Sunday, July 22, 2012


The BFFs, AKA- Hadlee and Harper

They are best friends one minute and the next minute they are fighting with each other.   We have had an interesting summer with the BFFs.   They love watching all the "big kid" shows on Disney and think they are teenagers most of the time.  
While Hays was gone the girls wanted to have spa days with their mom.   Their mom had other things in mind-   I wanted to clean up their room with their help.   On the first morning Hadlee treated me to a breakfast of her choice.  

Harper enjoyed her hot chocolate during spa morning.

Harper and I pretended that we looking out into our backyard.  

The girls needed to clean up their room.   For some reason they have reverted back to changing clothes- two or three times a day.   They are old enough to fold their clothes or put them back up on a hanger.   I knew that it wasn't happening but kept my eyes closed when trying to tidy up their rooms.   I worked all day cleaning their room, with limited help from Hadlee and Harper, so I did what I thought was necessary.......all their toys went into the garage.   They are now in the process of earning everything back. 

TV, internet and computer time is also having to be earned so they've been doing lots of playing outside. 

We have been looking for houses. (This needs to be another post all of its own but probably will never happen...We've had some "neighborhood" issues while we were gone last week.  Apparently our neighbor's business has been picking up and there were some "drive-bys" during the week.   It happened again this week so maybe it's time to move.)  

After an afternoon of house hunting, the girls entertained us at a restaurant with their BFF chant.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Going Places

This summer the kids have been fortunate to get to go on lots of vacations. Wade and I are enjoying spending the summer with one, two or no kids at a time. It's so interesting how the dynamics of the group changes when they are split up.

Hadlee and Hays spent the week with Aunt Ro and Uncle Don in Sun City. They picked up the kids in Brenham and dropped them off in Seguin.  They went swimming, hiking and participated in all of the 4th of July activities that were going on in their community. 

 Hadlee is showing off her 4th of July yogurt creation.

Hays participating in the egg toss with Hadlee. They came in 4th place.

Harper came home from Brenham with me and spent a day as the only child. We didn't do much but she got all the attention from her Mom and Dad. Harper going walking one evening.

Harper went to Cuero and Victoria for the rest of the week. Hannah and Harper got to spend lots of time together.  They went swimming, popped firecrackers, went to the movies and got to spend the night together.

When Hannah asked me if she could take a "kid" with her to the river a couple weeks ago, I started envisioning a week without Hadlee. After pondering the situation, I knew that Hays would probably be crushed if he didn't get to spend some time with Hannah.
We came up with a great solution of switching the kids in the middle of the week. I woke Hadlee up early on Sunday morning and told her to get dressed that she was going camping with Hannah.

Here's a picture of Hannah on the rope swing. Aunt C took this picture from their campsite.

When we arrived on Wednesday, Harper and Hays were ready to get in the water.   Everybody was still floating the river so Harper and Hays got to jump off the rope swing.   They loved it!

We spent the night so Harper could enjoy some of the "camping" experience.   The kids were up early the next morning and continued where they left off the previous day.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's boring without Hadlee

I can't believe that Harper just told me that she missed her sister! Hays just said that she's the Kara to Nick, Kara and Ashley and she always comes up with things for
us to do.

Hadlee has been on "vacation" with Hannah for a little over 24 hours. It sure is quiet when you take away one of the three.

Friday, July 6, 2012

And then they were "7"

Our June went way too fast!!!   Somehow we managed to squeeze in a whole week of birthday fun for Hadlee, Harper and Hays.   The kids had playdates during the week and all three got to go special places.  On Saturday the kids had a family party at our house.  Hadlee came up with an icecream party with toppings and a photo booth.   She worked very hard on the party and did a AWESOME job.  The day of the party Harper and Hays lended her a helping hand with getting all the toppings prepared into bowls.   

Hays got to go to an Astros game for his birthday.

Lunch at Cici's pizza

While the boys were away the girls did what they do best- played "mommy"
I didn't any pictures while the girls were at Chuck-E-Cheese but in this picture Hadlee is enjoying her candy prize from their visit.

The girls at Chick-fil-A- Harper playing on the playground and Hadlee eating her icecream.

Party Time-

Brian, Amy and Carson
Uncle Kelly, Aunt Cynthia and Hannah
Aunt Sue and Hadlee
Joe and Emily and the girls

Nana and Hadlee

Hannah, Cannon and Hadlee enjoying their pizza.

Aunt Sue helping Cannon with his toppings

June In Pictures

Starting out the summer with lots of swimming, baseball and picnics.

Papa and Hadlee watching the rain.

When I go outside to see what they are doing, Hadlee is trying to get Papa to drive her down to the "pot-of-gold" in the pasture.

We celebrated Hannah's 11th birthday with swimming, pizza and icecream cake. 

Hays dressed himself this morning.  We were killing time while the girls were shopping for school supplies. 

Merry-go round at Riverside Park in Victoria

Hadlee posing while we were watching the Texas River Safari at the river bridge.

I went to take a picture of Hannah and Harper and Harper starts following down the cliff.   Needless to say my picture taking stopped and guarding kids from following into the river was my top priority!

Mema and Hays at Mi Tierra during our SA trip

Hadlee posing in the SA Market.  She loves to go look at all the pretty Mexican dresses they have.....maybe Santa can bring her a new one.

Family vacation at the Wild Oak Ranch

Harper just wants to go swimming.

The girls, BFFs (they even made a handshake over the weekend)

All the kids and Papa hanging out.  My picture taking was limited (probably due to "losing my phone" and having Aunt Cy cancel her debit card....)  

Hadlee has been fixing her own hair for over two years now.  She finally got her "bun" perfected, a side bun at that.

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