Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Family Christmas Trip

We had a great time last weekend..... we started off by getting to open up an early Christmas present. A PSP (not sure what it stands for) for our trip. Daddy did the researching and decided that this was what you guys were going to get for the upgrade to your Leapster.

Since we were getting a later start the first day, we decided to meet in Waco and stay the night. Our family arrived early so the kids went for a swim. Hadlee went with me to get tickets for the Holiday Tour of lights. She got to see Santa for the 4th time this year. The lights were nice when we went later that evening. The kids got to play games before the tour and managed to get 14 full size Snickers and 4 share size Starburst (I didn't know they made Starburst in that huge of a package)

Hadlee and Papa during dinner.

We explored the Texas Ranger Museum before leaving Waco.

Future Texas Rangers????

We arrived at the Gaylord ready to check into our rooms. This is what we ended up doing.....for the next 3 hours....just hanging out. I've never seen 10 people so happy to finally get into their rooms. We got into ours then we couldn't get out....literally. Thank goodness we had adjoining rooms with Aunt Cy, Uncle Kelly and Hannah or Daddy would have been stuck in our room the first night.

Harper wanted her picture taken in the carriage. She went down to breakfast with just her Mommy and Daddy.

Harper was pretty unsure of eating breakfast with Charlie Brown but the other three were surely excited about it. Hays loved this!!

Checking out the Gingerbread houses after breakfast.

Cute pic of Mema, Harper, Hadlee and Hays

After doing more exploring, we went to check out the SNOW hill that we had ticket to. The kids zoomed up and down the two snow hills they had. Here's a pic of Hays and Aunt Cynthia racing down the snow hill. Hays always wanted to race with Aunt Cy or me. We were always with him in line because he had the hardest time climbing the stairs with his tube.

Hannah after she finished the sliding down the hill.

Harper and Hadlee racing down the hill. Aunt Cy and I tagged teamed for each slide run. We had to wait in line, grab an inner tube, climb up the stairs, SLIDE, then climb up the other stairs and then slide. The kids went non-stop for 2 hours. Needless to say we had short naps that afternoon.

Later that day we went to see ICE. Here's Mema and Papa with the grandkids waiting for our turn to see "ICE".

Inside ICE....yes, everything is made out of ice the kids were amazed.

The girls with their parkas so they wouldn't be too cold. Outside the temperature was in the 70s.

The next morning everyone was up bright and early to go swimming. Before we went to breakfast the kids wanted me to take a picture of them looking out our balcony. We were on the 8th floor and the kids thought looking out and watching people, the lights, the view was really neat. Daddy was a little hesitant but realized they weren't going to fall.

We had a great time Mema and Papa!!! What a great way to get to spend time together during this crazy holiday season. We had long lines and long waits everywhere!! It was crowded and most of the time it was work. But the kids loved year we are definitely ready for real snow or maybe warm Florida (hint..hint...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Please Santa...

We started working
on Christmas list before Thanksgiving. It's amazing what five year olds can ask for. There were lots of "i" toys on the list. We had to revise some of the lists because Santa probably wasn't going to get Hays the Ipad, Ipod or iPhone that was on his original list. Harper was just as grand with her iPhone and itouch. Hadlee never really got into talking about those things and has kept with her original list.
We visited Santa the week before Thanksgiving so he could have a jump start on getting the presents.....I'm pretty sure that he will finish up this week. The kids list was limited to three items and of course they have changed in the last three weeks.

Harper's list for Santa- backpack, doll and sillybands

Hays list for Santa- An iPod and a brother for Hank. Both times Hays has talked to Santa he has told him to get him anything he wants...

Hadlee's List- book, go-go pet and sillybands.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Last weekend, Hadlee and Hays went to see Nana, Papaw and Aunt Sue in Cuero. Harper stayed with me and got to participate in the Christmas Parade. It was our first time to go to the parade. We are definitely marking that one on the calendar for years to come. Harper rode on our church float.

