Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All in a Night's sleep

Every night it's a little bit different.

Where is Hays going to sleep?   He prefers to sleep on the floor between his sisters in their room.   Once a week he may sleep in his bed and his sisters usually sleep with him.    During an entire month last year he slept on his floor, while his sisters slept in his bed.

Hadlee is still our night mover.   She gets tucked in her bed and 90% of the time she is somewhere else when she wakes up in the morning.   She goes anywhere, except our bed!

Harper starts off in her bed and almost all the time wakes up in her bed.    Last year she started sleep walking and did it for a solid couple of weeks.  She would walk around and her daddy would guide her back to sleep.   One night she walked out the garage door and I found her with the outside refrigerator door open.

Last night they all slept on the floor in the girls' room.
Sleeping Beauties!

Updated Wednesday night-  Hadlee and Harper slept in Hays' bed.  Hays slept on the floor in his sisters' room.   

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Brain

Aunt Ro gave the kids this frame before she left last week.  Hays took it, put his pictures in it and put it in his room.

He never ceases to amaze me.   Tonight the kids were looking in their mailboxes that we fill up during Valentines.  Hays wrote everyone an invitation to his "Super Bowl" party on Sunday afternoon.   We talked about last year and if Aunt Ro was at our house and when the 100 days of school was the next week.  Then he was over the top because I was doing dates with him and he said, "What about the 2010 Super Bowl- Dre Brees and Peyton Manning in Miami?"   My only reply on that one was, "weren't we in Brenham??"    He said, "of course and the Saints won"    We share the date game but he definitely has me beat.   It's funny that he doesn't like to show his "stuff" to people but sometimes gets so excited when we start speaking his language.  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Relaxation Day

After breakfast the weather was perfect so everyone headed outside.  Hadlee was the only one that wanted her picture taken with Ribeye.

Hadlee also wanted her picture taken in the garden.

The girls and I went on a bike ride and Hadlee posed at all the places.  

Watching the longhorns go back to their home.

Hays and Hannah playing basketball.  They played lots of basketball but this is the only picture that I got of them playing.

Birdhouse painting.

Hays playing X-Box in the game trailer.  He spent most of the afternoon playing games.  
A cold front started coming through while the kids were taking an afternoon swim.   

The adults were drinking hot chocolate while Hays, Harper and Hannah convinced the workers to open up the water slide.  

I can only imagine how cold it was to walk back to the room.   

Dinner at the bar. 

We had an adult table this evening and Hadlee came to hang out with Mema and Papa. 

The girls trying to get a picture with Haidyn.  

Harper was a little more determined than Hadlee.  

All four were not to full for a double icecream treat.  

They even shared a little with Haidyn.  

It was video game night for kiddos and we managed to close it down for the evening.  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

ZipLining Day

We were up bright and early.  The kiddos (minus Haidyn) were ready for their big day of rock wall climbing and zip lining.

The hotel took us next door to McKinney Roughs for our big adventure.

Daddy made sure that everyone was secure in their harnesses.

Ready to go!

Harper didn't want much to do with the zipline at first so she did a little rock climbing.
Hadlee doing her first jump.  

Hadlee then rang the bell at the rock wall.

Hannah zip lining

Hays'first time zipling, he loved it!

Harper's first time- she was super nervous but did it!   Hays, Aunt Cy and Daddy cheering her on.

Hadlee going off backwards.....crazy girl

Pool time in the afternoon.   Haidyn watched from his stroller.

All four in the lazy river, that wasn't heated.

Bingo time!   We joined Mema and Papa at Bingo.  The kids had never played regular bingo. It didn't take them long to pick it up and for all 11 of us to clear out a bingo room.  Fun stuff! 

The evening activity was glow in the dark  tennis.  We were lucky that they brought it inside to the ballroom because it was a little cold outside.  The kids enjoyed their tennis/baseball.

Ice Day 2014

We knew there was an "Artic Blast" headed our way during the week.  The kids started talking about it after school on Tuesday.   When I went to get them off the bus on Thursday, it had arrived to Seguin.   We crossed our fingers and maybe said some prayers that we would have a 3 day week.  Our wishes came true on Friday morning when we awoke to a dusting of sleet/snow and lots of ice!   

Harper excited to show off their ice.

Dog was pretty happy, too. (you just can't tell it in this picture)

The girls played non stop outside the entire morning.

Oatmeal to warm up from the freezing temperatures.

January 2014

We have made it through almost the first month of 2014 and it will be one that we will all remember.  Our 2014 has started off rocky but we are ending it on a positive note.  Mema went into the hospital at the beginning of the month and with lots of prayers and determination, she will be leaving before the end of the month.  I've made 2 trips to help out and Aunt Ro has been here to help with the kids.   Aunt Ro got some news that she didn't want to hear so we will be missing and praying for her also.   She left on Thursday night and we are not sure when we will see her again.    Our schedule is a little off because Daddy has been practicing at Huber and the kids get to go out there every once in a while.   There are some advantages to living on campus and all 5 of us are figuring that out this month.   When the new softball field is ready, it will be across the street from our house.   Talk about a little more convenient.

Mom, you can't put that picture on my blog!

Indoor picnic with their students.

Daddy getting the outfit "o.k." before church, while Mommy was in Victoria

I came home one Sunday to see water play in full swing.   

I don't know what we would do without a water hose....

Next weekend same story, this time they got out their bathing suits.

She got the baby from the King Cake.

It's never to early to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Breakfast in bed, made by Harper and Hadlee.  

Valentine cards....the girls don't have my procrastination gene.

Awards asembly at school, Hadlee


Hays, he got a "Responsibility Award"!  

We've had fun with Aunt Ro's  Fitbit.   This was Hadlee's sleep for the night.  The girl likes to sleep.  Hays slept for only 7 hours.  

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