Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah Camille

Hannah celebrated her 9th birthday while we were in Bandara. We usually do our family trip the weekend of the kiddos and Aunt Cy's birthday but this year we all got to celebrate just her birthday. We love you!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Room

I started going through pictures last night and finally downloading them on the computer. Daddy is on his annual fishing trip...and the kids are going with Nana and Aunt Sue on Wednesday. I have to work.....but will join the kids on Friday.

While the kiddos were at Mema and Papa's house for the weekend. I got to do some decorating in the girls' room. We got to surprise them when they came home. They wanted a room painted PINK, which we couldn't do just in case we move in the future. The kids did get lots of PINK decorations.......

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

They loved their pink fan and rose lampshade. They will have that lampshade for a long, long time because it took me forever to make and wasn't much cheaper than the one in the PB catalog.

Hadlee loves to read in her bed. My little grownups...

Before they left for the weekend, they got to paint plates to hang in their room. Hadlee's plate is on the top and Harper's plate is on the bottom.

Hays was bummed that his room wasn't complete...and he has all the clothes in his closet (and it is pretty messy)

This picture was on the same memory card...We are battling the "poxy virus" as the kids refer to it. Molluscum Contagiosum is the clinical name for it that Dr. Aimone first discovered back in February. It has taken over all of their bodies. Hadlee and Hays have it pretty bad so we resorted to taking salt and vinegar baths. Hays' body is still looking terrible, while Hadlee's skin is finally clearing up thanks to the baths and Daddy popping the bumps.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dude Ranch...lovin' it!

We're less a day into our dude ranch getaway and this year Mema and Papa got it right for the little kids and the big ones too!
Our cabin is as big as our house and the girls and Hays each have their own bedroom.
Our days are packed full of activities, kid only ones in the morning and evening and lots of family stuff too. Our 42 tournament will start tomorrow, I think the ladies are ahead after Christmas time.

Hadlee swinging away at the piƱata before supper tonight. She was dressed in her cowgirl gear.

We walked around the cabins this evening with our lanterns. Mema got the kiddos each one and I've already used them to cabin hop tonight.

This afternoon we stopped by Flores Country Store for a break and some adult beverages.

Last night we stayed at the St Anthony hotel in San Antonio. Hadlee loved the chandeliers and wants one in her house....

Cubs win STATE!!!
Harper took these pics last night when we watched the Cubs win in Round Rock. All three kiddos did great at the game and loved cheering on their team! Tonight when the Cubs won the state title, everyone at the dude ranch shared in their joy while we were on the hayride.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updating…..I got a job! It happened pretty fast, I kept seeing the posting in the newspaper so I asked my friend about it. She said that she loved her job so that pretty much told me that I needed to apply. It took me three hours to complete the application, I was definitely not in work mode. I turned it in, picked the kids up from school and they called to schedule an interview while the kids were napping that same day.

In a month our lives have changed in a BIG way! They are now going full time to their school. The kiddos have had the extra attention and love to help them with this new time in our lives. Daddy has helped out since his school is over for a couple of months. Mema and Papa helped give me a three day weekend of adjustment time and took the kiddos. Aunt Ro came in for a week to help them transition to their new schedule. In the ten days that I’ve worked, I’ve only had to take the kids to school one time and pick them up three times from school. We have tried to ease them into going full-time. Our summer schedule is helping with this transition because our June was already booked with vacations. I’ve questioned my decision numerous times because I want to do the right thing for the three of them. I wouldn’t have given this opportunity a serious consideration if I didn’t think that this is where we need to be right now in our lives. We'll take this one year at a time.....

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