Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rock In, Rocks Out

Last week I got a call from the kids' afternoon teacher, telling me that Hays had told her that she needed to call me because he had gotten a rock in his ear yesterday. She went on to explain she didn't see anything but he wants me to pick him up so I can get it out. I laughed at the conversation and told her to tell Hays to take a nap.... I called Wade because he was with them the night before and told him the story. He also didn't know of when Hays could of put a rock in his ear. An hour later as I'm sharing the "rock" story, I get a call from the school first words were I guess there really was a rock. She tells me I need to pick him up and get the rock out before he comes back to school.
I looked in his ear and wasn't going to mess with it. Daddy looks in his ear after the football game and we decide to take him to the doctor.
Friday morning. Daddy and Hays go to Dr. Linden, our local ENT, to get the rock removed. There's not just one but two and they were almost too far to have removed without surgery.....

Still don't know the story, I guess we never will but we have the picture of the two rocks.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another FUN Week!!!

We get up super early every morning! Some days we watch the sun rise and the school bus go by our house. We used to do it all the time last year in our pajamas and drink our morning drinks. Now we are busy getting ready for work and school.

Picture with Avery, our next door neighbor, that turned three last week. We've got to watch her grow up and it's been fun!

Look kids you got to ride rides at the county fair!

Wow were you disappointed when you found out that all of your friends had an armband and all you had were tickets. Why don't we have an armband??? We made it to five.....

Look at those clouds roll in and you are still in the pool. We headed to San Antonio for the weekend.

We went to SeaWorld and watched some different shows this year. All of the kids said that the SeaLion show was their favorite.

Look kids you got to ride all the rides!

Hadlee and Hays got to ride the "Journey to Alantis" three times! Harper rode it one time.

She spent the rest of her time having fun getting splashed!

Thanks Nana and Papaw we had a BLAST!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Since school has started...

I had this long post that I started about the kids and school....then Hays got in big trouble on Friday.

Taylor and Harper swinging at Uncle Harlan and Aunt Verline's anniversary celebration.

Amy made the beautiful cake that represented their special 20th anniversary. That would be Hays and Harper (behind Verline's arm) waiting for the first slice of cake.

The Sorrell family came into town a couple weeks ago. We went to Bluebell to have ice cream and Shannon snapped this picture while I was doing?? That would be all three of my children going crazy at the BB store.

The kids posed in front of the BB truck. I don't know if you can see Harper that well but she has on a crown she made at school, too funny that I didn't notice until Shannon sent me the pics.

We went over to the Curl's house later that day and had fun on their water slide.

While the big girls went to the store, Key emails me this picture of Hadlee. When I got back I thought maybe they were on backwards but no she was just too busy to adjust her bottoms.

Carson posing for the camera.

Hays pretending to be a monster the other day. I took this picture because he was rather obsessed with the t-shirt that he is wearing. He was begging for me to catch a football during the game last week. I didn't catch a football but I reached and almost knocked over a couple of older kids to swipe this t-shirt that is way to big for him. I made his night, though!

Not sure what Hadlee and Harper are doing but this was taken after I took the picture of Hays.

With all the rain last week the kids wanted to be outside. They decided that they were going to eat supper in the backyard. I think they added the empty pot for their table decoration, crazy kids.

Mema and Papa came to help out last week. Hays woke up at five o'clock that morning. He came to our bedroom and said, "I can't sleep mommy I'm so excited that we are going to be lunch bunch and that Mema and Papa will be here soon."

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