Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's "R" Week

We made it home early this afternoon to start (and complete) our robots for "R" week. We picked up various sizes of boxes from the grandparents and I started getting to work as soon as the first load of clothes went into the washer.

We are so proud of Hannah Camille! She did great this weekend at the stock show and will continue tomorrow night when "Blue" goes up for auction. I'll post more when I get my pictures organized......we've got a busy week- practice for all three (t-ball), games for Daddy (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday), and "R" week- robots and rodeo at school.

I'm proud of the kids and their robots they created. It's so neat to see their creative sides come through. It'll be interesting to see if they change before Friday, the day they are due(Mommy didn't procrastinate thanks to Harper!)

Harper Leigh's robot, "Cute"

Hay Middlebrook's robot, "RObit" (He says he made it rabbit ears)

Hadlee Ray's robot, "Hadlee"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 2011

All the pictures are from February, where we've been to Victoria two times, went to numerous softball games, enjoyed Valentine's Day, and a snowday. Our two trips to Victoria included one to see Mema in the hospital. She fell and broke her leg on the ice during the snow day. If all goes well she'll be out of the hospital in time for us to "help" her out next week.

This is our new hangout until May....the kids are starting to become softball junkies.

Posing girl with her winter gear and her mommy's old dancing costume.

On our first trip to Victoria, Hays discovered the razor and spent every minute of free time riding up and down the driveway.

We went shopping with Mema and look what the girls picked out....they make these outfits until size 10.

Pappa Schroeter and his buggars on our way into the hospital.

It was 38 degrees when I took this picture, noting that he refused to wear a jacket, hood, gloves or cap!!

The kids sliding down the hills of the retaining ponds. They didn't get much speed but they had fun.

I looked out our back door and couldn't believe that one of our crazy kids went outside barefooted.

We bundled up early to check out the snow.

After playing and playing in the cold they decided it was time for hot chocolate. (Check out the wigs, Aunt Ro got them after Halloween and the kids found them during lots of indoor play this winter)

I left the house one Sunday afternoon. The kids had big plans that included a musical in the dining room. Somehow their dad missed them GLUEING their art on the walls. Harper opted to be fan along with her mommy and daddy. Nick and Cara put on a great performance.

Hannah is playing basketball. We've got to watch her play for two weekends. She's definitely passionate about doing her best. Two years ago she was a cheerleader for basketball, not her cup of tea.

Harper posing on Valentine's Day. She kept saying her tummy hurt during our morning routine. I get to school for their party and she gets sick in the trash can within 5 minutes. Mrs. Hoppens said that's what the bad virus starts out with....daddy and Aunt Ro were called and she misses her Valentine's Party. From what I can tell she wasn't sick just ate too much the day before.

We celebrated Valentines on Sunday. Hays finally got a "real" watch and the girls are going to get Build a Bears when we go to Houston.

So my project of "Eating In" worked for a month. I'm happy to say that I think twice about picking up food after work.... But we have a slight problem with a new Mexican food restaurant within walking distance of our house. Does it count that we walk there? We took pictures on our way to eat the other night. The girls are into posing these days...long are the days of getting them to stop and smile for the camera. They are so into it, especially the girls.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Skinny Jeans

We pick out clothes the night before school. Hays doesn't care so I usually pick his out and put them on the love sac. On Thursday night I was packing for Victoria and also picking out for Friday.

These are pics of Hays after school. I picked them up at 11:30 so they didn't go the entire day. Daddy, Aunt Ro and I had a good laugh. Ro said she didn't notice because she was just happy he got dressed by himself. Hays said that nobody said anything to him.

We've had one of THOSE weeks......notes to Mrs. Hoppens everyday concerning two of the three have been in trouble. Oh, the joy!

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