Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School - 2nd grade

It was a great day for these 2nd graders.  They were up early, coping well and seemed to have a good day.  We heard from a source that Hays got his first tally mark in one of his classes.  
My day was hectic to part it mildly.   Building two curriculums is more time consuming than I ever imagined it would be and top it off with a hand full of discipline problems in each one of my classes.  It will all  be downhill in January.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer 2013- The End- Frio and "Lousy" Timing

I worked hard to play catch up with the end of summer because I knew we would have pictures from the first day of school.   This summer has been fun, a little trying at times because of a battle that we had with Hadlee.  It started with a name tag she wore for bible camp and turned into a huge ordeal, probably more for me than her.  She was rubbing her neck raw and scarring it at the same time for close to a month.   She kept saying that her neck "itched".   

This picture was the last one that I took that was just terrible.  We went to Victoria and she glowed with Dustin/Bulldowg and it cured her scratching.  I'll take some boy lovin' for this battle.  Well I guess the scratching paid off because yesterday when the kids got back from the Frio, Hadlee kept complaining that her head was itching.   I looked and thought it could be lice.  Yes, after further inspection- we have lice!  Errr.....it's our first time and it has freaked us all out.  We are not quite sure where they got them but it most likely was the photo booth at the wedding or from the movie theater.  I had to make "the call" to some parents that we had been in contact with not to mention all the kiddos from the Frio.

Tomorrow marks the first day of school for me and the kiddos.  I had "Meet the Teacher" last week and the kids had it tonight.  Aunt Ro came in town to help out so the kids got an opportunity to come see my classroom for the first time.  I also put them to work stuffing folders for the students to take home.   

Harper was a trouper, she worked so hard and was a huge help.  Check out my tree in the background, we will be talking about growing our tree from the roots and growing up.  I'm excited to meet all of my 6th graders tomorrow.  I'll be teaching two new classes so building and designing all the new curriculum is going to take all of my time in the fall.

Hadlee worked hard, too.  She thought she was going to play teacher all afternoon.  My classroom was Mrs. Ulbrich's room for many years.  She will still be at their school and another elementary school this school year but will no longer be working at my school.    My room is huge, it used to be the high school auditorium, way back when.

We had "Meet the Teacher" at their school tonight.  Hadlee will have Ms. Lawhorn as her homeroom teacher.  She's excited because Randilyn is in her class.

Hays and Harper will have Mrs. Muenich as their homeroom teacher.   They co-teach so it will be just like last year.

Harper wanted to take a picture in front of Mrs. Wells' new technology classroom.  She painted the ladybug. (with the H on it)  Notice her greasy hair, I informed the nurse that we are having a battle with the bugs.  She told the girls to be quiet......We will see how long that will last.  

The End

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer 2013 part 5- it's almost a wrap

Uncle Don came to pick the kids up for a week in SC.   On the way to SC, he told Aunt Ro that he had a dream that he went to the RR Express stadium.   His dream came true!

He loves baseball!

Next time he'll have to go to a game.  He tried to get Uncle Don to take him into the dugout.  I don't think they were allowed into it.
Swimming laps at the pool.

They love to be just like the adults.

We spent lots of our summer at the pool.

Dog walking on a warm August evening.

Cracker Barrel before Seaworld

Hot chocolate in the summertime.

Feeding the stringrays, the kids are still pretty scared of them.

This little thing, "Mascara" was found under the hood of my suburban the day we left for Victoria.  She made a trip to Huber Ranch with Wade the next day.  This picture is three weeks later and she's the sweetest kitten.  We found a home for her this week, her new family will love her.

We had a wedding the same day that Phil and Kay renewed their vows on DD and Amanda and McCray got married on BB.  Yes, the kids watch both of the shows and they thought it was so neat that they got married before they did.  The maid of honor and the bride

The lovely groom and bride.

Not really sure what time he woke up this day but he got caught taking a nap in the afternoon.

We went to Big Lou's pizza place

We got the 2nd biggest pizza that they make.

This one fed 20 people- we had it at the restaurant, then the next two days.  Mema and Papa came through town on their way home from Utah and took the pizza back to Victoria with enough to feed them and the Jordans.

Summer Part 4- Week in Victoria

This is our third time to spend the week in Victoria and participate in VBS at church. It was fun like always, now that the kids are getting older they are starting to have fun with Mema and her love of shopping.   Here they are browsing the PB catalog, picking out new backpacks, lunchboxes, thermos and water bottles.

The girls cut flowers for Mema's birthday.

I was really bad at taking pictures during the week but I started out with a bang.   Here Hadlee is trying on a pair of sandals from our "Hannah stash of shoes".

We added some "new" ones for the fall.

These shoes finally made the dumpster.  They were the most worn shoes by Hadlee, EVER!  I'm pretty sure Hannah wore them a couple of times, Hadlee wore them everywhere!

We played Chinese Checkers.

I only took one picture of this cutie but got to spend some time with him during the week.

Mustaches from the movies in the morning and Chick-fil-A with the Shammas at lunch

"Back-to-School massages" for the grandkids (minus Haidyn).  Adrian did "bodytalk" on the girls and confirmed our knowledge of their deep competitive nature.

During VBS, Aunt Cynthia and I helped Donna with Storytelling.  She did an awesome job telling all the bible stories each night.  On the last night I got their helper to take pictures of the kids for me.

Donna and King Josiah

Making World Relief bags during craft time.

A show in pictures

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago at Nana and Papaw's house in Cuero.  I'm not sure about the exact background of the pictures.  It looks like Hays was putting on a show using Nana's phone as his boombox and Cooper joining in the show.  Love them!

Summer Part 3- More pictures taken by Hadlee and Harper

Hadlee posing along the waterfall after their cousin's wedding.

The girls took advantage of the photo booth.

 I had over 10 pictures of Harper at the photo booth, I wonder how many they had by the photographer.

Harper trying to get all the props in the picture.

 Harper striking a pose.

They love weddings!

The girls love taking pictures of each other.

and Lots of animal pictures.

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