Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm one proud mama, Hadlee, Harper and Hays you make my heart happy. Tomorrow is your last day of Kindergarten, I should be sleeping but I'm a little excited and anxious to sleep.
We've managed to have two field trips and two out of town trips and only a couple of pictures to show of everything. Tomorrow I plan on taking pictures to document your Kindergarten graduation. Today was your last full day of school. Your Daddy delivered the ice chest of water balloons that we filled up the evening before for a little water fun. I decided to pick you up a early but as soon as I entered the school I heard the sweet sounds of 80 5-6 year olds singing their hearts out- what a sweet sound. I've heard you practice the songs for the last month but today I got a teary eyed while watching you practice. I'm so proud of you and the school year that you have had- what a great beginning! I can't wait to see what the coming years bring for all three of year. You have proved that you can do whatever you put your mind to. We are here to guide you along the way.
I just wrote a thank you note to Mrs. Weaver letting her know how special she is and how privileged we are to have her in our life. She told me that your class was one that she will always remember and I know we will do the same with this chapter of our life.
You got your yearbook today that all three of you will share....not sure if I'll be able to pull it off in the coming years. I joked with Hadlee that she wouldn't be part of the "yearbook signing" so she proved me wrong in getting all of the Kinder teachers to sign the yearbook. Just in case something happens to it, here's what everyone wrote:

I will miss the 3 of you so much! It was a BLAST having the "Wilson" triplets in my classroom. Keep your smiles and remember to always LOVE learning. I love you all. Mrs. Weaver

Good luck in 1st grade. Have a great summer. Love, Mrs. Tyler (the bilingual teacher that the kids find so fascinating)

Thanks for your sweet notes and for making me smile. Best of luck in all you do. I will miss you lots but you will do great in 1st grade! Love, Ms. Augderhaar (this is her second year of teaching and the kids can't wait because she's getting married this summer. I'm sure they have invited themselves to the wedding)

Triplets!! I loved getting to know y'all so much. You are all very sweet and you made me laugh daily! Come visit and give me hugs next year! Ms. Smithers (the "next door" Kinder teacher, Mrs. Weaver and her would always go out for lunch together)

Have a great summer! Love, Mrs. Lozano. My guapa- Adios (she was the bilingual aide and she always tried to teach them Spanish)

UR 2 sweet 2 B4 got 10! See you next year! Have a great summer! Mrs. Ulbricht (their GT teacher)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May in Pictures

We said goodbye to our kittens! Mommy was thrilled and the kids were a little bummed. We'll be able to see two of the kittens because one went to Taylor and another went to Gregory and Dani. I'm looking for a home for Coffee. She got spayed last week so hopefully someone will want a good "mouser".

We went to Brenham one weekend. The kids got to go to the Maifest parade, which they loved getting to go to. This is the only picture that I took the entire time, I sent it to their Daddy because I thought it was too cute. Hays had a hard time this trip, he was very verbal about missing Brenham.

Harper was the first to lose her top tooth and has since lost another bottom one. That's 5 for her and only 2 for the other two kiddos.

We finished up t-ball for the season.

We made another trip to the zoo.

We harvested peaches from one of our peach trees.

We had lots of peaches so we gave some away, froze some and I made peach cobblers with the rest. I took three cobblers and ice cream to their school on Friday. I took this picture because when I got to their class Hadlee was rolling around in the teacher's chair. She said she was "teacher for the day". They had a substitute for the day and she said that Hadlee had been the best helper and all the students responded so well to her as the teacher......hmmm still not sure what went on during the day. The substitute apologized to me for putting Hays on yellow in the morning. Apparently he threw a temper tantrum but Hadlee was quick to settle him down. I'm sure it had something to do with him getting on "red" the day before. (I'm sure Hays will be able to tell the exact day he was on "red" years from now! May 17, 2012)

The girls got their "promise" from me. I made it at the beginning of the school year. Yes, we crossed Hwy. 46! I was a little nervous but we missed all the big trucks and Caterpillar traffic.

We made a quick trip to the airport to pick up our Daddy. We sure did miss him!

We gearing up for summertime!

School is out for the college so that means we have a giant play place.

Outdoor concerts by the girls.

Fun times, we'll remember for a lifetime.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Love from school

The kids made cards for me during Computer Lab this week.

(I love that Hays approves of the products I use in my hair!)

I also received a Mother's Day Cookbook.

The cookbook is adorable. Here are some excerpts from the other students: She adds melted cheese and beans in the microwave for another 12 minutes; We have new chairs at our table and I like sitting on them; my mom puts bacon in a pan and let's it bake for 10 minutes on the stove; My mom makes the best pancakes. First, she gets them out of the freezer and cooks them for 20 minutes and flips then 10 times each; She heats up the stove to 4 degrees; My favorite food my mom makes is McDonalds. Priceless!!!!

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh Girls....

Hadlee and Harper get along really well. They definitely have their moments but for spending everyday almost every minute together, they are great friends and sisters!

Harper loves her sister and wants her to be happy all the time. This morning we made two rose bouquets for the kids new principal.

Hadlee got bent out of shape when her sister was holding her roses so I could take a picture. Harper then wanted to hold Hadlee's hand so they could take a picture together. Hadlee didn't want to have anything to do with holding hands.

Then Harper tried to put her arm around Hadlee. Poor Harper just wanted to give her sister some lovin'.

In the end they both smiled for a picture.

After school I looked in the backyard to see the girls talking and holding hands. I grabbed my phone and tried to sneak up on them to take a picture. I was caught but they let me snap a quick picture.

Hadlee watched me type this post while we were outside tonight. She said that she didn't know why she was in a bad mood this morning. I reassured her that sometimes mornings are like that. I also reminded her that playing with kittens @ 4 in the morning and then trying to sneak back with them 30 minutes later will make the Queen of sleep a grumpy girl. (it will also make her mom very sleepy.....we have two kittens left and they are so cute!)

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