Saturday, March 22, 2014

The rest of SB

Park fun in V.   The kids refer to this park as the one by Papa Schroeter's house.   They've been coming to this one since they were 3 and we would pick up Papa on our way so he could sit in the car or walk around.

A quick pic after some races up and down the hill.

Lenten service with Carson and the rest of the family.  I had 10 pictures on my phone of these two and this was the only one that wasn't blurry.   

Halepaska's cookies after lunch at Olive Garden.   They were putting it away this day!

Shopping in Cuero for 20 minutes....I want this exact bed, Mommy.   We'll be back without 3 kiddos next month!

Back to Seguin and they finally demolished the 4 eye sores that surround us.

It was pretty cool watching it happen over the weekend.  They had to use our water during the demolition so we were really up close with all the workers.

Smores on a beautiful evening.

These three crack me up, they wanted to sleep in a tiny closet.   Hays was the only one to last the entire night.

Softball in Georgetown

It's blurry....I had 30 pictures on my phone from our trip home.

We went over to the Schoenfeld's house after the games.   The kids did so well, even Rob commented about how well behaved all three were for the 4 hours we were there.  Nothing like Starbuck cupcakes on my screensaver for the last week!

Checking out the new field on Sunday.

My lone picture from the entire week.   Harper posing before school on Tuesday with the softball field in the background.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SB 2014- The First Part

Our SB plans were pretty lax this year.  We spent the weekend doing some relaxing.

The girls planned a party. 

They made Apple Strudel, which was very good.  

Hadlee was excited about how her party turned out.  Then the big kids went out and having a sitter other than Aunt Ro rocks!

We made some Yonanas, which is our new favorite.  

We cleaned out closets, that is just the girls.   We added two more bags and I'm still adding in Victoria.  The girls can never complain about not having anything to wear.   The only thing that has come out of Hadlee's mouth is having to wear something twice.  We fixed that fast. 

TLU baseball and dirty shoes. 

Playing together

It worked better inside.  

Trip #1

TLU softball,check out the self made shirt.  

Four games, 2 in the rain and 2 in the sun. 

More mud.....

SB 2014- Chuck E Cheese

This morning the kids gave me a choice of what we could do this afternoon. The odds were stacked against me because 3 out of 4 options were for CEC.   The tokens go faster as they get older but even Hannah is having a blast.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The week before SB

We all could see our break in sight before church on Sunday.  I made them take another picture when we got out if the car.   This is sometimes the only couple of hours a week where they look nice.  Of course Hays had his shirt untucked as soon as he got out of the house.  

The kids worked a booth at Academic Night.   

A quick game of "pig" before going out to eat on Friday night.   Hadlee adding a fashion flare.   

Saturday in Victoria.

Lunch at Veracruz with the Mema, Papa and the Jordan family.  

Then off to watch some TLU softball with more family!

Loving on Daddy between games.  

All was good, until Cooper got hit by a bat.  

Nothing that a nap and some loving won't take care of.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stockshow 2014

We made it to the stock show to say goodbye to Rooter.   Hannah made the sale with her carcass, yeah!

The petting zoo is still fun!

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