Friday, July 31, 2009

When we grow up.....

Hays wants to be an Icecream truck driver. Probably since we live a mile from Bluebell and they see the giant trucks everyday.

Harper wants to be a mommy so she doesn't have to have a job. I tried to explain that mommies can still have jobs and be mommies also. She didn't care, she still just wants to have a "real" baby.

Hadlee wants to be a doctor like Aunt Melissa and she wants to give all the shots. I explained that most doctors don't give shots usually their nurses give the shots. It made her think so maybe the next time I ask she might want to be a nurse.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We loved our TEN days in Victoria/Cuero

We're back in Brenham- everyone is happy to be home. It's taking Mommy longer to adjust this time. I just can't get motivated to do anything, it must be be garage full of furniture that greeted me when I opened up the garage door. I thought Daddy have had everything decorated and put up by the time we got home.

I don't the kids missed a day of swimming. They are turning into little fish and I love it because they actually want to go to sleep at night.

We've done a schedule change, which always throws everyone a little off. We're now one week into 1:30-3:00 rest time. It's been the roughest on Hadlee, we still don't know if it's the sleep or some loss of control over the past week. Hadlee had two of the worst tantrums of her life....while we were in Victoria. One at Veracruz on Wednesday evening and the other at Aunt Melissa's baby shower. Later this week she's going to spend alone time us while Harper and Hays go to Sun City with Aunt Ro and Uncle Don.

Hadlee napping during Aunt Melissa's baby shower.

Hays the photographer took the rest of the pictures.

Taylor and Harper. Taylor came and helped two days last week. The kids had a blast with her. I even got all of our laundry washed, folded and put up one morning. I don't think that has ever happened!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Week of our summer (vacation??)

We returned from South Padre last weekend, only for our AC to go out on Sunday night. The kids and I were enjoying water fun at the Curl's house, when Wade texted me that it was getting hot in the house. Around ten o'clock we made the decision to spend the night at a hotel in Houston. We were cooling by late Monday morning so we journeyed back to Brenham early that afternoon.

Daddy went to Austin on Tuesday and left me with three crazy kids. I was ready to head for the hills on Wednesday but he convinced me to go on Thursday. Looks like we'll be in Victoria until this weekend. We've got lots of things keeping us busy and help from grandparents, aunts, uncles and Taylor.

Someone broke the leg off the chair. Next thing you know the girls have a wrench, hammer and a glue stick trying to put it back together.

Hays sliding down the giant slide at Keyton and Kailynn's house.

Harper told Kailynn that they were friends and she said "No, I'm Ariel's friend." Hadlee added in her bossy way (and with her hands on her hips) "Oh yes you our friend, KLYN."

Look at all the stuff we take for one night in a hotel room.

The girls chillin' by the poolside on Monday morning.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


What's your favorite thing to do?

Hays- watch TV

Harper- take a nap

Hadlee- go swimming

Favorite Food?

Hays- Peaches and potato chips (yellow bag)

Harper and Hadlee- icecream

Favorite Animal-

Hays- Hank the dog (stuffed animal)

Hadlee- dogs and cats

Harper- Hello Kitty Heather (stuffed animal)

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream-

Hays- Vanilla

Harper- Chocolate

Hadlee- Cherry

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week in Review

On Sunday we loaded the kids up and headed down to South Padre. Our first stop was to Uncle Doug and Aunt Melissa's house to see them and do a little swimming.

Harper and Uncle Doug relaxing on the couch.

Hadlee taking pictures of me with Aunt Melissa's camera. Hadlee named their babies- "Bucket" and "Stroller". She's pretty disappointed that they aren't using her names.

Harper holding Ace while Hadlee looked on. The girls loved getting to hold and feed Ace. They're getting ready for Cooper and Cannon in a couple of months.

Hays taking the 30th picture of Alyssa. He loved getting to take pictures with his mommy's camera.

Harper and Alyssa on the cool swing.

Messing around at the park.

Hadlee loves climbing and hanging, the girl is a natural.

Hays loved the water this year. He was the bravest and loved getting knocked over by the waves. I took each kid separately to the beach, then everyone went together when we had dinner at a restaurant on the beach.

AJ, Harper and Hays having fun in the sand.

Marissa, the babysitter for Will's girls, playing with all three in the water. We sure enjoyed her while we were at the restaurant.

Hadlee and Mommy together on the beach.

Quick pic by the shark, they posed so well!

At home after eight hours in the car together. The kids did much better than their mother, she was sooo ready to be home.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Today we went to the 33rd Annual Fourth of July parade in Chappell Hill. This was the third time we've been to the parade and we've enjoyed it everytime, especially Hadlee, who's our number one candy competitor. Hadlee started packing the car last night with chairs and bags for the candy. This morning she had her dress on that she picked out from Old Navy and her "matching" baseball cap and shoes. When we got to the parade she put down her chair, opened up her bag and got out her cell phone, baby doll and baby blanket. I forgot to get a picture of her set-up she had before the parade and then Wade and I got busy during the parade. Hays got hit in the eye with a piece of candy and we had to watch Harper carefully so she didn't get any candy with dye in it. Hadlee got twice as much candy as the other two and was even pushing like the older kids. Before naptime she said that she was tired because the parade was hard work. That's our girl.

We're going to watch fire works tonight. This is our only weekend in June and July that we're at home. We've got church tomorrow then we're headed to Victoria then to South Padre for the week. If it rains next week, it's because we're trying to go to the beach.....

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