Friday, November 9, 2012

Haidyn Max

Haidyn Max entered the world on November 1, 2012 at 9:42. We were so excited to get to meet him.
I didn't take any pictures because my phone was occupied with seven year olds trying to stay busy. Laura took plenty of pictures so I'll insert them when I get them.

We figured out that Haidyn was 30 minutes old in this picture.

We got to go back to Victoria on Saturday so everyone could hold and love on Haidyn.

Smothered in love!

We also made time for Cherry berry. Hadlee wore her tiarra the entire day. It was suppose to be part of her Halloween costume, oh well. I'm sure we got out share of stares.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Names- Hadlee, Hays and Harper

Before your Daddy and I got married we talked about names for our children.   We picked out 3 names because we thought having 3 kids would be really neat.   Your names were Peyton, McKenzie and Caitlyn.   After many years and finally having to make the decision on what to name the 3 babies that were getting ready to enter our lives, we decided that maybe we should rethink the baby names.   We knew that we wanted family names for your middle names but did we still want Hadlee to be named McKenzie, Hays named be Peyton and Harper named be Caitlyn.   

When we finally found out that Baby A would be a girl, Baby B a boy and Baby C would be another girl, our name game started again.   Your daddy was very particular about names, we couldn't have a name that he had ever taught or coached in his almost 10 years.   For a good month we pondered names for you three kiddos.

One day while I was driving around Brenham, I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car that said "Hadley".    While I was driving I immediately called your dad on the phone and said that I had our Baby A name, Hadley.   He loved the name so we were set with the name for Baby A.  Later that same week, I found the name Hays, which we both gave the thumbs up to for Baby B.   I loved the name Rece so your daddy finally decided that we would have Baby C as our Rece.  

Now the middle names were needed to be decided so we could finish the naming of the Wilson Trio.  We toyed around with Sue- after Mema, Aunt Cynthia, and Aunt Sue and Lynn after your mommy .  Utimately we decided on Hadlee Ray after your Uncle Kenneth, Hays Middlebrook after your GGGrandfather and Rece Leigh after your Nana and Aunt Leigh.   We finally had your birth names.

At the end of May, less than a month before you were born, my bosses' daughter had a girl that she named Harper.   We loved the name Harper and thought could that be our Baby C's name.   After we had named all three of you, we realized that Hadlee and Hays both started with "Ha" and that their older cousin Hannah also started with "Ha".   We loved Rece but we really loved the name Harper.   Less than a month before you three were born we changed our Rece to Harper.  

Now we were going to have "Ha, Ha, Ha" and they were going to to have their older cousin, Hannah that was also a "Ha".   For over 7 years the four of you have been refered by your Mema and Papa as their 4Hs.  

Tomorrow we will welcome the the 5th Ha into our family.   We are over the moon with excitement to meet Haidyn and welcome him into the world of  "H"s.   Hannah Camille is going to be a great big sister and you three will be the best big cousins.   When I asked you what was more exciting trick or treating tonight or going to meet Haidyn, all three of you replyed that tomorrow is going to be more exciting!  

October is almost over

Last week was "Color Week" at school. The kids had fun with it and I even participated on green day.

Friday was purple day. We were hanging out at TLU, while Daddy was busy getting ready for his fundraiser.

Kayla and Harper- this is the only picture that was taken on Saturday. I ended up being very busy.

The kids had a blast! They pretty much crashed on Saturday and Sunday nights. Poor Hays tried to stay up and watch the World Series!

Monday was crazy hat day.

Wednesday was "Career and College" day.  Hadlee had to pose like a teacher.

We made a quick shirt and decorated a pizza box for Hays. Wilsonville is located between Brenham and Chappell Hill and will be home to any sisters that want to live near Hays.

Harper wants to go to TLU.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We stayed in Seguin this weekend. On Friday we didn't have any plans for the weekend other than Daddy was going to be gone most of Saturday. I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the SA Children's Museum, of course they did so we started planning our Saturday in San Antonio. We ended up stayed in SA for almost 12 hours and walked at least 2 miles. The kids said they walked 4 miles but the app on my phone said 2 miles. We were exhausted to say the least but I think "Mom of the Year" were some of my thoughts about the day.

