Friday, August 27, 2010

Beach Fun

Here are some of our beach pics from last weekend. We had a blast with Aunt Cynthia and Hannah at Port A. It was a fast but fun more next week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day One!

I got one picture, grandparents. They had a great day, I had a great day. No tears were shed by anyone, except for a couple last night when Wade reminded me that we should have kindergartners.
We were a little rushed this morning. I've probably had to take all of them to school four times this entire summer. Daddy really helped out and we will miss him while he's adjusting to football season and his new schedule. Aunt Ro was here numerous days and we will miss her too.
It took me 30 minutes to go through backpacks this afternoon....I tried to get them to put notes in one such luck.....and they're going to have homework! (can we go back to MDO?)
Have a great school year, Hadlee, Hays and Harper!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our life over the past couple weeks........

We're going on almost two weeks of off and on sickness at the Wilson household. It started on the 6th with Hays getting sent home from school with high fever. He just kept on saying "I don't like to be sick, this sure is lasting a LONG time (only lasted 24 hours) and Mommy I sure do love you when I'm sick. Then on Monday Hadlee got it, just fever nothing else. Harper was begging to get sick. I guess she hadn't been sick in a long time and must had forgotten what it felt like but Wednesday was her lucky day. She was better on Thursday but on Friday started running a low grade fever. I took her to the clinic on Saturday just to see if she was getting an infection. No strep but her ear was a little red. He gave me a script for some antibiotics but told me to wait and see. All weekend she had a low fever- 99-100 but never complained. On Tuesday I get a sick call while at work, Harper is running a 100.2 degree fever and is complaining about her head. I think infection, call in her prescription and go pick them up at school. I pick Harper up to carry her because she still laying on her nap map and we barely make it into the restroom. No infection....another virus!!! I don't think she will want to be sick for a long was a miserable afternoon and evening. Don't know who will be next, probably Hadlee on Friday and Hays on Sunday. Just my guess but I was using the Lysol and hand sanitizer.

We managed to get through the entire summer when Daddy was off without sickness. It starts now that he's back at work. Thank goodness for Aunt Ro, what a trooper for spending all last week with us! I didn't have to take off at all last week. It was actually nice to get a break from all the sickness drama, didn't miss it at all.

We watched lots of TV last week. The kids begged me to make Dora cupcakes. Here is Mommies version of Dora cupcakes. They don't look anything like the TV ones but the kids were excited and I thought they were picture worthy.

Hadlee has been begging me to make her hair curly. I snapped this picture before school, she definitely got the curls and she loved it!

We were outside the other night and thought we were going to get rained out. No rain but the kids played well without much supervision. I was next door and this is what I found when I came home. Hadlee, Harper and Hays were having a "Water Stand". Daddy made them a note for the front door that read, "Fresh Water only $7.00 a cup". They got their cups out of the house, filled up the powerade dispenser and were ready for business. That was the best glass of water I've ever had for $7. My little entrepreneurs, they made more money than I ever did selling my quarter cups of lemonade.

This is our last weekend before school starts and we always do something with Hannah Camille. I feel sad that she doesn't get to come to Brenham but we're going to hang out at the beach. It should be a fun filled, action packed weekend....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Bouncing Bears......

Hadlee started her year off loving school and getting to meet new friends. In September she had her first fight of the school year. It was with Harper over a friend, they both were playing with….

Hadlee loves to give to people and will give anything to anyone even if she has just received. The funniest “gift” over the past year was a used tree airfreshner that she found in my car. Last week she gave a lollipop to Mrs. Kelly, her summer school teacher, that she has enjoyed having in our transition.

In my parent/teacher conference at the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Cone summed up Hadlee perfectly, she knows who she is and nobody is going to change her! My only fear for starting pre-K later for Hadlee was she might get a little bored, and I think she was a little bored with not going to school five days a week. She’s not too thrilled with “summer school”; she keeps asking me when they were moving to Ocean Treasures so she could go back to “cold school” because they do a lot more activities and painting.

For the girl who wouldn’t wear anything but a dress last year, she now has an appreciation for shorts and skirts with shorts. She has a closet full of dresses that haven’t been touched this summer. (good thing Harper can wear them next year) The only negative that Hadlee sees about school 5 X a week is not getting to wear sandals to school. She only likes sparkle shoes, so thank goodness they make tennis shoes with bling-bling. Daddy loves her shoes because he doesn’t have to bother with socks or tying them.

Hadlee knows some site words, and has some of her early reading books memorized. Her desire to read isn’t quite there yet but she loves to have books read to her and to read to her babies. She loves to write her name but still has some trouble with her lowercase letters. After we had a battle of the wills at the beginning of the year, I figured she’ll get it when she wants to.

Hays started off the school year with some hesitation. After the first week, he started talking about that “mean girl” on the playground. We talked about his fears and I told him to stick with his sisters because they could take care of this mean girl that was taller than him. Before school he would refuse to get dressed and wouldn’t take off his seatbelt in the carline because of being scared of this girl. I was getting a little concerned because we were only two weeks into the school year. Then one day his fears disappeared and he had no hesitations at all. In October when we were in the carline and Hays said there’s the mean girl….it was Mrs. Jones, the other Bouncing Bear teacher. I can only wonder what she was fussing to Hays about….breaking the rules!

