Sunday, November 24, 2013


At the beginning of the month Mema and Papa let the kids see their "surprise" tickets for the end of the month.  I will admit that I was even a little excited about who we were going to meet and see.   

Hays and Mema heading to meet them before the concert.

This was our first stop, picture taking in front of the sign.

They signed posters for all the kids.

I'm not sure how many times the kids got to go on stage.   

Hadlee and Hays waiting for an encore.

Haidyn even enjoyed the music.   He was a singing/screaming little dude.

The crew

The nice thing about the concert was it only lasted until 7:20.   We made our way to the mall to get Hays and Mema some clothes.  Hays thought he would pose as a mannequin and fool some people.   He enjoyed it and I got some shopping done.

Saturday we got lots of playing with Haidyn and Hannah.   The kids played outside and even went down in the pasture to a deer blind.   It was super cold but they enjoyed their time with Hannah.

Today we celebrated Daddy's birthday.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

2nd grade- Performance, Carnival and Team Up Challenge

The kids have been busy doing school and non-school activities.  I don't have pictures but I will have to get some of them, all three are now in gymnastics.   The girls have been doing it since the start of school and Hays started after fall ball.   He came home the first night saying they made him do 50 squats!   They are in separate classes but go at the same time.  It's a nice break for their Mom in the evening.

The kids had their third school carnival last week.   They danced with the Artist in Residency Program in collaboration with Teatro De Artes DeJuan Seguin.  The pictures are blurry and I forgot to get pictures when they we were getting ready.   We were a little rushed because they needed to be back at school @ 4:45 and Hays had no jeans that fit him.   He's had a major growth spurt so we made a fast trip to Bealls and Aunt Ro took the girls.

Harper is the one in the middle.  She wanted a video so I spent more time doing that.  Hays is to the pic of him.

We spent $25 purchasing cakes for the cake walk and another $20 trying to win a cake at the cake walk.   Hays was the lucky winner of a dozen cookies the next day during school.    The girls won goldfish....more on that later.

The kids had their second field trip, this time to the nursing home.  They baked in the morning and they delivered the cakes and played bingo with the residents in the afternoon.

They have to wear their shirts for every field trip.   I guard the shirts after they wear them, that's all we need is one kid not getting to go on the field trip.

It was 80 degrees yesterday....

We had another long day so we went out to eat.   The kids are troopers with my work schedule.  They were also filming a TV show downtown so we had to go check it out.   Daddy thinks we're a little crazy that we were so curious.  We had already driven by it on the way home from school and had to go check it out again.   Next time the kids want to see if they need extras, ha!   

This morning was a day off for me because we have big plans this evening.   The kids were super excited because they were up and dressed before 6:00 a.m.   My alarm went off when we were heading out the door.   The kids wanted a donut breakfast and I couldn't say no.   

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Date Weekend

Wade has been out of town for the past
couple of weekends.   Aunt Ro has been helping out during the week and on the weekend.   She's devoted the last 4 weeks to helping out with the kids.   We couldn't have managed without her!  

Hadlee had date night with me on Friday night.   We went to Target and then Orange Leaf.  

I didn't get any pictures of Hays' date at Whataburger and WalMart.   Harper had a similar date as Hadlee.  We enjoyed a stroll outside with a little stream jumping. Hadlee had done it the night before and I took a picture so of course Harper had to do it too.   

Haidyn is ONE

We went to Victoria the day after Halloween to celebrate Haidyn's 1st birthday.   The kids got to stay the Friday night in Victoria so they could wake up bright and early at Mema and Papa's house.  

Hannah got a deer Saturday morning so that added to the excitement of the weekend.  

I think Hadlee enjoyed helping Hannah out. 

Haidyn is 1.  

He enjoyed his cake.

The kids and I enjoyed lots of kickball, it was the perfect afternoon.

And the fire pit to end the evening.   

Sunday, November 10, 2013


We went to Amy, Brian and Carson's house for Halloween again this year.  Hadlee was a balloon girl.   Harper was a bride and Hays was a sumo wrestler.   Carson was a scarecrow and he enjoyed having his older cousins show him what to do to get all the candy.   Harper and Hays enjoyed the neighborhood haunted house.   We laughed so hard at Hays, all he kept saying was "please don't scare me, please don't scare me"!

Halloween at TLU

We did trick or treating at TLU again this year.   We had fun go through the dorms and seeing all of the students.

Busy week

We had homecoming week at both of our schools so our week was filled with fun outfits.    I only got a picture of Monday after school.  
It was "yellow day".

I was busy with my first "health fair" as a Leadership teacher.  My students did a awesome job presenting to the community.  One of the classes chose bugs for nutrition so part of my job was to get the live bugs.  It's amazing what you can purchase on Amazon. 

Aunt Ro took the kids to the health fair to see their Mom and to participate in all the fun activities.    

The next evening it was Daddy's washer tournament time.   

The kids had another fun year.   

Hays also had his last fall ball game in Floresville.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Fun

The kids have had lots of practice running errands with me after school.  

The trampoline was the site for movie night/ slumber party.   

I'm pretty sure they did more jumping than movie watching.  

They ended up slumber partying in the living room for the night.  

We tried to take a picture after church on Sunday.  

This was the best we got after numerous takes.  

Mini pizza making.  

Cupcakes for Aunt Ro's birthday 

The kids made a flower presentation to Aunt Ro.   They had so much fun planning her birthday afternoon on fun.  

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