Friday night Daddy played in a Breast Cancer awareness softball tournament at TLU.   We joined in on the fun. Gotta love that the kids are reading more because one of the girls said, "why do we need to save second base?".   All the shirts had that on the front and 69 on the back, which Hadlee said that they should have got to pick their numbers.

After the softball games we went to the TLU Volleyball game and then out to eat.   The kids miss going out to eat and it's nice that it truly is a treat for them.

The ball zone at the Children's Museum was probably one of their favorite things.   It's a blurry picture but Harper is on the left, Hays in the middle and Hadlee is on the ground on the right.

The giant bubble maker was another hit.

We stayed until the afternoon to watch the orphan children from the Ugandan Orphan Children's Choir perform. It was very moving to watch them perform and compare their lives to our lives here in the US.

I love this picture of the kids walking along the street. The girls are socializing and Hays is picking up the rear. I was very proud of them- we had no complaints about walking the entire day!

We texted Daddy during the day and had to send him a picture of one of our favorite restaurants. We ate there when we were headed to Bandera and had stayed the night at a nearby hotel. It's only open during the week so I can see a trip happening for us during Christmas break.

We finally made it to the Tower of America. The kids loved it and this was by far their highlight of their day.

When we were walking out of  Hemisphere park to get to go home, the Leukemia Foundation was holding their annual "Light up the Night" walk.  They had college kids that were painting faces and asked the kids if they wanted their faces painted.   Hadlee and Harper begged me to let them do it.

The kids all got balloons and the next thing you know we are walking with the massive crowd down the street for walk. It was pretty neat and I told the kids that next year we needed to do it and do the fundraising to help out the charity.

Sunday, Hitting lessons X 3........  love the kids new use of their shopping cart

Friday, October 19, 2012

The middle of October

We got a babysitting job one evening so Amy could run errands while Brian was out of town.  It was so cute how Carson was really looking at the pictures in the book.

Mommy said that we were harder to take care of than Carson. Before the end of the evening we were running out our energy on the sidewalks of Amy and Brian's neighborhood.

Our class had a field trip to the fair and pumpkin patch.

Yeah for a long weekend in Victoria! We went to Hannah's softball game.

We had a blast at Hannah's school carnival.

Hannah won 2nd in the cake decorating contest.

Hadlee was the big game winner at the festival. She was the only cake wheel winner of the group and she won two goldfish, Hudson and Charolette. We don't have pictures of the fish but I'm sure the next time we are in Victoria we will take plenty of pics.... Here's a picture of Hadlee and Hays putting one of the fish in the water trough. (Yes, Hays had green and orange hair)

Turkey time! Ruby won this year! We enjoyed the afternoon at the carnival with Nana, Papaw, Emily and Betsie.

After Turkey fun we went back to Mema and Papa's house to find our surprise. Mema won the "summer" auction basket. Mema had fun getting us with silly string.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Weekend

We started out our weekend with softball practice and ended the weekend with softball practice.   Daddy is in the middle of fall ball and we were in town to join in on all the fun.   Friday evening Amy, Brian and Carson were taking pictures at the pumpkin patch.   The kids were scattered between our house and the softball field so we weren't in gear to head to the pumpkin patch so they stopped by after they took pictures.   We ended up having 5 softball players and Amy and Brian eat supper with us, we even had some leftovers.  The girls and Mommy were so excited to have Carson doing tummy time in our living room.   Harper was ready with her Baby Tad and couldn't wait to hold Carson.   I didn't get any pictures but I think Amy did of Harper holding Carson.  
Saturday was full of softball practice.  We all went to the field in the morning.   I went to walk around the track so the kids could play and watch practice.   I need to get pictures of them in the dugout- they really enjoy it.   In the afternoon Hadlee and I made sugar cookies and she took them up to the players for an afternoon snack.   We grilled pork chops from Ruby and Emily stopped by for a visit.  I had to make a trip to the grocery store and I promised the kids I would read to them when I got back.   Daddy made them watch football while I was gone and when I got back Hadlee was already asleep and the other two were trying to stay awake so they could tell me goodnight.   Daddy babysitting at his best!
Sunday morning I decided that we would go to the zoo since we hadn't been all summer long.  Hays had no desire to go so he stayed with Daddy and they went to practice.   The zoo was a little freezing, to say the least, but we enjoyed the animals.  We went to the butterfly exhibit for the first time, we saw butterflies but they were cold and didn't do much flying.   After a couple hours at the zoo we went to do a little shopping.  It was so crowded and not very enjoyable.   We came home to get ready for church and Harper stayed at practice with Daddy.   The kids love going to church with all the TLU students, it makes them feel grown-up.  Another reason they like going is you never know what kind of treat they might have after church.   I don't have any pictures of pie night but Hadlee drove the riprider eating her lemon pie and Hays biked while I fed him peanut butter and chocolate ice cream pie.  After church we ate supper and watched Amazing Race, our family favorite show.
Monday morning as we were waiting in the car line for drop-off, the white fancy car ran over the cones and into the teacher parking lot.   When the kids got out of the car, Hadlee said that it was one of her classmates.   We talked that it would be better if she didn't say anything to the girl about her mom breaking the rules.  Of course after school, Hadlee told me that "A" said her mom didn't run over any cones and that Hadlee didn't know what she was talking about.......

