Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to our Daddy!  

I love you so much because you love me.  ~Hays
I love you because you tuck me in every night ~Hadlee
I love you because you take me potty in the middle of the night ~Harper

These were taken from the cards they made at school last week.   (It was so nice to have a Mommy day off last week.) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's up Doc?

May was a month filled with visits to the doctor and dentist for the entire family.    Dr. Baker made the comment that we were helping put his daughter through college, I guess you've seen him one too many times for that one.

We started the month with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease with Hadlee and Hays.  Harper had it November '08. (and we just thought the other two had it)   At the end of the month they were still having lingering effects of it with their finger and toe nails peeling.  (Poor Hays is still having peeling of his fingers.)    Hadlee also had two visits to the dermatologist for some irregular moles.   She started out the year with one and now she has lots.    She's fine, they are just growing and are still irregularly shaped.   

Hadlee was our first one to get a terrrible virus, so she got to get the everything looks fine, just wait it out from the doctor at day four of her sickness.   On day six of high fever, Harper comes down with it, the next day Hays and then Mommy.   It was terrible for all of us.  A positive of the two weeks of sickness was Hays no longer wakes up to "hot milk".  Yes, he now gets up and pours and drinks a cold glass of milk!   Not sure if it was Mommy being sick and they had to fend for themselves but I'll take it.   After five years of heating up a glass of milk for two minutes in the microwave then a little boy wanting everything perfect....he can make his own milk!

I had made well child checkups back in March so we went to those eventhough we had already seen the Brenham Clinic three times.   The kids stats are:

Hadlee-   51 pounds;  46 1/2"
Harper-   46 pounds;  46"
Hays-   49 1/2  pounds;  47"

Hays is just barely tall enough to go down big slides at swimming pools. (you have to be 48 inches)  He's got to slide down the big yellow slide at the Aquatic Center.   He tries all the time and sometimes he slides and other times he walks down the stairs.  He had the same luck at Palm Beach last weekend.   It just depends on the lifeguard.  Hadlee got to go down the slide one time and poor Harper.....maybe next year.

We also had dentist visits for all three.   We went to a new dentist and they took all three back at the same time.  I enjoyed 45 minutes of magazine time with no interruptions.  The only time I perked up was when I heard "Ashley and Cara" talking with each other.   When I was getting the A+ report on all three, the dentist shook his head and said, "Wow, you have your hands full."     (wasn't that saying for when they were younger)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May 2011

Where do I start???   What a month for the Wilson family!    Our first tooth is lost,  the end of our school year, our first season of tball complete and we are moving!    It's been an exciting and busy month for us.
just a couple pics of what we've been up to:

 Water fun is in full force.  

In our spare time we went to the Children's Museum in Houston.    I'm not sure why we never went before but we're hooked now.

We joined Daddy for his interview in Seguin.  

And we got sold with the area.   Now we're only a "boat trip" from Mema and Papa.

Hanging out at hotels, too bad we were all sick.

Exercising with our dogs. (looks like these are the only dogs will have for a while)

Cheering on our brother at his "game".  

Two's Company...

Two's Company but for Hays it just gets too much and he screams, "Harper please just leave me ALONE."  Hadlee has been sick since Friday, so for the most part Harper has lost her play partner.  Hays and Harper have been playing great together, it's so nice when there is only two playing.   The three get along together but I like it when they get the one-on-one with each other.   Hadlee did get some playing in last night from 8:00 until 11:00.   She was back to herself but it faded this morning when she woke up.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day in Mexico so technically I'm not late with this post (unlike my last ones because just haven't been in the mood)

I just have to share my last started like most....I was at work but it was my last day of work. (Wade and I discussed me leaving my job back, then one random day in March, I quit. I can't say I regretted it but then I was in a little funk wondering if made the right decision.). Wade called to tell me that he would pick up the kids @ 11:30.
A couple minutes later I was randomly checking our checking account balance and there was a charge at a local flower place. I text him and ask if he got me flowers....yes, thanks for ruining the surprise...oops. (Poor Wade, he wanted to surprise us on Valentine's Day by getting the kids and me flowers and by the time the were delivered, I was in the shower and the kids were in bed sleeping for the night).  Back to Thursday,  I get home for lunch to happy bunch of kids with Mother's day presents. All three are begging me to open them. Of course I do and the each wrote some of my favorites and gave me a cookbook.   It was so sweet and they were over the top with happiness.
 I had to go back and work my last 4 hours, and I get flowers delivered to me. Of course they were from my sweet husband, but the card he wrote made me finally realize that my decision to be at home with our children was the right one. To have his support makes my transition  an easy and enjoyable one.   I think this is my best Mother's Day yet!
Our Mom's are not having the best 2011 but as we watch them find strength, we know that's what it's all about.   We love you!!!

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