Monday, January 23, 2012

Life at 79 Months

It's amazing how fast time goes by. Back in August I suggested to Hays that we celebrate his birthday at school on his month birthday. Yesterday he reminded me that tomorrow was his birthday. A little late so we we will try 80 months in February.
This morning wasn't different than most school mornings. I get up, get going and make breakfast. I wake the kids up and sit down at the table and they eat breakfast. We talk about the day- sometimes I read them a book or get their backpacks ready for school. If I'm working I usually eat breakfast with them because I will soon be leaving for the day. Today I had a p.m. job so it was a little relaxed routine. The girls finish with their breakfast and start getting ready for the day. Hays finishes his breakfast and proceeds to pit his plate and cup in the sink. I praise him for his behavior and then we get on with our "motions". A typical morning includes mommy reminding them what needs to be done with their routine. I've watched myself since school has started back, that I'm constantly telling them "do this" or "you need to get this done"......
It's frustrating for me, for them. Another biggie is two weeks ago they lost all of their toys. Why??? Because of the same reason.....please put your toys up and they might put up a couple. Fast forward- two weeks and they are earning toys back and still doing the same thing, picking up a little and mommy doing the rest. What did they learn??? Obviously not much so their earned back toys are getting taken away AGAIN!
We've done chore charts, numerous times, even since we've been in Seguin. I always start one and for one reason or another it lasts for a couple of weeks. I take the kids to school and head to Walgreens to buy posterboard because they have cool colors. While I'm talking to a friend about life and we're comparing our "mornings", I'm at the toothpaste aisle and start telling her that I'm buying each kid their own tube of toothpaste. Why? Because Hays was twisting the tube of toothpaste and making a huge mess. I was so tired of toothpaste everywhere on the counter, in the drawer and in the sink. My mind was set on getting 5 tubes of toothpaste so we could each have our own. Then she tells me about the "Touch n Brush". Thanks to Amazon and Walgreens our solution to the toothpaste drama and nagging are solved and life will be easy once again!

Not the prettiest posters but they are working for us.

Picnic Pizza night.

Bird hunting with Aunt Ro. Aunt Ro took all the kids to Sun City for the weekend.

The "flying donut" is their favorite when they're in Georgetown.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quarter 2 Progress Reports

Monday was our first day back at school.   I think the extra week off has helped everyone transition well this week.    Instead of going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 9:00, our nights are structured and getting into our school routine.   The kids got their report cards today. They are all doing really well. They got "3"s in all of their content areas, which means that the student applies the skill or understands concepts at the level expected. Harper and Hays still have perfect attendance. Mrs. Weaver wrote comments that I wanted to remember and share.

Hadlee Ray
Hadlee is a star!  It is so neat to watch her learn and grow because she has such a passion for learning and teaching.  I hope some day I get to see her become the pre-school teacher she so badly wants to be.  Keep reading every night.   Hadlee has improved so much in her reading and I think now that she has more confidence in reading she will begin to take off and her fluency will grow by leaps and bounds.  Thank you for helping me to foster and cultivate Hadlee's love for learning.  I am looking forward to an amazing second half to our kindergarten year.

Harper Leigh
Harper has been a wonderful student to have in class.  I have enjoyed watching her learn and grow throughout the first half of our Kindergarten year.  She has a heart for people and enjoys helping the other children around her, as well as her teacher year.  Keep reading every night.  Our goal is to have each child reading on a first grade level or higher at the end of our Kindergarten year.   Work on the Quarter 4 sight words and keep having FUN!

Hays Middlebrook

Hays has matured tremendously since August.  It has been fun to watch him grow and even improve on his handwriting and responsibility.  I want to challenge Hays to be even more "responsible" by having him remember his folders and where they go as well as take his AR tests on time.  We will also be working on handwriting and improving it even more so that everytime Hays writes it is legible and I know he is giving his very best.  Hays is a great student and has a wonderful mind full of amazing adventures.  I am excited about the remainder of our Kindergarten year.

