Friday, April 27, 2012

April 2012

This cute thing is taking up lots of our time. She's 1 of 5 and the girls have new play friends. We've found homes for 4 of them and yall want to keep this one. We got fleas eventhough Coffee was on the monthly flea stuff. Between the fleas and we also had fruit flies and flies....they are driving me crazy. Papa Wilson gave us some strong stuff to treat the house with so life is getting back to normal on the bug front.

Harper is the ultimate fly catcher. She's been catching them since she was two, I've got to find the picture of her with one of her fly catches. She's very talented and it's paid off for her. I paid her a quarter for each fly she killed and she earned $5. Do we see a future in pest control????

We've been enjoying our mulberry tree in the backyard. The kids loved picking and eating them for snack or in the evenings. Peaches should be ready in a couple of weeks.

We went ice skating before a Rampage game. The kids were very cautious and didn't last long.

We spent the remainder of our time before the game hanging out with Shamu. (except Harper, she's still afraid of mascots.)

And also with the inflatables. The kids also did inflatable races.....the girls are so competitive.......

We went to the Navarro HS festival. I've done most of my substituting at the high school and we went to support the seniors. The girls had fun and Hadlee won a 2 liter bottle of Coke, which was a huge deal to all of them.

Hadlee posing with her trash bag she colored for Earth Day.

This is Harper's bag on display at HEB. The girls were excited to have their artwork on display for all of Seguin.

School field trip to the San Antonio Zoo.

They made the shirts they are wearing, Mrs. Weaver did a great job and so did the kids.

Picture with some of their friends, that's Hays' ex girlfriend on the bottom left. (I'll post more on that later). Hadlee and Harper are between Hudson. Trenleigh and her sister are in the front. We've had a couple of playdates with her, she's a such a good kid.

What a perfect way to spend an afternoon- watching baseball. It's takes us less than 5 minutes to walk to the field. Love it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our street made the 5 o'clock news

First I need to back track because some of you thought I was being a little dramatic about us living in the "ghetto".  

It might not be that bad....the "drug dealers" house that's about to fall down,  the "free clinic" that's open every Tuesday and the lovely smell coming from the Tyson plant are just three of our neighbors.

They are trying to help out our street because two months ago the city bulldozed down four houses. I guess they thought another house was of value because in the process of moving it they busted a 2 inch gas line yesterday. 

They had to evacuate some of the TLU campus and some of the houses closer to the leak.   We were 2 blocks away and didn't have to evacuate but we got to see all the news vehicles that were reporting for the pm news.   Papaw Wilson even called us a little after 4 o'clock to make sure we were fine.

Thank goodness it was just for a gas leak and not anything else.  Poor Hays was a little freaked out about the news vans.   Since we have moved to Seguin he goes a little crazy when the news come on TV.   He's got better about going to San Antonio because for a month or so he didn't even want to travel where there were stabbing or shootings.......

Easter Weekend

We had a lovely Easter weekend this year in Victoria/Cuero.

I snapped this picture when I looked back and Hays had his baseball helmet on watching a movie. He loves baseball and as soon as we got to Mema and Papa's house he was out with practicing with his equipment.

Hannah was "bat girl" for the Victoria West baseball game that night so we ended up at the field to cheer them on.

Getting ready for a glow in the dark egg hunt.

"Let's pose for a picture" 
 Harper hunting for eggs with Raisin helping her.

Papa helping out Hays.

Hadlee Ray posing for the camera...
Before our egg hunt at Uncle Doug and Aunt Melissa's house, we got in a little swimming. Hays was brave and jumped off of the rocks into the pool. (I'm pretty sure that Daddy didn't see him...)

Harper cruising down the slide and running to get more eggs.

Cooper loved throwing his eggs into the pool.

Nana helping Cannon open his eggs.

Cascarone time!
Easter Morning.

Hadlee getting a little help from Diana.

Harper helping Hays crack eggs on Papa Schroeter with Aunt Verline watching them. 
Papa Schroeter getting a surprise confetti on him. 

Egg hunt time....

Hadlee is sick so she is home from school today and helping me type and write this post.....not sure what happened with spacing. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kindergarten 3rd Quarter Progress Reports

Mrs. Weaver makes us feel like the best parents. A couple of weeks ago she was named "Teacher of the Year" for the school. We think she's number #1 and feel so fortunate to have her this year. She's goes the extra mile with personal notes sent home about their day, calls about certain issues or an occasional text, sometimes with a picture.

Harper has mastered all the required sight words for Kindergarten. She has surpassed the Kindergarten expectations by leaps and bounds. Her reading has come a long way and she is doing an amazing job! It is going to be hard to say goodbye to this little treasure. My challenge for Harper would be to keep a journal this summer. Have her write about each day's activities or things she sees or is curious about. This continued practice will help so much as she enters 1st grade.

Hays has improved on his handwriting and has given me much more effort in his drawings as we journal write each day. I love to see all the amazing ideas he has come out in the form of a journal. He is a special little guy and I am so thankful he was put in my life this year. He has inspired me and challenged me to be a better teacher and to him I am grateful. I am going to miss all of his FUN daily facts about maps, states, and anything he is curious about. Just keep challenging him to be more and more responsible each and every day. He can do all things.......

Hadlee's reading has definitely taken off! I knew she could do it. It has been really amazing to watch her fluency grow in reading and to see her writing improve as well. She has an incredible gift to write so expressively in her journal. She really understands how to write creatively and think outside the box. I am going to miss Hadlee next year. Keep reading these last 8 weeks and make every second count.

Just to note we had a first of the year last quarter. The kids had 3 tardies that all happened the same week. Wade and I learned our lesson and we have yet to get another tardy.

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