Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vancouver Farmer's Market

Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market in Vancouver.  Fresh blackberries and raspberries for Hays to snack on while we shopped around.

Hadlee was the only one that brought along her camera- she has at least 20 pictures of signs like this one.

Flowers for Cyndy and Ed's house

We all crashed after our morning of fun!   Harper taking a nap in a hammock in July.

Seattle- Pike Place Market

We headed to Pike Place Market for some people watching (crowds) and lunch.

The fresh seafood was certainly an amazing site for the kids.  They loved the atmosphere of the fish market.

Cyndy purchased the salmon located on the right side of the picture.  The guy is throwing it over to the "filet guy" to cut it up.   Cyndy packaged some pieces for us to take back to Texas.  Yum, Yum!

Seattle Market gum wall

The kids loved it!

Seattle Space Needle

After breakfast at the hotel, it was time for more sightseeing.  

The crew before the heading up top.

Hays was in love- lots of places to see with his map in hand.

The kids loved this feature inside the Space Needle.

Harper took this picture on the elevator ride going down,  I love the yellow glass tree.   That's on our to-do list for next time.

Seattle- Duck Tour and Mariner's Game

After we checked into our hotel, it was off to find lunch before the duck tour.  The artwork was amazing in Seattle.


Duck Tour time, it was a great way to get our first tour of  Seattle.

This sign was the second most photographed picture in Seattle.

Seattle's Rock n Roll Museum

Seattle's Great Wheel

Gas Works Park on Union Lake

Union Lake- We got to see the "Sleepless in Seattle" house

More art on the tour

Game time!  Hays was super excited, just not for his mom to take a picture of him, he's too cool for that.

Harper getting a ball signed by Steven Pierre.  Hays was waiting and waiting for players and I coached Harper on what to do and it happened pretty fast.

Hays' camera was loaded with over 50 pictures from the game.

We all had a great time!   It was in the 60s during the game when they opened the roof but it wasn't cold enough for an icecream treat.

Seattle Bound

Day Two-
Cyndy got a call during the middle of the night that Aunt Leigh fell in her room.  Thankfully Aunt Leigh had no broken bones but was very badly bruised from the fall.
Good morning, Sedona!

Sedona, the guard dog, at the bottom of the stairs.

Breakfast- A cinnamon roll from Cuero and fresh raspberries from Washington.


Harper enjoying her breakfast.

From Hays' camera- Safeco Field

and the Space Needle.

Our trip to Oregon/Washington

The kids and I were fortunate to join Nana and Aunt Sue on a trip to visit family in July.  Nana gave each child a camera to document their week.   The kids are going to make their own scrapbook but I had to include these pictures on the blog.  

We left steamy Austin and made our way to Portland, Oregon.   When we arrived to the airport, Cyndy, Ed and Aunt Leigh picked us in their two vehicles....yes, we had lots of luggage.

Hadlee and Harper arrived at Cyndy and Ed's house and immediately started taking pictures.

Their backyard was beautiful, we definitely took advantage of it by spending all of "down" time outside.

The kids' cameras were filled with flower pictures!

Our first dinner of delicious Salmon and (mac and cheese).

Cyndy and Hays- Cyndy had just given Hays his "first" Seattle Mariners cap.

More backyard pictures

Our two favorite dogs- Sedona and Marty

It was in the 60s, the afternoon we arrived in Vancouver.

The kids and I were ready to pack our bags and move out west.

Our first taste of Tillamook ice cream.

We all enjoyed looking through family scrapbooks, the kids loved this story of their great, great uncle.

Oh, Sedona!

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