Saturday, March 27, 2010

A glimpse into our Saturday....

The kids were staying in their playroom for an extended period of time this afternoon...... I went to check on them and I found Hays climbing up the crib mattress. Needless to say the mattress is trashed but it was creatively played with for the last couple of months. If only Daddy would let them have a trampoline!

We only left the house to go to Sonic this afternoon. No naps = early to bed

Post on our exciting week, later.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Cancel our annual SB trip to the zoo and add strawberry picking at King's Orchard, and we pretty much did the same thing for spring break this year as we have for the last two years. We went to Victoria for the first half and then came back to Brenham to finish it up.

The girls and I had a "Girl's Night Out" on Thursday before SB. We went out to eat, did a little shopping, had our toes painted and finished our evening with watching TV and walking on the treadmill...sounds pretty girlie doesn't it. Hays and Daddy went to Hays favorite restaurant, Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant then went to the Cubs Baseball game. Poor Hays was so upset when they got home and saw what the girls were doing, I think he hurt his Daddy's feelings....

Chillin' in the bumbo seat. Hays wouldn't sit in his when he was a baby but he loved sitting in Cannon and Coopers last week.

Sweet picture of Cannon, he loved all the extra attention and noise that the 3Hs created during their visits. He would just stare at them and was so ready to play!

Sweet cousins, Hadlee and Cannon.

It was crazy preparing for our "photo shoot"!

Round One, Cooper and Cannon in their bumbos! Love it!

Round Two, Hadlee and Harper holding Cannon and Cooper in the bumbo seats.

Our strawberries that we picked from King's Orchard. After our trip to the orchard we headed to Willis to watch the Cubettes play softball. It was a long but fun Wednesday.

Hannah leading the strawberry hunt.

I'm pretty sure Hays is trying to poke a hole in the black sheeting holding the soil in. Hays wasn't into picking so I let him play in the sand and watch all the people.

Thursday and Friday morning were spent at Fireman's Park. We spend at least a couple days out of the week at Fireman's park but last week was special because they had the Antique Carousel open. Five Rides in two days=happy kiddos~

On Thursday afternoon we made it to Bluebell before they closed for the day. The lines were long during the day last week but we were able to get icecream without having to wait about 15 minutes before they closed.

Aunt Ro and Uncle Don came to spend the weekend with the kids. Mommy and Daddy had their annual SB weekend in Austin this year. We enjoyed some much needed time away and I got a spa day on Saturday so no complaining with me for a month or maybe even longer...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rodeo Day at School

On Thursday the kids had their rodeo day at school. Two weeks prior to the rodeo, Harper got into the car after school and told me that she needed some boots. She also said that it was a big deal and that everyone needs to come to her rodeo and it was going to be in the same place where they eat lunch. Harper definitely uses her listening ears because she usually remembers the details of everything her teachers announce in class. She also doesn't let you forget about anything because she was begging to go "boot" shopping for the next ten days after she made her announcement.

I would say they scored pretty well at the cowboy shop. I tried my hardest to persuade the girls to pick some different boots but they insisted on getting the extra fancy pink boots with the bling-bling on them. In true Hadlee fashion, she's only worn the boots at school.(and if I would have packed her shoes in her backpack, she probably would have ditched the boots when she got into her classroom) She's worn the "cowgirl outfit" four times since last week. Good thing that Harper has smaller feet because she'll probably be the next one to wear Hadlee's pink boots.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We survived yesterday and the last three weekends of softball tournaments. This was the first year that nobody got sick while Daddy was super busy. Aunt Ro was on stand-by, just in case something happened to us. Last week was spent at the ball field, we were up their Wednesday through Saturday.

Daddy and Hadlee

Hays and Harper listening to their "i-pot". It's really an MP3 player they got from Uncle Doug and Aunt Melissa for Christmas.

Harper and her cheesy pose and grin.

During Sunday School the kids made cards for people in their life they wanted to thank God for. Hadlee wrote a card to Cayden, our next door neighbor, for letting her take care of his cat, Blaze. Harper's card was to her Mema. Below is the card that Hays made for his blue blanket...

Yesterday we had a great day cleaning up so I decided we would go to College Station for the day and go to the game in Huntsville tonight. Hadlee was so excited to get new clothes this morning, she had to change in the car. Harper was happy because a girl in her class has the same shirt that she got at Target. I was a little sad that Hadlee can no longer wear the toddler clothes from Target....

Love the socks, Harper

We went to the Children's Museum after our morning of shopping. Naptime still rules for everyone, even Hays got some zzzz.

The kids have rodeo day at school this week. Mema promised the girls' hats and boots for our upcoming trip to a dude ranch this summer. Now we're ready for both! I'll take pics before school on rodeo day.

We're at the game, where Hadlee has gotten two skinned knees, Hays is Mr. Social and Harper just wants to play with anyone that will play with her. Cubettes win and Daddy is driving us home, Mommy is delighted with both.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Clean, Read, Clean, Read

Last night while the kiddos were cleaning their playroom, I started getting some of their summer clothes out of storage bins. I created a huge mess so when Daddy came in to start our night, night routine, he said it looks like you still need to clean Mommy. We all started chanting read, clean, read, clean...... So that's what we're doing this morning in the Wilson house. We never stay at home all morning so we'll see what happens, should be an eventful morning.

At breakfast I said next week is springbreak, NO school! They were cheering, no school, no school, yeah we don't have school! I can only imagine what they'll say next year when they go 5 days a week.

( I love Hay's pajamas)

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