Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comfort Weekend

Here are pictures from our trip to Comfort. We had a fun and relaxing time - hanging out, doing some fishing, swimming, shopping and eating.

Hannah and Harper

Uncle Kelly trying to help Hays catch a fish. They were not successful, Hays had no interest.

Hannah with the first catch of the day.

Daddy trying to help catch something.

Daddy and Harper during our ride on the glass bottom boat at Aquarena Springs.

Mema, Hadlee and Harper after breakfast.

We didn't break anything, this trip.

The girls have a blast during their photo shoot.

The four cousins.....the perfect picture.....

Hadlee Ray

Little Mama, Drama Queen....the leader of the pack, Hadlee Ray Wilson. One year ago you spoke few words, now we have to constantly tell you, "Hadlee, inside voice, inside voice". It's amazing that even with few words you've always been the leader of the three. Every morning you wake up ready to command your troops with what you want to play. You love to play hard and still love your nap in the afternoon. You're always the first to nap and we suspect it's probably because you're our middle of the night roamer. In the past year you've found your love of clothes shopping, it's a big mistake to take you into the GAP or Gymboree. You've given your Mommy more headaches than your brother and sister over the past year but I think we've reached a middle ground for the moment. We love you, Miss Thang, Hadlee Ray.

Harper Leigh

Strong-willed, Miss Independent .... that's our Harper Leigh. You didn't want to take pictures by yourself on Sunday, that's why I only got one of you looking at the camera. You only took that one because I bribed you with a peppermint. If Mommy needs a helper all I have to do is ask because you are always willing and wanting to help. This past year you decided you don't care for school but promised me that you'll be better when you're four. When your tongue comes out during rough housing or play, we still have to remind you to use your words or walk away. (instead of hitting, pinching, biting or pulling hair) You and your siblings love to play together and you seem to be the peacemaker when someone else gets upset. You're so sweet and loving, we love you.

Little bit

Hays Middlebrook

Our sweet and sometimes stubborn, middle child, Hays Middlebrook. You love to cuddle and in the last year will push your sisters away for time with your Mommy. In the last year you've learned to work the CD player so we get to listen to music a lot during the day. You've found your calling as a photographer and would take pictures constantly throughout the day if you could have a continuous supply of batteries. (he gets 8 AAA batteries a week) This year you fought a good fight to wear diapers but decided that since you're four you won't have anymore accidents. (yeah!) You love your sisters more everyday and love to show them with kisses and hugs. We're so blessed to have you, Hays Middlebrook.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Birthday Week

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

The last 4 years have flown by, it's amazing how far we've come...it seems like just a short time ago you were born, the sounds of your first cries and getting to hold each one of you for the first time. I'm happy to be your mommy, each day you amaze me...I'm honored and thankful to get to watch and help you grow up.

Mommy, MOMmy, MOMMY are spoken so often from your mouths...It melts my heart when all three of you come up to me at random times during the day and say, I love you, Mommy and then give me hugs and kisses. Moments like those make all the struggles worth it.

So I'm getting ready to wake you up from your nap because you still take one everyday, eventhough it is a battle to get you in your bed, somehow everyone still manages to sleep. Please nap for one more year, Mommy loves her break.

We're going to Chuck E Cheese for day number two of fun. They can't stop talking about it, Hays even invited someone to his birthday party(at Chuck E Cheese) last night at Hannah's ballgame. I'll post more tonight, if I'm not too worn out.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend in Review

Our busy weekend in Victoria-Cuero- three birthday parties and Hannah's First Communion.

After Hannah's First Communion at the eight o'clock service(a first for us) in the chapel.

Happy 8th Birthday, Hannah!

Hannah's party

Sliding fun!!

Hannah sliding.

Hays sliding down the slide, he had a blast!

Hays posing at his early birthday party.

Hadlee got her tea party, complete with breakable plates/cups and "pettarfours".

Harper all dressed up waiting for her guests to arrive.

Nana and Harper playing after the party.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enjoying our solo time with Hays

Aunt Ro has had the girls since Monday. I've been enjoying alone time with Hays. I can't tell if he misses his sisters, other than I've had to do a lot more entertaining with him this week.

(I remember why we don't fingerpaint anymore)

Weekend in Austin

Just the five of us for two nights. (a first without bringing help) We enjoyed it so much we're leaving today to go watch the Cubs play in the state tournament.

Monday, June 1, 2009

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