Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 2 of our rooms

Just what I playroom = two bedrooms/playrooms. Our well, less toys = creative kids.
We got home too late to play last night and this morning we had our first dentist appointment. No cavities or stains on all three kiddos teeth! And they did great!!

We miss everyone in Victoria/Cuero!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another week down.....

Only two more weeks left 'til school is out!! Summer here we come...

Daddy is still coaching so our life is still centered around practice and games. The girls getting ready to ride home with their daddy.

We're still using the "good behavior chart", instead of toys the kids are getting Chuck E Cheese tokens...

A first....waffles and hot chocolate at Waffle House

Loved the hot chocolate.....the girls could care less about waffles. (I think the breakable coffee cups were a hit!)

I was pretty impressed with this ride at Chuck E Cheese. You pay a token to ride a bike that sends you up in the air. Thumbs up with Hadlee, Harper and Hays didn't care for it.

The girls got to go to a "real princess party" last weekend. Cinderella sang to the birthday girl, put on eyeshadow and lip gloss with all the girls, danced with the girls and finished her show up with reading a book. It was impressive....probably not going to happen for their 5th birthday....which is only 49 days from today. Hays got to have two hours of Shelby time while I took the girls to the party. He didn't miss out on anything while they were partying!

Daddy and Hays after the playoff game in Elgin.

Hadlee sporting her cheer outfit and her pearls.

Daddy and Hays went to play golf on Sunday with the guys. The girls thought we needed a "girls day out". Hadlee said we need to go bungee jumping and that's just what we did, with a some rock wall climbing by Harper Leigh.

Harper's first bungee jump! She finally did it and had a blast!

A shopping day with the girls is so much fun....TCBY

Double shopping carts, Build a Bear outfits and shoes...

The best was watching my girls cheer on the hockey teams after the mall closed for the evening. They didn't want to leave the game. They must be their daddy's children......

On Tuesday the girls and I went to the dragon movie. We were the only ones in the theater for the 1:30 showing. I wish they had more good movies for them, it was a great way to ease through nap time and fight the heat in the afternoon. Hays stayed with Aunt Ro because he was afraid it was going to be choice.

Thanks to Aunt Ro I finally moved the girls into the playroom. We made the move on Wednesday so they got to spend one night in their "big girl room" before we left for the weekend.

Hays and his own room. We are a far from finished on both rooms but I finally made the move and it's taking shape. I'm still dreading two messy rooms....keep you posted...Hays will definitely thank me one day!

The girls showing off the Mother's Day tiles they made me at school on Thursday. Of course they had to add their special touches to them when they got home.

rollin rollin rollin

We're on the road a bunch the past year we put almost 30,000 miles on the car. My inspection sticker went from March until now but yes, Mema I finally got it inspected last week.
The cubettes are still playing softball so we're still traveling cheering them on in the playoffs. Thursday we got to watch the cubettes win and spend the night with Daddy at the hotel. Lots of swimming in the cold and hot pools...

We stayed near the airport so guess where we went on Friday ride the airport train and have a starbucks' snack. No pics of the ride but we did a couple of loops around the terminals. Hays wants to stay at the airport hotel for his birthday present...

We headed to the Woodlands so I could do a little shopping. The kids did well with my 30 minutes of shopping so they got to play in the water. After 15 minutes the water went off so they could put up bungee equipment for the weekend. The meltdowns started especially HM....

The Cubettes won in two games and we headed to Victoria 'til next week. Three tired kiddos ready for naps this afternoon.

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