Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted House

Our mice friends in Seguin would have gotten a sugar high if we made our haunted house at our house.    When we were in Victoria last weekend this turned into a fun project. Thanks Mema for thinking of us.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oktoberfest 2011

On Friday the school cafeteria was filled with sounds of music, singing and laughter as the kindergarten class put on their first school performance.

Harper entertaining the crowd while doing the chicken dance.

The kids paraded around the cafeteria in a large circle so they were at different spots during the performance.  

Hays Middlebrook waiting to perform.

After the performance everyone was treated to sausage, pretzels and rootbeer.    

Pumpkins 2011

Last week the kids went to the local pumpkin patch on a field trip.   I volunteered to help with the afternoon and help the kids pick out some pumpkins for their upcoming school project.

Harper loved this pumpkin.

Hadlee posing with her class.

Harper was all about getting her picture taken at the pumpkin patch!

This was the best one I could get of all three, Hays wasn't into pictures.

For a "Family Project" we got to decorate pumpkins and take them to school.   Aunt Ro was in town and we definitely needed her help to carry the pumpkins into their classroom.    Mrs. Weaver saw us in the parking lot and commented that she forgot about transporting pumpkins X 3.

   Harper posing with her "pumpkin girl".

Hays posing with his "Dairy Queen" pumpkin.   I thought he was going for a globe pumpkin but he said it was a scene from DQ.   

Hadlee and her softball pumpkin.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun Times, Our Life September 2011

Here are some pictures from our September. Our computer has been acting funny.....the other day I went by the computer room and smelled smoke. The computer was turned off and the room was smokey. I thought it blew up but the power strip did! It was mangled, with melted plastic and black powder all over the carpet! Must be our mice family, making it act up. I think they might live in the room.

Our new favorite, favorite toy- the rip rider. Santa will have to get a couple more for Christmas.

Schlitterbahn fun!!

Amy and Brian with us at Schlitterbahn. We were even treated to early passes so we didn't have to wait in long lines, Hays moaned and groaned about most of the lines. Amy and Brian were the perfect tour guides for the kids' first trip, it's been lots of years since Aunt Cynthia and I had been and we all had a blast! Thanks, Amy and Brian!

We went to a family reunion at our Victoria church. Papa was in charge this year so we went and supported him and enjoyed some family time.   I met a cousin that lives in Beeville and owns the country store that lots of purchases are made by daddy during deer season.   It truly is a small world.

Mema, Hays and Harper checking out the door prize table.

It's wine time- Aunt Cynthia and Hadlee

Happy "2nd" Birthday, Cannon!

Happy "2nd" Birthday, Cooper!

Hays taking pictures with someones phone at the birthday party. (probably mine!)

Hadlee Ray having fun on C and C's new swing set.

We love our Brenham neighbors! We saw Barney while we were cruising down the road. The girls were screaming and singing church songs when he stopped with us at Buccees. We all had Icees for the road.

I'm constantly having to change the passcode on my phone. I must have 20 videos and ?? number of pictures just like this one.

Better Luck Next Year, Ruby

Last weekend was Turkeyfest in Cuero.   Hays stayed with Nana and Papaw on Friday because the kids didn't have school.  He got to join in all the festivities on Saturday.  The girls, Daddy and I met up in Cuero on Saturday night.   Daddy and Mommy went out on Saturday night  and we went to Turkeyfest on Sunday as a family.   We had to watch our steps with all the mud puddles, Daddy even had to get Tracy's car out of the mud.   We got in some of the sights and of course carnival rides and made it to the car minutes before the rain came pouring down.  

A group picture didn't work, better luck next year!

Sword-dog fighting......


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