Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten here we come!

I felt a little overwhelmed with trying to document our summer, hopefully I'll get around to it this week.    We're in Seguin, the kids are settled in their school and I've finally unpacked all the boxes and arranged furniture, thanks to Aunt Ro!

Some little girl that will remain nameless erased all the pictures on my here is the lone picture that I snapped with my camera before we headed out the door on Monday morning.   I wasn't really going for the the background of our lovely brown walls or bookcase that was parked in the middle of our room by the movers because it didn't have a home.  (it's since found a home in the garage)  But that was our reality.

Also erased were all my pictures from Meet the Teacher, where Hadlee, Harper and Hays looked so cute with clothes that I picked out and hair bows to match. (except for Hays)   There were pictures of their new teacher, Mrs. Weaver, that Hays asked out on a date.  

Here are a couple things:

We live .90 miles away from their school.   From their playground you can see the TLU campus.  I guess you could see their school from our house if you got on the roof.

The first day of school Hadlee "forgot" her lunch and the teacher called Wade with her first experience of "Hadlee drama".     I quickly made her another lunch and by the time I arrived they had already found her lunch in her backpack.    Hadlee refused to take her new backpack the rest of the week.

Hays overflowed the restroom inside their classroom on the first day.   He was FINALLY embarrassed by the situation.   He said that the lady that cleaned it up spoke English but it sounded funny, kinda like Ellie.   Come to find out their student teacher cleaned up his mess.

All three talked about their new friends that they made but no one could remember their names.   On day three, one of Hays' friends said I want to introduce you to this girl, Harper.  Hays replied that she was his very very best friend.

Harper wakes up on Wednesday and says she doesn't want to go to school.  I explain that she has to go every day.   She said that she's ready to try a new one because she doesn't like this one.   Little stinker overhead me telling someone that if we don't like the school, we can always move to another district.

When we picked the kids up on Wednesday, their teacher came to the car, over joyed that Hays was the first Kindergartner to read to the principal.    They took his picture for the newspaper and he got a ribbon.   That was also his first day on yellow.....the girls were quick to talk about it in the car.  

The morning carline is fine.   The afternoon one is crazy.....I've tried to vary my times and still can't figure out what is the best.  I can't believe that some crazy people start getting in the line before 2:30 when pickup is at 3:30.    The line is already in the street, (a major one) at 3:00.   I've done it all but I kinda like less time in the car and leave the house at 3:40.   Friday I was missing them and thought it would be nice to just go and pick them up...........oh well, we will all adjust.

They have 23 kids in their class.  I almost cried when we were walking up to the school for Meet the Teacher.....wondering what kind of decision we made.  Aunt Ro told me that the decision was already done and there was no turning back.   The kiddos rode with their daddy, hence the almost drama.   I was fine when I met their teacher and all the other staff at the school.    They have an awesome principal and staff.    Last year was the first year that the school was open.    Their principal got to bring some of her teachers and staff from her old school and Mrs.  Weaver is one that she picked.   Their P.E. teacher and his wife, the librarian, were also ones she picked and last year he took the entire fifth grade class to Laity Lodge for the weekend.   He said they stayed at Singing Hills, how cool is that! (it might be the only way my kids will get to go to LLYC) 

More to come, soon...   


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