Here are pictures-

On our way back and forth from the softball field, we always practice a little football.
Hadlee and one of the butterflies.

The girls posing with the hippos.

Hadlee going to church on the riprider.
Take our Monday morning picture, Mommy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

School Open House

We had school open house two weeks ago.  We arrived a little late and missed the information the principal had in the cafeteria.   Good or bad- we made it to an information session with Mrs. K.   She did both of the classrooms because Mrs. W was out with her baby girl.   (For the last two weeks, Mrs. W has been gone because her daughter, who is one, was in the hospital.  Her daughter is doing fine and she was back on Monday.)   Mrs. K has been teaching for 25 years and I'm very impressed with her style and love of teaching.   The kids had my camera and proceeded to take pictures while Aunt Ro, who was in town visiting, and I talked and looked at their classroom. 

Mrs. K and the girls

Hadlee got a progress report last week.  I'm not sure if the other two will get one because Mrs. W has been out.   Hadlee was so proud that she got an "E" in reading, which means that she exceeds grade level expectations.   Her only goal for first grade is to be on AR......I've tried to tell her that AR isn't everything and she's reading fine.  She's doing well even though she's not at the same level as the other two, I will say that a little competition is going to work in our favor with this situation. 
Mrs. K also put in her comments that Hadlee is a great role-model for the class.   Hadlee is a sweet, loving child and loves to please.  Keep up the great work. 

The traffic situation at our school is terrible.  Our new principal has made the car lines one of her main priorities.     It wasn't a good situation to begin with but now she's set up all these cones to block off cars from creating new lines and has created a mess of different problems.   Now the crazy people are finding a way to break the rules.   It definitely has tested my patience in the morning.   Now when we turn into the entrance of school, we pray about our day.   I'm not sure why we haven't done this before....what a great way to start the school day. 

She's called the cops to help out.....don't know if it worked.

If we keep having accidents at the entrance/exit hopefully something will be done.   Just by looking at this picture you can see that we have no turn lanes into the school.   The sad thing is Caterpillar, which is the building to the right, has their own turn lanes.  

September 2012

We went to the Seguin Homecoming pep rally to cheer on Hadlee.   Wade commented that we really need to go to some football games.  Oh how our kids miss it! 

Hadlee in her element, she's standing by the bottom of the 0. (on the right)   She definitely rocked it!

Hays is still playing his one man game of baseball.  The boy refuses help from his dad and mom.  He does like to me to throw the ball and he hits it.

Picture Day- I forgot to get  pictures before we left for school.  I don't know if you can see it but the girls take roses and treats for the teachers almost everyday!!  They love to make arts and crafts in the afternoons.

We spent an entire Saturday at ZDT for a birthday party.   It was our first time to go and definitely not the last time we'll be going.   The kids had a such a blast at the party that we went back after the party was over and stayed until almost closing time.

The indoor rock wall-  we also climbed the outdoor rock wall which was a lot harder and taller.

This picture was taken after Harper rode in the race car.  She was a little scared, she kept telling Tyra the signs say "SLOW DOWN"!

The kids got on their swimsuits and went down the giant waterslide.   There were no lines so they must have climbed the stairs 30 times. 

This ride went up and down in the air.  I took this picture because the kids got in their seats and I noticed that they were in perfect order...1, 2, 3

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