Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend before school

We went to Victoria last weekend to give Daddy a break before school and for the first couple of days. I forgot my camera but Mr. Photographer, Hays Wilson, snapped some pictures with his camera and mommy used it also.

Auntie Cy and Hannah joined us at Magnolia Bach for a couple of hours. It had way too many shells for us! It was a short beach trip but we promised them lots a swimming when we got back to Hannah's house.

We went back to school shopping on Wednesday. Hays needed a new pair of shoes so we went to Stride-Rite at the outlet mall. I guess this is our last year of leisurely shopping during the day.

I better get packing for our weekend trip to San Antonio and SunCity. We're going to the football game at the Alamodome and then to SeaWorld with Nana and Pappaw. Wade and I will drop off the kids in Austin on Sunday so we can enjoy ourselves until Wednesday.

First Day of School

Yesterday was the kids first day of school. They're in the 3 year old class or "Bouncing Bears" at St. Pauls. We got to meet their teacher, Mrs. Cone, last Friday before we went to Victoria for the weekend. Mrs. Cone's husband and Aunt Ro are cousins...small world or small Brenham/Hempstead world.

It was an early morning, way out of our normal summer schedule of sleeping until 9:00. (or later) Hadlee was ready to go early, she came into our bed around 5:00 and as soon as I got out of bed, she was up putting on her clothes. Hays was up as soon as I told him that his hot milk was ready and waiting. Harper, well I had to drag her out of bed at 7:15 after two snoozes.

We were in the car and buckled by 7:45 and I forgot to take pictures of them so I snapped a couple after they were already in the car. We've moved carseat arrangements since Hadlee and Hays are no longer in carseats. I'm not sure I like it this way but change is always hard for me.

They were slow to talk about their day but after their nap the stories started to flow. They liked their first day and no one cried this morning when I dropped them off. Harper was a little anxious but Mrs. Candy grabbed her hand and said "good morning and let's go PLAY!"
My to do list is long and school is only two days a week. Yesterday I helped Wade out by mowing the yard. Painting will resume next week when the kids are in Sun City and then school, I've got our bedroom and bath left to do. Then it's lunch with friends and mid morning massages, mani & pedis. (surely you won't read this Wade)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Week with Hannah

Enjoying the splashpad at Discovery Green in Houston. They are sitting on the wall watching all the kids with the yellow shirts.

Hannah and Harper chillin' while Hays is trying to decide if he should lay down or pull up his swim trunks...

Our attempt at a group photo minus Hadlee.

Another attempt at a group photo before our 2nd train ride at the park.

Cruisin' to Downtown on the Metro. I had the brilliant idea to ride public transportation, I forgot that I had 4 children, it was a weekday and there are lots of homeless people in Houston.

"DJ Lance Hays" Hays sporting his costume that we scored at the Target toy clearance. He picked this, Hadlee got a pretend cupcake baking set and Harper wanted Dora twins. Like they needed any toys but they were for the day for $12.

Skating with Shelby at Silver Wings. This was our first attempt at the skating rink and all three loved it.

Look at me. (and my socks) She had the socks ready to go as soon as we said let's go skating.

The girls taking a break. We were at the rink for 2 hours and only went around 3 times.

Harper eating dinner in the "meat and potatoes room". Both girls had a steak and a half of a baked potato. Hays ate his PB and J at the kitchen table.

We've been super busy trying to get everything done before school starts next week. We had shots this morning and I'm wiped out. Daddy made it in time for Hadlee.....oh how strong....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Football pics

More to from our week with Hannah and our weekend in Brenham soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sayings of a Four Year Old.....

I wish I would have been recording these since they've been talking-

Harpers don't drink that beer or you'll get drunk. (Hadlee talking to Harper while Mommy was drinking a beer)

You know mommy the place where Hannah had her first body of christ. (Referring to Hannah's First Communion in the chapel at Trinity)

Daddy I was just saving the cookie that fell onto my fingers. (Hays to his daddy after eating a cookie he got in the pantry)

Whenever we get into the car and the kids' music is not playing, Hays always says "Music, my music". When Hays and I got into the car after spending the afternoon on the beach at S. Padre, Hays waited for a while then says, "I'm not the one that usually asks for the CDs but do you think we can listen to the Green Kids Bop CD."

Are those the Cooper and Cannon's heads? Hays referring to Aunt Melissa's chest during our recent visit.

At the grace someone said "God is great, Beer is good" and the other two chimed in with "and people are crazy"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 1/2 Hour Nap....what was I thinking

Today Daddy put the kids down for their nap while I went to the store. I tried to wake them up at 3 o'clock but no one would even move. At 4:30 I pulled them kicking and screaming, especially Harper out of their beds.

It's almost "bedtime" and they're acting so sleepy. Their 9:00 p.m. bedtime has turned into playing in their room until almost 11 much for a schedule.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We'd go broke if we only had one kid!

Hadlee got to spend a long weekend with mommy and daddy while the other two were with Aunt Ro and Uncle Don. This was the first time that Hadlee spent longer than a couple of hours with just her mommy and dadyy. She's usually the one that will go because "GO" is her true middle name.

She wanted to go shopping on Friday so we went to Memorial City shop 'til mommy drops. We started out at Dillards and she picked out two swimsuits, one for her and one for Harper. She wanted matching ones but I conveniently put back the other one and got the one I liked for Harper. Next we went to the playground and she played for less than 5 minutes because she was ready to watch the ice skaters. She wanted to ice skate but I explained that we didn't have time to shop and skate both.

Some kids were bungee jumping with a trampoline so of course she wanted to do that too. She had a dress on so we went to buy some shorts so no one would see her panties while she was jumping. We went to the Children's Place because they were having a sale. Hadlee and mommy couldn't agree on anything for her, (she wanted nothing on the sale racks) so we got some camo shorts for Hays. I guess I should add that she got bracelets for her and Harper.

Hadlee had a blast on the bungee trampoline.

Next we went to Target to purchase school supplies. We didn't get home until almost 11 o'clock and she didn't fuss at all.

The next day we found the neighbor's sick cat and returned it to them. When we got home there was a kitten meowing in our backyard shed. We're now proud owners of "Bucket". Hadlee takes the cat everywhere in her shopping cart, stroller or just totes it around. It hasn't come out as much now that the other two are home.

Hadlee got to go to a wedding on Saturday afternoon. I wish I took a picture of her at the wedding/reception, she was so happy and beeming from ear to ear. I told her daddy that we might have to start saving now for her princess-fairytale wedding....she'll want it all$$$$$

Here are some pictures from last week, Hadlee and Harper painting the car at the Children's Museum.

Harper posing w/ the pecan pie I'm trying not to eat. Harper and Daddy (and me) are the only two eating it and he won't take it up to school

So we're in Brenham until this weekend when everyone (except me) goes to Cuero to stay with Nana and Papaw. I have lots of projects to complete and with the house to myself should be able to check some things off my list. Next week Hannah is coming to visit.

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