Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Working- "Life is still good"

We are two weeks into our transition with Hadlee in the "Bee" classroom.  I've been volunteering in the classroom and have made some positive observations.   Hadlee has definitely found her niche as the "Teacher's helper".   She was also in the "Ladybug" class but she had to compete with a handful of other students.  Now Hadlee shines or sticks out as the star student.   Her new class has lots of behavior problems, it's very eye opening.  Hadlee seems to be the quiet observer to all the antics that go on around her.  She did have a "run in" with a classmate named "S" on her second day of switched classrooms.   "S" cut her hair during class.   I had kids tell me about it on the playground and Harper told me as soon as we were leaving school.  Hadlee didn't say a word about it until I questioned her......she said that "S" was fast and just cut her hair.  "S" got in trouble and Hadlee was the poor innocent child.

     The kids have talked about being reunited in 2nd grade so only time will tell what we decide to do next year. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Life is Good"

I'm not sure if Harper picked out this shirt for her new situation but I thought it was fitting for her first day of school without her sister.

What a week our second week of school was in the Wilson household!  It was another 4 day week of school but at the end of Tuesday, we were shaking our heads and wandering what was going on with our children, really the girls! They have always had a little drama but for the past two weeks, we have had major GIRL DRAMA. Like the kind of stuff that I thought they might have when they are teenagers.......

Wade and I told Hadlee right before bedtime that they would be in different classes and I think she got a little anxious about what was going to happen to her.  We reassured her that everything will be the same, she'll have the same teachers, just different days as her sister and brother.     All three kids were talking and strategizing about their new situation.   As parents it was a tough call, we always thought they would let us know when it was time for them to be apart from each other.   We hope this is the best decision for this year and we can always revisit it next school year.  

This morning Hadlee was up and dressed before I got out of bed.   She came in my room and we talked about everything and I tried to reassure her that today was going to be another great first day of school.   When the kids got out of the car one of their friends was also getting out of her car and all three ran up to her and said "Hadlee is going to be in the other class today!"    It was a swarm to get the word out that their pack was getting ready to be split up. 

Here's a picture of  Hadlee at "Mini Mat" camp last weekend.   She loved it! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Friday morning your daddy said "Why don't ya'll join me in Dallas this weekend?" I knew he was going to Dallas but I just knew it was going to go via Brenham for the football game and some hunting.(which he said "no" to) He said that we could make it a low-key family weekend just in Dallas and not at home. I was envisioning a weekend of not traveling but I guess I'll take going somewhere and not having to drive.

Our original plan was to pick the kids up from school with our bags packed and head to Dallas. We ended up having to get the rental car in San Antonio and barely had enough time to get the kids from the car line.

By 4:15 we were on our way with our first stop in Waco to eat at Georges. We finally got seated at 8:00 and the kids enjoyed their first time eating there.

We rolled into our hotel after 10:00 pm and
the pool was open until 11:00. I had promised lots of swimming and that's just what they did- one time Friday night, 4 times on Saturday and our last time on Sunday. Let's just say they had no desire to go to the TLU pool on Monday.

On Sunday we dropped Daddy off at his clinic and went back to hotel to swim and check-out. We promised Hays that he could see the Ranger's ballpark and the girls could see Six Flags. Check and check. We got lots of pictures at the ballpark, too bad the Rangers weren't in town.

We did our share of eating out.

"Please take my picture Mommy and put it on my blog."

We had a nice relaxing weekend as a family. The kids have come a long way since our first hotel adventure. It was so nice to just be able to hangout and not have to constantly entertain kids (if you don't count the 6X swimming pool visits)

We got home late Sunday night and stayed at home all day on Monday, if you don't count a trip to Sonic and watching soccer on campus.

It's dress up time again! We were missing one box of dress up clothes from our move. They were finally found when we needed to use one of the water coolers......I guess we were creative movers last summer.

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