Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Amazing Race.....

No pictures, hopefully I'll download some pictures this weekend. Just thought of some random things this afternoon.

Hadlee, Harper and Hays love the Amazing Race(no American Idol this year). We watched it last season and true to Hays, he reminded me every week about the new season that started on February 20th. After we got back from our trip to Houston, Hays was watching one of the recorded episodes instead of “kid” TV after he woke up in the morning. He was excited because the night before he got to see one of the “cowboys”, Jett, at the rodeo. All the kids know all of the racers names and have started playing “Amazing Race” during play time. It’s funny because all three haven’t grasped that the show is recorded and each episode is played on Sunday night.

Hays really wants to be on the Amazing Race. While I was tucking him in the other night we had our reoccurring conversation that when he is 18 years old, we can try out as a mother/son team. I then spoiled his dreams of racing around the world when I told him that he had to eat the food from the other countries. After pondering this small part of the Amazing Race, Hays said that he was fine with watching Mommy and Daddy every week. He said we can just stay with Mema and Aunt Ro.

On Friday Mema asked me when we were going on Amazing Race this summer. One of the kids said that she needed to get better so she could take of them when their Mommy and Daddy were out of town. I laughed and told her the real story and of course she just laughed at those crazy kids. On Monday Mema got some bad news about her knee. Friday she has to go back in the hospital for surgery on it. We’ll be there cheering her on so she can get on with her “Amazing Race”.

We’re swamped with tball practice and soon to be games. I don’t know how single parents do it, I’m having trouble with a little help and I can’t imagine if it were just me. We got our schedules and we’ve got huge problems with games at the same times and two different field locations. I haven’t wrapped my thinking head around it but to have one kid playing in Burton, two playing in Brenham and Daddy has an out of town game……. We also need a sporting goods outing because the list is endless of things we need for them. I was a little frustrated last night with all three of mine having more fun that actually concentrating and trying to learn something during practice. I never thought of myself as a competitive person but when your kids are the worst players on their teams, Wow I felt a little defeated. Daddy gave me a little pep talk and all is better in my parent world of tball. I think I forgot to mention that I’m also helping coach the girls’ team.

We get lots of hand me downs from Hannah. We’ve come to the end of our dresses because I’m pretty sure that at the age of 5/6, she refused to wear a dress. When I was looking through the boxes in Victoria a couple of months ago, I found what I thought was a dress, matching shoes and jacket. They looked really cute on Hadlee so she wore it to school one day. I had picked them up at 11:30 drive-through and the first thing out of Hadlee’s mouth was Mrs. Hoppens told me I was wearing pajamas. I told her they look like pajamas but that it’s a dress, just soft and glittery. On Sunday we met Cynthia, Hannah and Brenda to exchange stuff left over from our week and the first thing out of Aunt Cynthia’s mouth was “Hadlee, what are you doing in your pajamas?” Oops…..

During our last Target a couple of weeks ago I bought a big box of Pull-ups. I’ve been buying diapers/pull-ups for a long time with no problem. This time the extra $20 just seemed like an extra expense that I’m ready to give up. Harper is still working on night time potty training. The other two are pretty much accident free at night. Hadlee has never had a problem and it took a while for Hays to stop having accidents during the night but he is down to one or two month. We’ve tried numerous times with Harper; she’ll go one day, two at the max with no night time accidents. We went back to pull-ups after she had three accidents in one night. Poor thing, she didn’t even wake up for the first one. I felt like we were back to potty training with the washing machine running all the time.

Another Harper…since the beginning of the year she’s constantly been telling me her tummy hurt at random times. It can get very frustrating because I don’t know if it’s hurting really or if she has a nervous stomach or what??? Her daddy said that I needed to look into her complaint, what is the doctor going to do, I really thought it was just some kind of nervousness. We had a long talk on Saturday and come to find out she is terrified on witches and a stranger coming in our house while she’s sleeping. (maybe this has a little with her not getting up in the middle of the night) At bedtime I started to tell her that all the doors were locked and she is safe and guess what, she hasn’t complained about her stomach hurting the entire week. I’m not sure if it is a coincidence.

The last time we were in Victoria, the girls and I went to the "fancy fabric" store as Hadlee calls it. Hadlee picked out fabric so Aunt Ro could make her a blanket for her bed. Harper had a new blanket on her bed and of course Hadlee thought she needed one too. After Aunt Ro made the blanket and it went on her bed, one of the conditions was she needed to stay in her own bed all night long. Well the blanket worked for a couple days and she's back to her old habits. Hadlee's roaming is still going on, every night. Most mornings she ends up in our bed but sometimes I find her in Harper's bed, on the floor, on the couch or the love sac. Very rarely is she in her own bed in the morning, maybe twice a month...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We made it!

We survived another year of softball season tournaments! Today was the last day and we're so happy to have our daddy back with us. It was a cold, windy day but we were still up at the fields hanging out for a little while.

We had our rodeo at school this week and this was the only picture that turned out "o.k." Aunt Ro and I made it to watch the kids at their rodeo. They had an idea what was going on this year and really got into it! Hays had a last minute wardrobe change in the morning because Mrs. Hoppens told him that boys needed to wear a "button down" shirt. Now if Mrs. Hoppens can just tell him that for church on Sundays.

This was our second week of softball/baseball practice.

The girls are wanting to start practicing, I think they know that most of their teammates are better than them. We've been hitting off practice tees this week.

Hays got a new's one of his Halloween wigs.

Last night we went to Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater in College Station.

Hays loved it! Thanks Mema and Papa for thinking of us. As Hadlee put it, it was like a movie without the TV.

Hannah and Rojo

On Friday we Uncle Kelly and Hannah wash and load Rojo.

This was our way of helping......

Hannah getting ready to show Rojo.

Hannah was there a long time so Hays had his first funnel cake. I think he was sold on them.

We're proud of you Hannah Camille!

Stock Show 2011

The petting zoo was a huge hit at the stock show.

Harper and Hadlee petting a rabbit. The kids really got into the animals this time.

Hays and Hadlee thought the baby deer was so cute. Can we take him home??

The girls got to go to the carnival. (Hays chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese)

On top of the ferris wheel with the lights of Victoria down below.

They rode this ride three times, just watching them made me a little queasy.

We enjoyed our stock show time but I think a lot of their fun time was hanging out at Mema and Papa's house. Hadlee riding her "little" bike without training wheels.

Harper can also ride the little bike without training wheels, didn't get any pictures of her this time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hannah Camille and Blue

We went to watch Hannah show her pig on Thursday afternoon. It was hot everywhere but we managed to find places to play.

I didn't get any good pictures of Hannah showing Blue because we were looking for a seat then when we found one, I was minus one child. Child was found and we made our way behind the pens.

Harper Leigh watching Hannah from the fence.

Yeah, Hannah!

Mema and Papa made it to congratulate, Hannah

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