When Hays started the school year he was just starting the read and recognize words. I definitely haven’t pushed him but he has no problem reading short books. He probably knows 500+ words, which includes every state and capital. Hays has gotten into geography, he knows all the continents, too. When I picked the kids up from school one day after Christmas break, Mrs. Candy asked if we went to Alaska over the break. She said he knew everything about Alaska and all the towns that he visited and how neat it was seeing the glaciers, polar bears, etc.. We’re pretty sure his stories came from Mema and Papa bringing home an ornament from their trip to Alaska. Texas geography is pretty cool to him; he knows all the towns in our surrounding area and in the Victoria area. He’s into street names in Brenham, he knows more streets than I do in town and gave directions to someone on how to get to Max’s Donuts from his school. Hays still has no desire to write his letters but he will practice sounding out and writing the names of all of his animals. With names like Boogee and Punkie, he’s getting some practice with his writing skills.

Socially Hays is thriving from getting to go to school five days a week. He’s always had his sisters boss him around during the day so the only “bosses” he has to listen to during the day are his teachers…..not sure if they get through to him….Mrs. Kelly just shakes her head at him most of the time.

I know we’ll look back on this and laugh….Hays is still having accidents at school. He usually has one a week. Just my thoughts but I think his teacher at MDO traumatized him last year when he had accidents. He’s so afraid to tell his teacher and there have been plenty of times when I’ve picked him up from school with wet underpants and he gets very defensive about it…..On the positive side he’s only pooped in his pants a couple times this school year.

Harper loves school and does well in school. She always likes pleasing and school is a great place for her to get attention from different individuals. Mrs. Cone loved the fact that Harper helped with all the kids that had a hard time adjusting at the beginning of school. (the ones that cried) Harper would talk to them and try to comfort them. Harper is definitely the floater and has a harder time making friends unlike her sister. One of her shining moments this school year was when she was the only one to remember her backpack and I gave her the decision to go through the carline or go back home with her brother and sister. She chose to get dropped off and strutted out of the car with her head high into the school.

Harper is definitely our “tattler”… time was when she came home and told us that Mrs. Cone said that we can’t hit people in the mouths that it’s against the rules. (Daddy told Hays to punch this little boy that he was having trouble with on the playground. Hays would come home with bruises and one time he got a busted lip. I think the busted lip was the last straw for Daddy and he had a talk with Hays and of course Harper listened to the conversation.) Another time was when I didn’t even make it home from dropping them off at school and had a message from Mrs. Cone. Harper had gotten ONE poxie (MC) and told the class not to touch her because she was contagious. After printing off some fact sheets on the virus and reassuring Mrs. Cone that they were all covered up, damage control was done on that one.

She excels in writing her letters and drawing with her artwork. Before they went 5days a week to school, Harper and Hadlee would spend lots of time doing arts and crafts when we were at home. This summer she has gotten plenty of time to do her drawing at school. She also doesn’t like the fact that they don’t get to paint in class this summer. I’ve let the girls paint this summer because they take it very seriously.

When your daddy found out you three were going to be summer babies, he told me that you would be repeating a grade in school. I can’t say that I was into the idea at the time, it didn’t make that much sense to me. When we made the decision 1 ½ years ago to start you in pre-k one year later, I knew we were making the right decision. You’re three different kiddos with three different learning rates and with an extra year those will level off a little bit… Not to mention that your mommy doesn’t have to worry about kindergarten projects and homework for another year. After five years, our school journey begins and Mommy might shed a tear or two. I definitely miss spending time with you during the day and sometimes second guess my decision to start working. But I know that you are good hands at St. Paul’s, with great teachers and staff. Ocean Treasures here we come!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Game time are you ready?

During softball season the softball players did this chant that involved all of them getting into a circle and the Wilson trio loved to hear them before the game. The kiddos know that it is now football season but they have started up with Game time are you ready, game time are ready, whoo, whoo chant. I guess they are ready for football. Mommy ???

Here are pictures from the Dads and kids photo session on Wednesday morning. It was a production leading up to this morning on what outfits the girls were going to wear. In the end Hadlee chose a green dress and Harper picked a cheerleading outfit...both are opposite of last year....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our July 2010

I started in reverse order....we celebrated Mema's 65th birthday on the 31st.

Amy and Harper, I took most of my pictures outside, where it was a little hot, and Laura took the inside ones. I'll add those when we go back to Victoria.

Hays and Hannah, partners in crime....

More outside...

and again...

The girls both wanted posing pics with Amy. We hadn't seen Amy and Bryan since Thanksgiving.

Got a picture of the cupcakes, with Mema's angel food cake on top.

Mommy and Daddy dance and you three came like magnets.

Papa Schroeter and Donna dancing.

Insert pictures from your week with Nana and Papa in Cuero and our week at South Padre.

Dress up still reigns supreme at our house.

The slip-n-slide is the best toy of the summer!!! Love it!

Hays found the school directory and managed to memorize all the names and streets of practically the entire much for toys!

Oh dear by the end of July the slip-n-slides are now gone....we had fun with them...note to self, I need to buy 3+ next summer.

We started our July with a nice relaxed 4th of July.

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