Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June Victoria Trip

Selfies Spring 2015

Our new way of taking pictures.   The kids each have their own Instagram accounts.   They didn't understand why I wasn't going to update their blog so for now I will keep it going.   The crazy thing is they have their own phones so I don't have to take pictures anymore!

Goodbye 3rd Grade

Harper received the Math Bee classroom winner, Science Fair classroom winner, all A's average for the school year, 150 AR points, Helpful award and Best classroom reader

Hadlee received the Kindness award, Science Fair grade level winner, more A's than B (she only had one B the entire year), Student Council member, Citizenship classroom award and student of the month for May.  

Hays received All As for the entire school year, the Math award, Citizenship award, AR 150 points, Student Council member and Millionaire reader award.
Hays was super excited to see his name the next day.

Harper was Kindergarten teacher for the day, those little ones wore her out!

"Next Year", the kids may be saying goodbye to Rodriguez for 4th grade.

The day that I received my new job assignment, there was a beautiful rainbow.   

Easter 2015

Hannah's Confirmation

May 2015

Beginning the month with bowling at the new bowling alley in town.


Picture of our last Blue Bell treat!

Fish Hatchery in Athens was a hit.  The kids loved the afternoon learning about Texas fish.

We even caught some little ones.

Conference tournament in Tyler.

We love our Daddy!

From Tyler to NB, for Carson's birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Fishing at the Outdoor Learning Center

April 2015

Many evenings were spent at softball games, this evening we were at Trinity University in San Antonio.   Hays got his "Millionare" reader shirt and award this week.   

Selfies at Chilis after the softball game.
Hays read himself to sleep many nights.
Fire safety night at church.

A weekend in Kerrville and we found the James Avery factory.

Enchanted Rock!

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