Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures from this Weekend

These are in random order, I'm not quite sure what happened when I uploaded them this morning. We had quite a busy weekend, with lots of pictures taken. The only place we didn't snap pictures was during the Fall Festival at Church on Sunday. Harper and Hadlee wore their Halloween costumes. In retrospect I'm so happy Hays put up such a major fuss into not wearing his costume because he got sick all over himself and Daddy while we were at church. We kinda thought it was going to happen when we saw him turning white and he stopped talking. I had just handed Hays off to Daddy, how lucky for me.

Hays posing with potty prize number 3. We have over 10 prizes to give him- I decided that training with Hays is going to go nice and slow.

We started out the weekend with fishing at the Bluebell pool on Saturday morning. The kids were a little confused by fish swimming around at the bottom of their summer hangout. We started out with three fishing poles, ten minutes later we were down to one pole that Daddy was fishing with and three kids ready to leave. We left the pool area and then spent an hour at the pool playground.

Harper started our weekend of sickness on Saturday night. At midnight on Saturday night I was giving her a shower and trying to get everything out of her hair. Poor thing she got sick in her bed then laid back on her dirty pillow. This picture was taken on Monday morning after Hadlee got sick in our bed. I had the bucket ready to go for her. Harper had to join the early morning party and ended up going back to sleep.

During church on Sunday the kids received their own Children's Rhyme Bibles. I wanted to get a picture of them posing with their Bibles but this was the best I could do after church.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Cubs Go

These were the best pictures from the Homecoming football game on Friday. The girls wore their cheerleading outfits and even let me put bows in their hair!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Amy and Brian's Wedding

Amy and Hadlee before the wedding

Hadlee and Harper posing with the rest of the bridal party

Harper getting a snack before the big event

Hays and Amy posing with the groom dog

Amy and the girls

Chasity and Harper before the wedding

It's almost your turn, Hannah

Two flowergirls and a ringbearer

Trying to escape during the wedding- they couldn't stand still!!

Fun at the reception- Harper, Mom, Dad and Papa Schroeter

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