Daddy is out of town so Aunt Ro came to spend the week with us. (I didn't take these pics that's why Ro and I are both in a picture!) I just had to post this because I take lots of these pics.....Hays get your fingers out of your nose!! Busted!

We were asked to help bless the Christmas tree at my work. I divided the speaking part into three different parts, Hays had no interest from the beginning so Harper and Hadlee memorized their lines and at the last minute Hadlee was the only one that said her part. I was so proud of all of them for helping me with the blessing. Yes, that's Hadlee holding the microphone.

We got to tell Santa "Hi"!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November in Review........

We started out with the cubs still playing football. They lost in the first round....Daddy was sad then booked up all his "free" weekends with more hunting.

We had parent/teacher conferences at school. Learned that all three of the kids do not know how to to work on it. Hays...poor Hays... The conference was focused on all of their positive attributes but at the end of our meeting Mrs. Hoppens said something about getting through that hard head of Hays....

Hadlee wanting her picture taken before school. Look she has jeans on, something she has started wearing in the last couple of months.

The Kickin' Koyotes Soccer Team The girls had a blast in soccer this year. Coach Jasinski did a great job with all of the girls. Ribbon, Della, Hadlee, Harper and Kennedy posing for the picture.

We had fans for some of the games. Mema and Papa brought Hannah to watch one evening and Uncle Don and Aunt Ro also came the same night.

Hadlee kicking the ball. Harper and Hadlee are definitely competitive with each other. They scored lots of goals this year!

Hays with his team, "The Dynamo".

Hays doing what he enjoyed doing the most. He had a great time and Coach VanDyke was extra patient with all the boys.

Hadlee with Cooper.

Taylor and Hadlee on Thanksgiving. We had a nice weekend. Mema got to come home from the hospital just in time for lunch on Thanksgiving. Lots of food and family!


Papa Schroeter and Uncle Harlan posing for a picture. Silly boys!!!

Hadlee getting some Papa Schroeter time.

Blue, the pig...first of many pictures I'm sure!

The bike helmet was popular.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for ......

The kids brought crosses home from school yesterday with four things they were thankful for on them.

Hadlee: Mom and Dad taking me out to eat. Mom and Dad taking me to the pumpkin patch. Momma and Daddy taking me fishing. Mom and Dad watching a movie with me. She added Mommy and Daddy and Blaze.

Harper: Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and me. Grandpa and Mimi. She added all of her cousins.

Hays: My cat, Blaze. My sisters. My Great Grandma (Schroeter). Grandpa Schroeter. He didn't want to add anything.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A hunting we will go.....

Your Daddy told his coworkers that he was taking the girls hunting. He kinda left out the part that he was leaving them in Victoria to play with their cousins.

After the Thursday night game in Houston, they headed to Victoria and the girls got play with Cooper and Cannon the next morning. Don't C and C look thrilled???

Papa picked them up later on Friday morning and they spent the rest of the weekend with Hannah, Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Kelly. Hadlee and Harper had a great weekend!!!

No pics from my Mommy and Hays weekend, which didn't go like I had envisioned it would.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween this year. Costumes were all from Target this year, we put them in the cart and cruised out! Tinkerbell, go-go girl and Spiderman...

Harper has been MY picture girl!

Madison came over to give us some treats.

Mr. Kroll with the gang. We miss getting to see him every afternoon. The kids adore him and I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual.

We went to Mrs. Hoppens house. She sent a note home in their backpack on Friday about coming to her house to trick or treat. We got three notes, one child that has a Brenham city map and the same child can read so there was no doubt we were going.

While we were out and about we got to see Mrs. Grote and Coach Dismukes. Poor Harper was tired and ready to go home so she didn't even get out of the car.

We stopped at the Lee's house.

We carved "Mollly" earlier in the day, Harper was the only that really wanted to help.

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