Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hadlee's First Lost Tooth

I was just going to include this with my huge June post but Hadlee needs the spotlight for her first tooth.   Hadlee lost her first tooth on June 21st, our wedding anniversary and Aunt Cynthia's birthday.  
Hadlee had been wiggling it for the past couple of weeks but said that she didn't want to mess up her "perfect" smile and look like Harper.   Our week was filled with VBS- both morning and night.    Daddy was home and kept telling her that he could pull it for her.  
With all the excitement in our evening, Hadlee came home wired and asked her Daddy to pull her tooth.   I was trying to get ready for bathes and the next thing I know Hadlee is prancing around with her tooth in her hand. (pulled by her Daddy)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seguin Staycation?

Daddy has been commuting between Brenham and Seguin for four weeks. During this time we have stayed in Brenham. He has spent some of his extra time looking at houses for us to live in. So far his searches haven't gotten us closer to finding a place to stay. I've looked on the MLS with no luck so we thought it would be best if we spent the week house hunting.
We packed up on Tuesday and headed to Seguin. Daddy has been staying in a campus apartment so that was going to be our "hotel" for the week. Daddy tried to prep us about our place and the kids walked right in and started playing in their new playplace. They did fabulous in their room that all three shared. On our way to Seguin, Daddy remembered that he didn't pack the TV that he's been using to survive with during the last month. Poor thing, he tried to rent one and then tried to buy one at Goodwill but in the end he managed to be TV free.

We looked at more houses than I care to recount. We have looked at new and used houses in five school districts, at least ? Elementary schools are within those school districts and houses by three lakes along the same river. We have managed to get our name on a waiting list for a house near the campus.
To sum it up we are no closer to finding a place to live in Seguin.
We did manage to have lots of play time while we were here. We became regulars at the TLU pool. The kids couldn't touch the bottom at any place in the pool....swimming skills were definitely used this week. Hays has decided that he can swim this summer. He was jumping off the diving board and swimming unassisted to the ladder! It took Harper two days to jump off the diving board, but after her first jump you couldn't stop her.
We even managed to loose a third tooth , number two for Hadlee (I'll write about number one next week)
It looks like the tooth fairy will have to come to Mema and Papa's house. We made a quick trip to see Papa and Papa. Papa S just got out of the hospital and Papa took his place this afternoon.....

Here are some pictures from the week.

"Lucky", Ms. Kristen's bulldog from her TLU days, is making his temporary home in Daddy's office.

Game playing and a little movie watching.

Treats for good behavior.

Park time

More park time

Trip to see Amy, they thought it was cool that big people could have piƱatas and water balloons at their birthday parties.

Hays polished off all that syrup on one pancake. (it was a full bottle)

Playing, playing, playing.

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