Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for ......

The kids brought crosses home from school yesterday with four things they were thankful for on them.

Hadlee: Mom and Dad taking me out to eat. Mom and Dad taking me to the pumpkin patch. Momma and Daddy taking me fishing. Mom and Dad watching a movie with me. She added Mommy and Daddy and Blaze.

Harper: Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and me. Grandpa and Mimi. She added all of her cousins.

Hays: My cat, Blaze. My sisters. My Great Grandma (Schroeter). Grandpa Schroeter. He didn't want to add anything.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A hunting we will go.....

Your Daddy told his coworkers that he was taking the girls hunting. He kinda left out the part that he was leaving them in Victoria to play with their cousins.

After the Thursday night game in Houston, they headed to Victoria and the girls got play with Cooper and Cannon the next morning. Don't C and C look thrilled???

Papa picked them up later on Friday morning and they spent the rest of the weekend with Hannah, Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Kelly. Hadlee and Harper had a great weekend!!!

No pics from my Mommy and Hays weekend, which didn't go like I had envisioned it would.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween this year. Costumes were all from Target this year, we put them in the cart and cruised out! Tinkerbell, go-go girl and Spiderman...

Harper has been MY picture girl!

Madison came over to give us some treats.

Mr. Kroll with the gang. We miss getting to see him every afternoon. The kids adore him and I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual.

We went to Mrs. Hoppens house. She sent a note home in their backpack on Friday about coming to her house to trick or treat. We got three notes, one child that has a Brenham city map and the same child can read so there was no doubt we were going.

While we were out and about we got to see Mrs. Grote and Coach Dismukes. Poor Harper was tired and ready to go home so she didn't even get out of the car.

We stopped at the Lee's house.

We carved "Mollly" earlier in the day, Harper was the only that really wanted to help.

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