Sunday, March 25, 2012

The week after SB

It was hard adjusting to the new time so I took a vacation week. I really didn't plan it that way but it just worked out. I'm ready to tackle next week and all the assignments I waiting on me.

We started out the week with our practice that's now twice a week. It was only once a week, we can handle that, but now that games have started it will be twice a week. Wade said to ask them which day they want us there....we'll see how it works out.

We are now a family of 11. Coffee had kittens....the kids are in love. Wade grew up raising animals and I had a calf in our backyard once or twice for a couple of days, this is new for me.......

We live in the ghetto....that's just a fact that I've come to accept. Wade feels safe, the kids have no idea and I'm just happy that we have locks on our doors and windows. Here's the story- we are going to school and see 5 police cars in the parking lot of the school with their lights on and a helicopter flying low passing the school. I'm a little freaked because people are dropping off their kids. I call Wade and he said it was probably fine because people are dropping off so I decide to walk them into school. When we get there the principal is meeting with the teachers in the library and the attendance clerk says that all she can say is that the kids and school are safe. By that time the kids are in the gym and another classmates' mom is dropping her daughter off. We chat for a while and watch more police cars show up. I go to walk the track and then drive back by the school. On the other side of the school there are more police cars and a news truck. I think about going in to school because I just know Hays is probably freaking out.
A couple minutes later a friend texts me that a man had been staped and was lifeflighted to San Antonio. We get a note home from school saying there was a person that was "injured" and twenty questions on what kind of injury he could of had took place. I spoke with Mrs. Weaver that night and she said the kids didn't say a word. She also said that if she was having to drop off her kids, she would of kept on driving.
That night we had our "reading" night, we had a great time.

On Friday we had our walking tour of downtown field trip. The kids had a good time. We left a little early so we could go and watch softball in Belton.

Our first game- Hadlee was pitcher for 2 innings and made 5 consecutive outs. She let two get on base then made a play at home to get out number 6. She had lots of drama when we told her she was playing with boys this year. Hadlee definitely stepped up her playing and was the star of the game. Hays had a blast because he got to play catcher. Harper was the best cheerleader and proud sister.

We will play all of our games on Saturday afternoons. One down...eight to go.

We were hot after the game so we went for a swim in the TLU pool. It was the first time of the season. I need to note that we had our first incident report filled out because Hays had to be saved by the lifeguard.....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spurs Game- SB '12

We made plans to all go to the Spurs game, it was going to be a first for Daddy,the kids and Hannah. The weather changed are plans and Aunt Cynthia took Daddy's spot.   We drove in from Abiliene planned to meet up with Hannah and Aunt Cynthia at a restaurant.  We found out very fast there are no places to eat close to the AT&T center and poor Hays was traumatized by going into some shady neighborhoods.   Once we got inside we had a BLAST and the kids can't wait to do it again with their Daddy.

Hadlee posing for a picture to send to her Daddy.

Hays in awe of everything.

Harper out of the court after the game.

Hays getting ready to shoot his free throw.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abilene, Abilene- SB 2012

That was the view for most of the 4 1/2 hour drive to Abliene.

We went to watch TLU play softball for the weekend.

The weather was cold and unbearable when we got there so Mommy let us get treats out of the machines that we usually can't touch.

We got to play video games.

On Monday we went to the Abilene Zoo. It was the best zoo and the weather was perfect! We got to see alligators, flamingos, zebras, rhinos, jaguars, monkeys, bears, otters and feed the giraffes.

The giraffes were a hit! 
Favorite animals at the zoo:
Harper- snakes
Hays- fish
Hadlee- monkeys
Mommy- flamingos
(not sure what happened to all the pictures I took...I'll update when I find them)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Western Day at School

Last Thursday the kids had Western Day at school. They enjoyed an entire day of fun western activities. Before the big day the kindergarten teachers sent out a flyer explaining the day and letting us know that the best dressed boy and girl in every class would get to eat lunch on the stage with the principal.   I asked the kids if they wanted to try and win best dressed and Harper was the only that seemed interested in trying to get the chance. I didn't take that many pictures because I helped with the chuckwagon station and got to put hotdogs on clothes hangers for the kindergarteners to roast and eat.  

Emily made Harper's dress, she got picked for the best girl costume in her class.

Hadlee posing before school.

Hays showing off his cowboy stuff.

Harper eating lunch on the stage.   She was hilarious because she kept coming to our table and talking to us. 

All three watching the roping demonstration.

They got to partcipate in the roping demonstration.

Hays liked talking to the people with the calf at the petting zoo, he wanted to know about when it was born so he could figure out how old it was.....


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bullet, Oreo and Ruby- Hannah's 2012 Stock Show

This year we got to watch Hannah on Saturday at the Livestock Show. She showed Oreo and Ruby during the Junior Breeding Gild Show. The kids were ready to go and were anxious to see Hannah.   She did well in the show- placing 3rd, 4th and 5th.  I don't have a picture of Bullet but she showed him on Thursday, placing 8th and selling him on Monday for lots of $.

Hannah and Oreo

Hannah and Ruby

Petting Zoo fun! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet the 54th President

Hays Middlebrook Wilson, who thinks he looks like William Henry Harrison. Who's that I asked? Our 9th president.

The kids studied the US Presidents in school last month. I had bought some Target dollar spot books and flashcards at the beginning of school so we incorporated them into our after school stuff. Hays is really into learning about the presidents and has asked on numerous times how he can become a president. He's unsure if he wants to be a president because he could be assassinated by someone that doesn't like him. Last night Hadlee was trying to reassure him that he would get to drive in a car that they could shoot at and the bullets wouldn't get him.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Week

Wacky Wednesday

Cat in the Hat Day

"Fox in Socks"

It's Softball Time!

Daddy had his first 4 games in February and we were at all of the games.
My picture taking hasn't been the best so I have yet to get a picture with the kids and their Daddy. He knows that they are his #1 fans.

One of the parents takes amazing pictures and has captured some great ones of the kids. Hopefully we'll have plenty of them throughout the season.

For the first game we had lots of family to cheer on the bulldogs. All the grandparents and Uncle Don and Aunt Sue came to Seguin for an afternoon of softball.

We celebrated the first games with everyone afterward.

I had to take a picture of the fish that Hays thought was so cool. He wasn't thrilled when they tried to put it in front of him!

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