Sunday, January 25, 2015

Back Outside

We are back outside.
With the softball team at the Outdoor learning center .
A nice person Hadlee 
That night we made a heart out of a bubble ❤️

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ringing in 2015

We got back from the fireworks show at Seaworld just in time for s'mores.  Hadlee making one for mom.

The kids found new ways to get back to our room.   

Everyone ended up going up to their rooms for the night but the Wilson 3 (and their mother) were running around having a blast.   I went to check on them and found Hays cruising from ballroom to ballroom.

Harper and Hadlee say cheese in the lobby before they go back to play.

Harper out with the blog post.   

She was so cute when she came back to the lobby to check in with me.  She was talking about a twin she met from Houston and how they were having so much fun.  When I went to the ballroom to check on them, I met the "twin", who was in his late 30s.   The girls were hanging out with the adults while the little kids were in the bouncing house. 

I gave the kids a curfew of 12:15 and went back to the room.   They rang in the 2015 with all their new friends and missed their first curfew when they made it back to our room at 12:30!  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Seaworld New Year's Eve Celebration

We knew it was going to be cold and a possibility of a little rain during our trip and especially on New Year's Eve.

So we left the hotel ready for a day full of FUN and lots of cold at SeaWorld. 

Mema had a cold so they didn't join us for the fun.   They had gotten us dining passes so we ate our way through the park.

I don't know who was colder the penguins or us.

The snow tube chute was a blast!

Hannah and Hays loved throwing snow balls at the targets.

They had to be freezing after all the snow play.

We had fun and the girls came back for round two after a warm up back at the hotel.   

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lion King

Mema and Papa took us all to the Lion King while we were in San Antonio.  Since we can't fit in two cars anymore, they rented a limo so we could all ride together.   Limo ride= Super excited kids

Haidyn even got to cruise in his carseat.

The driver dropped up off in the front of the Majestic. 

We had great seats and everyone was ready for the play to start.

During intermission, everyone was still smiling and having a great time.  Haidyn lasted until the final part of the play, he did great and was in awe of all of the characters.

Harper showing off her play book with Hays photobombing in the background.

Still smiling from our fun night.

Hanging Out

This picture sums up what Hays ate on the breakfast buffet every morning we were in San Antonio.  He was definitely carb loading every morning.   Aunt Cy and Haidyn are in the background- Haidyn  watching his Mickey.   Those Boys!!!

The hotel was pretty deserted before New Year's Eve, which was perfect for playing a little football.

or a game of keep away

Bike riding 

and Air hockey (and video games)

River walk

Our first night in San Antonio, we went down to the Riverwalk to eat and ride on the boat.   We had fun touring the river and learning more about the history of San Antonio.  I didn't get many pictures because our tour guide didn't want anybody taking flashing pictures.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Swim

The kids managed to swim one time when we were in San Antonio.   The first three pictures were taken in the heated pools.  I love instagram, it makes my job taking their picture so much easier.  (long live the selfie!) The last picture was in the non-heated pool attached to the lazy river.  They ended up having races across the frigid pool.


Harper's Christmas Pictures

Hays' Christmas Pictures

Hadlee's Christmas Pictures

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wilson Family Christmas

Hadlee reading the Christmas story in the Bible.

Cannon wanted his picture taken, such a sweet boy.

Nana and Papaw surprised all three with Kindles!

Facts, Facts, Facts

All 5 diving into their presents.
Harper smiling for me.

My camera was taken for picture taking in the workout room.

Since the kids each got a Kindle, I have got to find a way to download their pictures.   They love having a camera, books and video at their instant fingertips, thanks Nana and Papaw!

Merry Christmas 2014

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