Saturday, June 30, 2012

Papa Schroeter

Almost one year ago Papa Schroeter got sick and ended up in the ER.  It was a year of ups and downs for him- he moved two times and was in the hospital for week’s right at the beginning of the school year.    He made it through your entire year of Kindergarten.   The day after your graduation Mema got a call that Papa hadn't eaten in three days.   I was driving into Victoria so Mema, Aunt Cynthia and I met up at Alzcare to see him.   He wasn't full of spirit that day.....three days later he was in the hospital and wanting to see his "buggers".   We made it back to Victoria right when he got out of the hospital.   He was excited to see all of you and everyone got to give him hugs and kisses.   Two days later you got to say "good-bye" to him and that night he passed away.
I have asked you what your favorite memories and things about Papa Schroeter you remember- most of them are from his Copperfield home and some from his house on Locust.

All of you said that you remember the cookies that he gave you every time you came to visit.   Papa always had his cookie tin filled with cookies, every time we came to visit.  Most of time they were chocolate chip and pecan sandies cookies.

Hays said that he remembers always taking him places because he didn't have a car.   When Papa turned 91, he didn't get his driver’s license renewed and that's when he moved into his Copperfield house.  We took him places because he was used to going places.   When we were in town, we would pick him up to go places.   He went to park, children's museum, HEB, Walgreens, Sams, Chuck-E-Cheese and the mall with us.   I know he enjoyed cruising around with you, even though you were loud and wild sometimes.

You loved to put on shows for Papa at his house.  Thank goodness his hearing wasn't the best- but by no means was he deaf.   All three of you loved to get on stage and give performances.

This year has been one of asking questions- why do we have to have a combination to get into Papa's house?, what's the matter with some of those people that are with Papa? and of course all the questions about God, Jesus, funerals, death and heaven.   Mema made the comment that I she hopes that she's answering all of your questions correctly.   So many of your questions are shaping your faith and will ultimately shape your future. 

We miss you, Papa Schroeter

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Future Teenagers

It's past 10 a.m. and two of the three are still sleeping..... I'm not sure what to think of their sleeping schedule this past week.  The kids have been going to sleep between 10 and 11, some nights I'm beating them to sleep.  Last night I tried for bedtime between 9 and 10- not sure what time that actually fell asleep.......I tried to wake them up @ 8:30 so we could go to the summer movie this morning.   Hays talked to me for a couple minutes and then went right back to sleep.
 He finally woke up 9:30 and started playing baseball.

Harper finally woke up at 10:15.

Hadlee is still sleeping @ 10:30.   (Her daddy said that her shorts will go directly in the trash this morning.  They are extremely short and the funny thing is they have been that way for the past two years!    She loves them and has found them everytime I try to give them away.   Silly girl)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

A couple weeks before school was out I had the kids write down things they wanted to do this summer.  Since we are already three weeks into our summer, we have accomplished many things on our list.   At the end of the summer we are going to recap and show the kids all the neat things they enjoyed and got to do off of their "Bucket List"

Vaction to Soth Padre- Hays
Fun - Hadlee
Get Kids Bop 22- Hays
Vaction to Brenham- Hays
TLU- Hadlee
Go on a trip to San Antonio- Harper
Go to a Prfesinal Baseball Game- Hays
Go on the Lego Cruze- Hays
Go to my MeMe home- Harper
Slipin slid-Hadlee
Brenham church- Harper
I want to go to the IceCream- Harper
Fiesta Texas with Hannah and Caden Avery- Hays
Go to my Aunt Melissa and Uncle Dougs- Hadlee
Cornuts- Hadlee
Orange Lefe- Hadlee
Movees- Hadlee
Go to the pool- Hadlee
I want to go to my cousin- Harper
Out to eat- Hadlee
TV- Hadlee
Trgit- Hadlee
Do limin sale- Hadlee

Friday, June 22, 2012

Graduation pictures

Nana and Aunt Sue after graduation-

Joe and Emily after graduation-

Mema and Papa-

Family pic-
After graduation we headed to New Braunfels to have lunch by the river.

Then we went to see this little man.   It wasn't the first time for the kids to see him because they want to visit everyday but it was their first time to hold him!   They love their new cousin- even Hays loves giving him hugs and kisses.

Mema and Papa took the kids back to Victoria and I enjoyed a little me time.   We met back and enjoyed a weekend full of eating out and even "mini desserts".

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kindergarten- Our Special Teachers

Harper and Mrs. Weaver

Way to go on a Kindergarten year full of growth and maturity!  I am so proud of Harper and all that she accomplished this year.  I feel so blessed to have been Harper's Kindergarten teacher.  She is such a bright young lady with limitless potential.  Thank you for all of your support in helping to ensure her success this year.  Keep reading over the summer break.  I will miss Harper next year......  Love, Mrs. Weaver
Harper received her Kinder Certificate and a Home Reading Award during graduation.

Hadlee and Mrs. Weaver 
I will miss Hadlee dearly next year.  She has done an exceptional job in Kindergarten and has been a blessing to have in class.  I feel blessed to have been able to have Hadlee in my room this year.  She truly has a God given girft to be a teacher and if she graduates from college with a teaching degree I hope I can be there to cheer her on.  What an amazing little girl.  Keep reading this summer and good luck next year in first grade.  Love, Mrs. Weaver
Hadlee received her Kinder Certificate and a Home Reading Award during graduation.

Mrs. Weaver and Hays
Hays was such a blessing to teach this year.  I feel so proud to have been his Kindergarten teacher.  Thank you for being so supportive and helping to ensure Hays' success during his Kindergarten year.  I am going to miss Hays so much.  Keep reading this summer to ensure Hays' immediate placement on AR in first grade.  Have a GREAT summer....  Love, Mrs. Weaver
Hays received his Kinder Certificate, Home Reading Award and Top Reader Award during graduation.

Mrs. Smithers and the girls

 Mrs. Augderhaar and Hadlee

Mrs. Lozano and the girls

Last Day of Kindergarten

Last Day of Kinder-

First Day of Kinder-

Monday, June 18, 2012

In the "Future"

So much has happened since the last day of school......last night was only the 3rd night to sleep in our house since the end of school.......

Here's my attempt to document the last month-

They didn't have a "pizza maker" career but that's Hays' first career choice.

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