Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Grade

We (or I) have waited with great anticipation about who is going to guide Harper, Hadlee and Hays during their 1st grade year.  When Wade went to register the kids last month, I asked him if they could tell us who they are having for a teacher.  I really wanted to be a nosy parent and go find out but the kids and I waited until "Meet the Teacher" on Monday afternoon. They have Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Kauch as their first grade teachers.  I am so excited, maybe more than the three, that they are going to teach them this school year.   Mrs. Wells told us that she just had to have the Wilson kids in her class this year.  I met her last school year and just knew she would be the perfect pick for their first grade year.

We also found out who was going to be in their class.  The girls have four friends from last year and Hays has three boys and one "ex-girlfriend" from last year.

We got to sleep on Monday night at our usual school bedtime of 8:00 p.m.  It didn't take all three long to make it to sleep. When Wade and I went to bed at 11:00, Hadlee was in our room within minutes of turning off the lights.  I told her to go sleep with Hays, which her daddy thought was cruel because Hadlee is such a terrible sleeper.  At 3:03, (I know because I looked at my phone) Coffee, our crazy cat, wanted outside.    Wade, who never wakes up for anything in the middle of night, jumped out of bed and let the cat out of the house.  He got back in bed and tells me that Hays is already up for the day playing his baseball video game. I asked Wade if he told him to go back to sleep and he said that he will learn his lesson.

Wade woke up and 5:30 and talked to Hays about making good decisions.  I woke up at 6:00 and was still in disbelief that Hays had been up since before 3 in the morning.  Our morning went well- I only had to make breakfast for Hays.  The school district is now serving breakfast in all of the classrooms.  It was nice that everyone helped out with packing lunches.  The time that the girls used to spend to eat breakfast is replaced with getting their lunch packed.  Everyone made their beds and brushed their teeth so we were ready to take pictures and go to school.   Hays had to use the restroom so 15 minutes later and a clothing change because he wasn't wearing underwear, we were able to snap one quick picture.   Hadlee wore a name dress so no one would call her Harper.   Harper and Hadlee both wore shoes that were Hannahs, that she maybe wore a couple of times.    Then there is Hays....he had on underwear...bless his heart.

The kids said they got to school way too early.  They didn't like having to be quiet in the gym.   As Hays puts it, they tell us to read, read, read.

At the end of the first day, we did homework in record speed.   The kids played school and played a little outside.  Hays was asleep by 7:00 and the girls at their normal bedtime.

Mrs. Weaver texted the kids to let them know that she was thinking about them and hope they had a great day. We are going to miss seeing her at school, she resigned at the end of the school year.

Harper getting ready to walk to campus and take her daddy keys to his office. They love spending their free time helping their daddy.   They also got a Seguin PD escort on their way home.  

Our last week of summer

We headed out Monday morning to go the jump place in San Antonio.   The night before we decided that Subway would be our lunch.   It wasn't hard to find one close to our destination but the kids did let me know all the ones along the way.  I believe we counted more than 10 of them.  Nothing says lunch like a  little before 11 a.m. (getting ready for early lunches at school)

I positioned myself in a central location when we got there so the kids would know where I was at all times.   I heard the roller coaster starting to go and looked back to see all the kids.   It was an extra $1 to ride the kid coaster so their new friends used their tickets on the three of them.   I thanked the mom and she commented that this was the best time her kids had every had at the jump zone.  

I had the girls take my phone to take pictures of them jumping at Jump Zone.  They took 4 videos which were cute but included their "new friends" in them.   They had BLAST at Jump Zone, definitely on our list of do agains.  Thanks, Emily, Joe and Aunt Sue

After 5 hours of jumping I was tired and my cell battery was at 5%.   Nothing like bribing the kids with more playing at Chick-fil-A and ice cream.

We managed to get back to school haircuts X 3.

I snapped these pictures when the three were having a "meeting".  

It cracked me up that they were discussing what was going to happen at school next week.   They were doing lesson plans for their "home school" after school.

We headed to Victoria to get a little pampering and head to the beach.  Mema treated the kids to massages for a back-to-school treat.   I don't have pictures but all three were pretty funny about their grown-up treat.   I did snap a picture of Hadlee at her second visit to the doctor in one week.   She played up her rusty nail puncture in her foot the entire time we were in Victoria.  On Saturday when we got home from the beach, Mema was concerned that she might have "flesh eating bacteria".   She was just tired and enjoying the attention.

The kids now expect that we make a trip to the beach before school starts.   We loved our time at the beach, we just don't have all the pictures to show it.

Even Hadlee enjoyed the waves on this trip.   At one point our talk turned to Tropical Storm Issac and shark week,  that was the first time Hays has ever wanted to get out of the water.   Aunt C and I thought that maybe he thought Issac was coming to get him.

Sunday was Rally Day at church.   Hannah was involved in the youth church service with speaking parts and singing in the choir.    The girls went up to the front to perform songs from VBS.   Hays told Aunt C that he had stage fright and didn't go up, it sure didn't stop him from rocking out in the pew.   We went out to eat after church and I got this one picture.

