Saturday, October 31, 2009

Victoria, Kemah, Houston and Brenham Football

More later.........Happy Halloween.........Monster doctor, Cinderella and Rainbow princess

Sleep over at Mema and Papa's house, the grandkids had more fun making pallets and tents over the weekend.

Hannah and Hadlee playing in the rain. The weather was terrible and it nice to have them out of the house.

The aquarium at Kemah

Hadlee and Hays posing for their picture during our visit to Kemah's boardwalk.

Getting ready to ride the train with "Ohio" Tina Brewer. Tina was in Houston while her husband was attending a conference at Rice. We hadn't seen each other since I left my job with the university, of course she had never met the kids. We had a great day together and thanks to Aunt Ro, Uncle Don and Gregory got to spend some time together without the kids. (Yes, kiddos your mommy had a job when you were born. She left you when you were 5 weeks old to attend a meeting in Chicago. During the first year of your life I went to Chicago, San Francisco and three times to Akron. )

Cousin Gregory pushing Hadlee around at a neigborhood park in Houston. The kids love to spend time with Gregory and this visit the girls got to go his apartment. WoW, that was one of the highlights of this trip!

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All the kids at the park started putting the toys over on the grassy area. My kids starting freaking out at first but then they joined in with the other children because they were going to have a huge garage sale.

Last home Brenham Cub football game. It was so cold and Hays was in a short sleeve shirt and shorts and only complained when I wanted him to wear his jacket.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week in Review

We were couped up last week so everyone became very creative with indoor play. Hays and Harper had fun with their tent under the kitchen table.

We went to "The Bounce" where the kids played for 3 hours to release some of their energy.

Mommy let them use their kitchen as a climbing toy for hours of enjoyment. The "Love Sac" is next to the kitchen so the kids have been using that to land on after they climb on the kitchen. They even turned it into a stage for concerts. Daddy still hates that they climb on it but Harper said that they only get hurt when they try to do a flip off of it!

The Galaxy is 2-0!! I attended my first soccer game last night. It was a blast, I loved watching the kids and their daddy. Hadlee got to start the game and is now number 48. She did great and is really competitive. She loved getting in the middle of the action, kicking and running after the ball.

Coach VanDyke coaching Hays.....Hays learned how to "hustle" last night. It took him a couple minutes to get off the field after he was replaced and his daddy made sure he knew how to run off the field. Hays did very well at drinking his water and using the restroom last night.

Victory "Goldfish" after the game.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TurkeyFest '09

Friday night after the football game we went to Victoria. We didn't make it to Mema and Papa's house until after 1 a.m. This was a first for us to travel this late and it seemed to work out very well. Hadlee was out before we made it to Roundtop and Harper and Hays got to see the gorilla in LaGrange, then went to sleep.
Saturday morning Harper was awake and ready to go at 7, I begged her to let us sleep a little longer but she started waking up the other two pretty fast. We headed to Uncle Doug and Aunt Melissa's house to see Cooper and Cannon. Hadlee took a nap there so we didn't leave their house until after 3.
After a quick nap from Hays and Harper, we headed to brave the wind and cool tempatures in Cuero. I didn't pack any jackets but we were able to find some old ones and new hand-me-downs from Hannah for the kids.
We made the usual rounds at Turkeyfest, in true Daddy fashion....walk fast and look fast. Nana and Papa picked up the kids after an hour so Wade and I could enjoy the evening together at Turkeyfest. While we were waiting on them to pick up the kids we let them sit in the back of the suburban. Hadlee commented that playing in the back of the car was her favorite part of Turkeyfest. The other two didn't have a favorite part........ but
Ruby WON!!! (you go girl)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neighborhood Nightout

Our neighborhood went all out for Neighborhood Nightout this year. We had a picnic, the radio di a live feed, and one of the Brenham firetrucks made an appearance. The firetruck was a hit with all the kids, especially Hays. We had a fun evening with all the neighbors, we had about 40 people show up and some we didn't meet until that night. Below are pictures of the kids in the firetruck and Cayden and Madisson.

Soccer: The Galaxy is 1-0!!!

We've been practicing our soccer skills and started playing soccer with Washington County Soccer 4 year olds. It's been interesting to say the least, Daddy was pumped up until he took everyone out for an afternoon of practice. He declared that maybe he shouldn't coach them right now.... I've only laughed at the whole experience because it's definitely something that we'll be doing for the rest of their young lives. I wasn't ready for the commitment of one or two evenings a week. (only for the next 5 or 6 weeks)

Monday night was picture night and the first game. I had prior commitments so I took them up to the field house and Daddy got to experience life as a soccer mom. Hadlee (or mommy) lost her uniform so she didn't have a jersey for pictures or for the rest of the season, we lost one sock but that was a little easier to replace....the amount of extra stuff needed for each kid is crazy to this non-sporting mommy.

Hadlee and Harper are really getting into soccer. Then there is Hays.... During the middle of the soccer game Hays went up to his coach and said "Coach VanDyke I think it's about time for the Goldfish. (their snack for after the game)" Our team won 11-2!! We've got a superstar on our team that scored all but two of the goals.

Wade also made the comment about all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that were there cheering on their little ones. Then he said who was there cheering for our kids, just me "DAD". I'll be sure and give everyone a schedule when we're in town this weekend.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We have new cousins, Cannon and Cooper

Cannon and Cooper arrived last night weighing in at 5lb15oz and 6 pounds. Everyone is doing well and Aunt Melissa kept them nice and safe until her blood pressure didn't want to cooperate anymore. We're kinda bummed that we didn't make it to their birth but hopefully this Wilson household will be well in the next couple of days.

We've been a sick household since Friday night. Daddy got sick with the flu so he was in quarantine until Tuesday when he started to feel better and Harper got sick. Harper is the best sick person any mother would want, just a little clingy at times but takes it like a champ. She started on Tamiflu right away so she didn't experience the tough time like her daddy. I'm hoping it stays with only 2 out 5 that get this nasty stuff. I'll send an S.O.S if dear Hays gets it. (I've already started prepping him with bribery candy and toys.)

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