Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prairie dogs, alligators and snakes...

Hays likes to see prairie dogs(or the exhibit). Alligators are the fave of Hadlee and Harper is still in love with snakes, it's been about two years now.

We went to the zoo yesterday, that's 3 visits to zoos in less than one month. Maybe it parallels the kiddos life....

Hadlee was into posing for the camera while we were at the zoo.

We've been pretty busy eating ice cream. Last weekend we went downtown to eat all the ice cream that mommy would let us for a hour or two. Harper was finished after three scoops but Hays would of kept on going even after 6 scoops, which is how many Hays and Hadlee ended up eating.

We had ice cream at McDonalds after the zoo. The kiddos were set on getting some at zoo and after shelling out 20 dollars on pizza and fruit, we compromised on a train ride and ice cream at McDs. Hadlee asked me if they use Starbucks coffee to make their fraps....

Harper climbing the stop sign across the street from our house. She was so happy she could do something better than both of her siblings...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where did the week go?

It's 7:30 p.m. and do you know where Hadlee, Hays and Harper are? They're in bed SLEEPING and have been since 7 o'clock. There are some positives of this no nap thing.....but I'm exhausted and I wasn't with them from 8 until 1 today. Oh well, this too shall pass.

We went to Victoria last weekend. Daddy was playing golf in a tournament and thanks to the grandparents, I got to enjoy myself, also. I know it's a bad picture but here's the kiddos with their cousins, Kayli and Betsy.

Kayli was on SB from Calfornia visiting Betsy in Austin and they made a day trip to Cuero and Victoria. The kids really enjoyed getting to play with Kayli and they also liked some of the same music. "Party is the USA" is hit with all of them.

Nana kept Harper and Hays on Friday night and Hadlee and Hays on Saturday night. It was nice to get some one-on-one time with the girls during the weekend. Harper and Hannah got to play together on Sunday and they played so well together.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Monday and Tuesday. Papa Schroeter joined us on Monday morning, I think he likes it! All three now want their birthday party there...we'll see, it would be easy because they do all the work for you.

Harper on the clock ride. Poor thing it doesn't go that high but she was pretty scared, I don't think she wanted to ride the last time so we're making progress. I don't know if you can see the shoes but they are now her favorites, she calls them her "high heels".

We went to Hannah's softball game on Monday night. We watched the entire game....

Hannah played first base and got an RBI.

We love our Hannah!

We had a "tea party" at the Cubette field yesterday. It was fun and a treat to get cupcakes and have sweet tea. Mrs. Keisha, Carson and Blair made the tea and the 3Hs and I made the cupcakes.

Hadlee making sure that everyone got served during the tea party.

We played ball this afternoon, lots of ball and sang the "National Anthem" about twenty times. I'll have to get that on video.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bluebonnets 2010

This was year #5 for taking bluebonnet pictures. I love looking back at far we've far they've come...

Hadlee was adamant on taking pictures in the bluebonnets this year. If we get some pics fine, if not no big deal. We took them on Sunday, I think Hadlee just wanted to take pics of her babies..... another year down... I love seeing all the bluebonnets in Brenham, it's beautiful!

We've been doing the motions, as Hays likes to say. We had a great week last week and this week is not the sickies...just 3 4 year olds. Poor Aunt Ro came and stayed with them yesterday, I don't think she'll be back for a long time....I sure hope this stage changes soon. This nap some days and no nap other days is wearing me out so much I sent them to school on Wednesday. They have an extended care that you can call the school to see if they have openings for pretty much anytime during the day for every day of the school week. I love their school!!! It rocks but I'm getting pretty spoiled because I don't have to pay until the next month. It's looking like an expensive May. Hays had two firsts at school on Wednesday, he didn't want to get out of the car in the car line and he pooped in his pants. (The pooping in his pants is the first time in a long, long time and he did it at school and in the evening...) A job is looking pretty sweet right now, Hays, Hadlee and Harper.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Sunday

Harper and Hays decided that they really wanted to go to church with Hannah. They woke up before 7:00 a.m., which is very early in our house. Harper was dressed and ready to go fast. We were still dressing Hays when Aunt Cynthia arrived to pick them up but Hays was determined to go with them.
I took this picture of Harper while she was waiting for Cynthia to arrive.

Hadlee was a little bummed that she didn't get to go with Hannah and her siblings. We made it to Sunday School and then Hadlee got to be the only child in our pew during church.

Harper and Taylor happy to see each other.

Amy made a delicious spread of cookies.

Hays and Taylor helping him find more eggs. Hays had lots of help and scored pretty well with his finds.

Amy helping Harper out....not sure how much help she really needed.

Hadlee excited about the day!

Cooper checking out the eggs that he just scored thanks to Hannah.

Hays showing off his basket of eggs.

Harper taking a break to eat some candy after the hunt.

Let the fun begin, I have no idea how many dozen we had this year but I'm pretty sure that some of the adults had more fun the kiddos...

Brian letting Hays and Hannah crack an egg on him.

Hadlee cracking a cascarone on Aunt Melissa head.

Harper getting Hadlee with an egg. Pretty sure all the grown-ups are laughing about our attack on Brian that happened a little earlier.

Mema just got bombed with an egg and I think Taylor did also.

Hadlee giving money to Uncle Harlan with Patty, Aunt C and Cannon watching on.

Brian and Amy helping Hays sort through his eggs. Hays was content eating all of his candy.

Uncle Harlan and Hays blowing up balloons with Papa Schroeter looking on. Hays is now our official balloon blower, makes his sisters mad that they can't do it.

Nana and Cannon taking a break.

Amy and Harper

Thank you Mema and Papa for opening up your home to everyone on Easter. The food and fellowship was truly what makes our family so special. As Hays put it "All of his PEOPLE were with him on Easter."

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trinity Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday afternoon we went to the church Easter Egg Hunt. The last time we participated in the festivities the kids were almost two and it was a raining day so it was held at the church. The afternoon was beautiful, perfect for our fourth hunt of the year.

Harper and Hadlee got so competitive trying to get the most eggs. Sorry no pics of Hays hunting because he got 10 or so, then headed back to look and see what he got.

Hadlee Ray

Hannah Camille after she finished with her hunt.

Hays trying to eat as much candy as he can before his Mommy tells him that he's had too much.

Time for the sack races, Hadlee and Harper listening to the instructions on what they need to do.

Game face for Harper Leigh.

And the winner is Hadlee!! As soon as Harper crossed the finish line she wanted a "do over". Where was Hays??? Eating his candy and drinking punch.

Hannah won her sack race!

The sweet sisters teamed up for the three legged race.

Hays and Hannah were partners for the three legged race.

The girls looking defeated. No picture of Hannah and Hays but Hannah pulled Hays to the finish line...on his butt. Priceless!

While I'm thinking of it Miss Hadlee definitely got your mommy on this day. When do you ever refuse to change clothes or shoes?? All I wanted you to do was try on a new pair of shoes to see if they fit, pretty easy don't you think? You would have went to sleep with those shoes on if I would have let you!

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