Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hannah's Birthday 2014

I haven't done a good job of taking pictures for the last three weeks.  I'm ready for the kids to take over their blog- by my camera roll and all of their "selfies", they are ready for the job.   Maybe it will help with their spelling, which makes me sick, just thinking of it.  
During the school year some of the fun stuff got neglected for the kiddos.  I promised that we would have a fun packed summer so that is what we are doing so far.  
The day after camp was finished we went to Victoria to celebrate Hannah's birthday at the lake.   We were there until after dark with lots of swimming and playing ball.  

We celebrated Father's Day in Victoria.   The River Race was going on down at the river.   We used the GPS tracker and got to see two canoes, by this time they had been on the river for 48 hours.   

Thursday, June 12, 2014

So long 2nd Grade

We had busy weeks leading to the end of school.  Mommy had to work the Matador Challenge Carnival so the kids (and Aunt Ro) tagged along for a long evening of fun.

When Daddy was away the kids had to ride the bus from our neigborhood bus stop or the one from my school.  It's the same bus but the one at my school gets there 10 minutes earlier.
A couple times the kids went with me.  Aunt Ro and Dog accompanied the kids to the bus stop numerous times.

Hays serving dinner during their school "Garden Fest"

All the kids participated at school, by tending to their garden and during the dinner by serving their guests the vegetables they had grown.  

Hadlee showing off her "crystal garden" that she grew in GT.

Mrs. Ulbrich let the kids take them home that evening because it was not going to survive the bus ride home.
Hadlee got cuffed up during the Career Fair at my school.  It was my last big project, the week before school was out.  

Picture time after church

Hadlee loves her picture taken.   

We had our count down to end of school.  It's all about the "wake-ups"!  

The kids last day of school was Thursday.   On Thursday they weren't ready for school when I left for my day.  Daddy said that their morning was filled with some drama so he didn't get any last day of school pics.   On Friday they rode the public transportation bus with Aunt Ro for icecream and shopping.  After that they walked to my school just in time for me to turn in my keys and leave for the summer.   It was Taco Cabana night on the patio.

The next morning Hays and Hadlee teamed up to cook me breakfast, Banana French Toast.

Saturday morning was our kickoff to Summer Reading!

Our first wedding on campus to attend.

I had 20 pictures of the bride and groom dancing, hello summer

Monday, June 9, 2014

Camp 2014- Part 1

I thought I would post the first pics for the grandparents.   The kids left Sunday for Lutherhill.   

They were excited and nervous for their first trip to camp.   I helped Hays get his bed made then went to check on the girls.   When I came back to tell him goodbye, he was leaving his cabin to go swimming.   

The girls wanted pictures with their counselor and in front of their cabin.   They both chose a top bunk, next to each other, of course.   

I'm sure I'll have lots of stories and pictures to post during the week.   I did receive these picture from Ariel this afternoon.   Wade and I laughed because Hays is wearing his favorite orange shorts, Hadlee has on a pajama shirt and Harper is wearing what she wore on Sunday.   They were playing muddy gaga ball.  These three love some gaga ball!   

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Weekend / Haidyn's Baptism

We traveled to Victoria for Haidyn's baptism on Sunday.

Checking out the river before brunch.

The girls kept themselves busy with taking pictures

They even took pictures in the bathroom and posted them on Instagram.

I went outside to check on the kids and Hays was dancing for the family from outside.

Haidyn before his party that afternoon.

Carson and Harper

Carson loving Haidyn's new toy.

The boys were too busy for pictures during the party.

It rained on our Monday so the girls spent their day playing "big girl" dress up.

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