Wednesday, December 23, 2015



We went to Enchanted Rock with the family. Wade and Hadlee made it up first!!
Wade wanted a selfie with Hadlee !!
Hadlee also took a lot of selfies too!
After that we went to lukinbook (sorry for my spelling)
We saw a lot of chickens!!!
Family photo!!!


We were going on a Carriage ride , we had some time to blow off.So we went to a ginger bread village.
Hays and Harper on the ginger bread train.
Harper the Christmas tree 🌲
Hannah and Haidyn in Santa's slay!!
Hadlee the ginger bread girl😀
Hays could evan act like a girl too!!
Hadlee in front of the Christmas tree 🌲🌲
Time for the Carrige Ride🐴🐴
Haidyn,Papa,and memaw riding in the Carrige!!
We have to get a blizzard after all that fun!!
End the night with a good game of 42

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