Friday, April 29, 2011

Our April 2011...

Grab your camera mommy.

Blue Bell Fun Run 2011

Hadlee making her way up the hill.

Yeah, Hays! He looks so happy.

Now he's happy- he ate 3 icecreams, the girls had two each.

Harper taking pictures with the bluebonnets

A little riding before hunting eggs at my work easter egg hunt.

Our first egg hunt(of many I'm sure)
Hadlee giving Hays some eggs. So sweet of Hadlee, she truly is always giving.

Our first outside swim of the year. Thanks to hot tubs and pool heaters it was a nice evening.  I took this picture of Hadlee because she was begging to go home. Poor thing was sick and had been going since early in the morning.   

"Little League" night at the Cubette game. That would be the last time for us to see Hadlee in her number "7" uniform. She left her shirt at the field, the baseball players picked it up and took it to the fieldhouse, never to be found again....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy's Helpers

We go through lots of clothes during the week.   It's so nice to have some eager helpers as my assistants.

A glimpse at my weekend- sock washing.   They get filthy, it's just gross and picture worthy. The kids wear 40 socks (not including teeball) a week. Because of his cracks, Hays has a sock change at naptime.   

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Last weekend Hays and I made our SB2011 montage. He asks me everyday if he can watch it so I've been using it for a reward for him. The website started charging to put them on blogspot so for now it will stay on our computer. Our SB started on Tuesday evening when we picked up Hannah. Everyone was up early on Wednesday so we could go to Bluebell and have icecream for breakfast. We got there so early that we were able to go on a tour. I've never let the kids sit on the cow but this year I let all three of the girls on it. Then it was on to the park to ride the Antique Carousel. They only rode it two times this year, I gave them a choice for a third time or going out for lunch. The pictures don't show it but yes Hannah enjoyed her rides. Hadlee loving on Hannah. Where's Hays?? Hadlee hanging on, the girl can hang on for minutes. It's pretty impressive to her Mommy. We had to get all of our "Brenham fun" done on Wednesday morning because we were headed to Houston for the rest of SB. Of course all four wanted to do one thing, SWIM! We got our first swim in the pool before going to watch a Cubette game. Thursday morning we headed to the zoo. It was St. Patricks Day and Hays was so proud of his green shirt and that he packed in the day before. The zoo was crowded but we hadn't been since last year so everyone was excited to get to go. The monkeys are super cool.
After the zoo we went back to the hotel for more swimming and then a nap. We were all a little more tired than we thought because everyone took a 2+ hour nap. We were resting up for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Harper was happy and ready to go. We really didn't know what to expect at the Houston Livestock Show but all six of us had a blast. Posing before going to our seats for a little rodeo and the Zac Brown Band. The next morning we were up and swimming again. We headed out to more HLSR and Papa's birthday. Hadlee smiling at something at the Children's stage.

Hays up on the Radio Disney stage. He was a dancin' fool.
The boys hanging out.

We took our picture with Ace from Cuero. He's a Gobbler just like Daddy. Hadlee in awe over the bright lights and sounds. Harper loving on Mema. Mema had to sit up at the top because of her wheelchair and Harper wanted to stay with her during most of the rodeo and concert. After a while we just let Harper walk to the top (by herself)to sit with Mema. It was a pretty far climb...
Hays was all smiles and so excited about his day.

I'm pretty sure Papa enjoyed his birthday with all the clan. Harper took a picture of Hays and Mommy while we were waiting on the bus to take us to our car. The kids were over the top and still laughing and singing at one o'clock on our way back to Brenham.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Things....

I still haven’t downloaded pictures from SB, I took lots of pictures because Hays wants to do a montage. We don’t have much planned this weekend so maybe we can get them sorted and put together.

It’s been kind of busy but I guess this is a glimpse of our “normal” life with kids doing activities during the week. We didn’t have anything planned on Monday and the kids had the best time doing what they’ve always done but don’t get to do a lot of anymore……playing outside doing their normal play. By the time we got inside it was a hurried dinner, bath and then get in bed.

Tuesday we had our first t-ball games…the kids had a blast! Nana, Aunt Sue and Emily were doing their twice a year Round Top shopping and were able to help me out with the kid shuffle and I was so grateful. It was the first time for them to get to see the kids play sports and the kids were excited that they had fans cheering them on. I was exhausted from the routine and we only managed to leave one glove at home and didn’t come home with a baseball cap. Daddy helped out on Thursday and everything went a little smoother. Mrs. Hoppens has been to both the girls and Hays’ games. We’ll see how our first concurrent game goes next Tuesday. The girls play in Burton, Hays is at Fink Field and Daddy plays in Houston. Aunt Ro to the rescue, I’m sure.

There are 3 boys from Hays’ class that play together on the “Bees”. Hadlee told me that Aidan, one of their classmates, was her boyfriend. I didn’t go into it with her and kind of forgot about it. When we got to Hays’ practice last week, Hadlee gets excited when Aidan gets to the field. I start talking to Aidan’s mom and tell her that Hadlee thinks that Aidan is her boyfriend. Their coach laughs and said that Hadlee went up to her during the first practice and said that her boyfriend plays for her...they fell in love when their hands touched during chapel. By this time Hadlee is listening to the conversation and says that Aidan does really want to be boyfriend/girlfriend……I think I finished the conversation with Hadlee Ray you are 5 years old and don’t need to mess with boys. Where does she get this stuff??

Last Friday we were in Victoria to be with Mema when she had her knee surgery. She did great this time and was out of the hospital on Monday. She’s a little bored from having to be in her leg brace for another 6 weeks but she's going to make it. During the surgery that took over two hours we stayed in the waiting area with Papa. The kids did great and even got a “your children are so well behaved” from a stranger. It was total bribery- if they did good, I promised a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. Friday night I lived up to my promise and took all four kids. (Hannah) We spent almost 200 tokens, (I have 5 or 6 extras floating around the car) we have lots to show for it- more pics, cards and some cool prizes. Hannah and Harper won lots of tickets on some machine. I laughed because it’s like the youth version of gambling. Mema will have to take Hannah to Vegas in 11 years!

The kids haven’t had to move their sticks at school in a long time or I guess I should say that Hays hasn’t gotten in trouble at school. The girls are yet to move their sticks; they’ve just had threats from Mrs. Hoppens and Ms. Kristen. Harper asked me this week if Mrs. Hoppens had sent home a note. I told her “no” and she said that she would tell me what happened as long as she didn’t get in trouble from me. I agreed to not say anything so Harper told me about a “story” she told Mrs. Hoppens. (Harper’s truth telling is starting to get questioned.) Mrs. Hoppens told her if she tattled or didn’t tell the truth that she was going to have to move her stick. Yeah, Mrs. Hoppens for helping me out. Hays was so proud when he came home from school last week and said I got in trouble during computer lab for using facebook but I didn’t have to move my stick, I just had to get off of the computer. What?

Daddy and Harper want a dog. Mommy doesn’t want a dog or not a “big” dog. I think Daddy wants a bloodhound or bulldog… I’ve been sent lots of pictures of these adorable puppies. Not quite sure if I’ll win this battle or if we’ll be proud owners of an animal. We have no yard or time for a dog! Oh well- I guess we’ll see what the summer has in store for the Wilson household.

That’s all for now….until I’m bored again.

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