Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flying Kites, Thanks to Ike

We were very fortunate to only get a couple of hours without electricity because of Ike. Some of the communities in our county are still without power, not to mention most of the Houston area.

Hadlee flying the 99 cent kite.

Hays loved flying the kite!

Daddy cutting up watermelon and Harper saying "Hurry up".

Hadlee digging in.

Wild Harper

Friday, September 12, 2008

Week in Review

We had our first day of Moppets this week. Aunt Ro came to help out with the transition. Things were a little disorganized in Moppets so she ended up being their teacher for the morning. The kids did well, Hays didn't want to listen so Aunt Ro had to give him a little tough love and he corrected himself fast. I didn't take many pictures of our first day because we were running a little late.

Harper posing for her first day of MOPPETS picture.

Hadlee receiving help from Aunt Ro with her shoes.

Hays just wanting to get out of the heat and into the car.

Sweet Hays.

Harper posing with her cat. She dressed herself, hope you can tell.

Hadlee cracking herself up.

The girls helping wash the dishes.

Harper watching Caliou this morning.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mother's Day Out

Today was Hadlee, Harper and Hays first day at school or Mother's Day Out. They were so excited- no fussing or struggles at all this morning. There was a little crying from Harper when I dropped them off. I almost marched right out of the building when the first kid I saw had green stuff coming out of her nose. It's been so nice to be free of sick kids during the summer! I'll update later and maybe do some after school photos this evening.

Our Summer Hangouts

We spent most evenings at the Bluebell pool this summer. The kids had a blast and it definitely got rid of all their extra energy. Last week the pool closed during the week because school started for most kids- except three high energy three year olds.
I was completely in withdraw last week, trying to figure out what the kids could do in the evening. We found the duck pond and park and the indoor pool- Harper loved the therapy pool, I wish I had a camera to capture the look on her face. This week it's all about bubbles and backyard water play.

Fun with Hannah

At least once a day I hear "I miss Hannah" from one of the three. We sure had a fun time while she was with us! Have a great year in the 2nd grade, Hannah!!

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