this year out.   He was too busy playing in the 30 degree weather.  The boy loves to play, even in the cold.

Of course the girls had to put on a show for us!

Our advent wreathes hand crafted by Hays and Harper.

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