Mommy and Daddy have been prepping Hays for the last couple of weeks that his morning game playing might be cut short once school starts.   Wade had to leave for work at 5:30 on Monday morning and Hays was already playing his game.  

Most kids started school on Monday.  We got an extra day and didn't start until Tuesday.  We used Monday to wake up at our school time and go to sleep at a normal hour.   It worked well because we were out of the house by 8:45, so we only needed to improve 1 hour.    We went to the library so we could return our books that were due.   I debated whether to check out more but Harper wanted to use her new card (check out her card attached to her lanyard)  Then we needed to get jelly at HEB.   After shopping for almost an hour at HEB, Hadlee commented that I looked like I needed a nap......

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

T minus two weeks

Lately we've been getting in all those last minute things that our on our "bucket list". This summer is the best so far, the kids and I have both had a blast. They were great, if you take away four days of straight head shaking and ready to give them back to school. I'm really going to miss them next week, more than they will ever know.

We headed back from Victoria to Seguin to unpack for the evening. The next day we were up early for Fiesta Texas.

Hadlee driving Aunt Cy in the 50 something Chevy.

We rode the water rides and Hays kept on wanting to go on a "thrill ride". Harper had enough of riding on the log ride so Hannah, Hadlee, Hays and I went on our first and last roller coaster.

We had to wait in lines but they weren't that bad.

Thanks to our fan club, we had some action shots. This was a four seater roller coaster that spins in circles while going up and down. I wish I had a picture of Hays and Hannah, their faces were hilarious during the ride. Poor Hays didn't want anything more with ups and downs after the ride.

The second time on the log ride was just as fun. Harper and I were the fan club this time. Poor Harper was in tears after our first ride.

Break-time enjoying our afternoons treats.

Hays posing while we were waiting on the girls. We are already talking about next year.

Hadlee and Harper wanted breakfast in bed. Fruit kabobs and oatmeal were their requested breakfast.
This picture looks a little deceiving because Hadlee was awake and super excited to start her day.

Yeah to the start to "fun day".

We played all day and went out to eat to continue our fun.

What's more fun than a lounging trip through Buccees.

Our night ended with Karoake, a special request from Hadlee.

We finally made it to Landa Park. The kids loved the super slide.

Harper taking a little break. They played hard for five hours and I had to beg them to take a break.

Hadlee loved fishing with a net and baggie. She wanted to take home a fish.

The next day we chilled at home playing lots of school.

They had lots of field trips to the backyard.

We still love our pool. The pecans are starting to fall so they may put a hamper on all the pool parties.

I had a post about "accidents happen" but somehow it didn't save the long story of the broken window.

Hays caused some excitement with his baseball. The upside is that the window sure looks nice and shiny now!

We went and helped our Daddy finish remodeling his lockerroom. The lockerroom was our hangout during August.

After working in the lockerroom, we headed to San Antonio to pick up a couch. I thought we were meeting someone at his storage room because the address was IH-410. It was their house and after looking at the couch we left with nothing. So we were hungry and after driving around for 30 minutes ended up at the market.

We were all looking our best.....I'm pretty sure Hadlee had 3 ponytails in her hair.

The kids had a busy social calendar on Saturday.

Hadlee was being Ms. Sassypants. I don't remember everything that was coming out of her mouth. WoW girlfriend!

We had a swimming party at Mrs. Yeats. She just had the planters put in, I'm in love. Then we headed to Peter Piper Pizza for a birthday party.

Now we have 10 more days before 1st grade!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Brenham Summer 2012

During the summer we made 10+ trips to house in Brenham- it was vacant, we were trying to sell it, we got a contract on it, it didn't pass inspection, we had to repair the shower, and it still felt like home.   All 5 of us missed our "Home Sweet Home".   Wade and I don't know why we also missed the house so much.   We do miss Brenham but there was something about our house that we will miss too.   It will be nice not to make any more house or utility payments but it's amazing how we were forunate to spend our summer in Brenham. 
When we left our house last year, we wrote our names on one of the rafters.  You can we it that well but we went and added "some of 2012" at the top.

Mr. Kroll stopping for a quick picture during his morning walk.  We sure do miss the Krolls and definitely keep in touch with them.

When we lived in Brenham the kids never got to go in the attic.   After we moved and we got all 30+ rubbermaid tubs out, we let the kids go up and take a look.

So long farwell Brenham house, we packed all the rest of our stuff and headed back to Seguin.    We decided that icecream for breakfast would make us feel better.

We planted the tree in our front yard when the kids were babies.   Hopefully we can take a picture when they are 10 years old to see how much our tree has grown.

Max Donuts, yum, yum

Houston Children's Museum one last time.

Downtown Brenham one last time before we left back home to Seguin.

Blue Bell number ?

Harper at the Children's Museum

Kellie came to see us on the the start of her summer vacation.   We love Kellie!   She's been in our life since we came home from the hospital.  We watched her leave for college, start her own family and now she's a teacher in Brenham.   We are so proud of her!

How many times can you go in one summer?   I think we broke our previous record. 

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