Happy New Year!

The New Year celebration at the Lost Pines was the best. The kids were treated to a carnival and everything that you can think of when you go to one. It was fun filled afternoon and evening, for the kids and the adults. What a great way to bring 2012 in with our family!

Aunt Cynthia and Harper posing after a fun ride.
The kids were able to do the games by themselves so the adults sat at a table and visited while they were playing. Hays enjoyed cotton candy, popcorn and we're not sure how many caramel apples. I went looking for him and he was sitting at a table with his apple. He was out of our site and enjoying himself. Silly boy!
The kids stood in a long line to get caricatures of themselves. They did it as a group of 4.
Hadlee trying her luck at the strength game.
The swings were the favorite of all four kids. They loved it because they didn't have to wait in a long line.
Mema and Papa (and all kids) on the wagon ride. We were told that Hays did the entertaining by trying to guess how old everyone was on the ride.

Mema and Harper stood in line for over an hour to ride the ferris wheel. I jumped on at the last minute so all three of us rode together. Wow!! I took this picture when we were at the top. It was super scary for some reason....oh the rocking....Mom and I were so ready to get off so we begged the worker to let us off first! Short ride for Harper, relief for the adults.

Hadlee taking time out for the petting zoo.

Just in case you don't recognize them- Hays the tiger, Aunt Cynthia and Hadlee
The evening was topped off with fireworks to ring in 2012.

Three kiddos (and Hannah, too)  were extremely tired by the time it was time for the fireworks.   They made it and welcomed in the new year. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Family Trip

We took our family trip after Christmas this year. This year we decided to stay close to hour, yeah!!! We went to the Lost Pines in Bastrop and had a blast!    We're already planning for the next time.  

We did a little exploring on the first day.    Yes, the sun is in our eyes but Daddy wanted a picture with the river in the background.

We only left one time during our four day stay. The kids loved the chocolate fountain.

The weather was perfect so we got in lots of swimming
and lounging by the pool. The kids even did laps around the lazy river, which wasn't heated.
Harper loved sitting in front of the fireplace.
Yeah for arts and crafts.  

T-shirt fun!  Hays was so proud!

Hadlee getting some lovin' from Uncle Kelly.
Glow in the dark golf with the family

We ate lots of smores by the firepit. I think Hays had 5 one night.

Papa and Hays hanging out.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cuero Christmas in the Park

We've been taking the kids to see the lights in the park in Cuero since they were very young.   I remember at first they would just stare in amazement with all the lights.   Last year they spent at least 30 minutes in the nativity, where they reenacted the Christmas story.   

We love us some gobblers!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at Nana and Papaw's house

Santa came to Nana and Papaw's house and it sure was fun! I hate to admit that my picture taking consisted of staying seated on the couch during the entire present opening and grabbing my camera every once and a while.   Cooper and Cannon were so much fun when we got there, the girls love playing teacher, mommy or big sister with them.....for now they play along.

Papaw and Joe watching Hays open his gift.
Hays watching Joe open a gift or Joe looking at what Hays got as a gift. They were definitely buds on Christmas and now we only live 5 minutes from them!

Cooper getting ready to play a tune for his audience.
The girls got lots of joint gifts this year.  
Hadlee was excited about her new luggage.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas with the Mema and Papa

After all the excitement with gifts that Santa delivered from our house, the kids had to wait for Hannah to open up presents that Santa left at Mema and Papa's house.   While we were waiting Hadlee worked hard by personalizing all of her crayons.
The crew was excited to see what Hannah got from them.  
Hadlee (and everyone else in the family) was suprised that Santa gave them there own DVD player for the car.

I love that Harper gets excited over Kleenex, gotta love her sweet heart.

Hays got lots of world stuff!  

The girls opening up a tye dye kit,   I see lots of crafts in our future.
Mema and Harper   

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